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Seeing this, Xuandu said, "Fellows, please wait a moment. Let me enter the formation to check." Xuandu taking the initiative made the rest of them feel relaxed. Still, they did not forget to say, "Please be careful. You must be careful." With his profound cultivation and various powerful Spiritual Treasures, Xuandu might not get hurt by the formation even though it was fierce.

However, nothing happened for a long time after Xuandu had entered the tactical formation. The disciples of the three religions could not help really worrying. After a while, Xuandu rushed out with a Floating Flame Flag. Given that his face was pale, it was obvious that he had used up his supernatural powers. Seeing this situation, the disciples of the three religions could only stay still as the army of Western Zhou camped near the bank of the Yellow River.

They gathered in tents to discuss strategies of breaking the Winding Yellow River Formation that blocked their way. However, since they had not entered the formation, they had to rely on Xuandu, who had to know something about the formation because he had been inside of and escaped out from it. If they could figure out the weakness of the formation, it would not be too difficult for them to break it.

Realizing the others were looking at him, Xuandu explained, "After I entered the formation, the only thing I saw was sand, which was formed by endless Evil Spirits. Each part of the formation was closely connected, while all of it was based on three elements, boasting great Evil Spirits that could consume supernatural powers and harm both Original Spirits and human bodies. Without the protection of Magic Weapons, your lives could be in danger. And what's worse, I think that it may not be the complete power of the formation."

Xuandu was able to figure out several methods of the Winding Yellow River Formation in such a short time. Yunxiao would have definitely admired that if he were present. Furthermore, Xuandu was correct that the power of the formation had not been totally released, which would give the three religions hope to break the formation only to be welcomed later with endless desperation.

After a long discussion, the disciples of the three religions eventually decided that Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha could lead the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal disciples to enter the formation. Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha all had Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, which could protect themselves and help the others as well, while Dipamkara, embarrassingly, might have only been able to protect himself after getting inside.

A few days later, they were ready to enter the formation after Xuandu's supernatural power had totally recovered. Seeing the arrival of the disciples of the three religions, Jade Heaven said with hatred, "They've finally come. Xuandu easily escaped out of it last time. Now with such a great amount of people, they won't be so lucky this time. Brother and sister, please don't show any mercy later on."

Upon hearing that, Zhao Gongming said with a laugh, "You are too loquacious. Last time we let Xuandu get out easily so that they couldn't figure out the real Winding Yellow River Formation. Whereas now that all their elites have come, we won't show any mercy this time, but show them the real power of our tactical formation. And therefore, they will never dare to underestimate our Tribe of Severity anymore."

Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars began to activate the tactical formation and concealed the escape routes once the disciples of the three religions entered into the array. Under their manipulation, an endless Fierce Air started to erode the disciples' defense. Although those disciples were the elites of the three religions, boasting varying Magic Arts and Magic Weapons to protect themselves, they would suffer huge losses this time.

When the Winding Yellow River Formation started to show its power, Xuandu recognized that something was wrong immediately. The power of the tactical formation was exactly double the strength of the one that he had encountered last time. Noticing that the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the three religions were in a plight, Xuandu activated the Floating Flame Flag in his hands to block part of the attacks for them. Guang Chengzi and Medicine Buddha followed him as well.

Confronting such a situation, they should either retreat or find the method to break the formation. Given that they only figured out the beginning and end of the Three Elements, Nine Palaces, and Eight Trigrams in the formation and that they all linked together but were mysterious to them in finding the Eye of the Formation, they had to retreat and think about the method of breaking the formation later.

However, coming out was not as easy as going in. Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars activated the complete power of the tactical formation once they saw the disciples' intention to retreat. Besides that, Zhao Gongming started to attack the defense of the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions with the power of mountains and seas and the Bead of the Sun and Moon. At this moment, the disciples of the three religions were under enormous pressure, and even Xuandu's face changed color.

Though the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions boasted an insurmountable defense, its defense could be largely weakened while it was expanded. As expected, it did not take long for the defense to be totally broken. All the disciples of the three religions were thus exposed in the formation. Then the real moment of suffering began as their supernatural powers, human bodies, and even the Three Flowers over them were being eroded by the tactical formation.

Upon seeing that, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha were all stunned. They activated the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions again and held onto all of their disciples and retreated at once. Without any Spiritual Treasures, Dipamkara could only escape alone rather than taking care of any others. Nevertheless, though they reacted rather fast, there were still some disciples that were left in the tactical formation forever.

When Zhao Gongming's Bead of the Sun and Moon dropped, endless Evil Spirits eroded and the cold light of the Golden Dragon Scissor shined in the formation as eight Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals died. Their Veridical Souls all entered the Void and were listed on the Investiture of the Gods, which included many celebrities' names, like Li Jing's master, Immortal Du'e of the Tribe of Humanity, Ju Liusun, one of the Twelve Golden Immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment, and Wei Tuotian of the Western Religious Sect.

Besides them, those who survived suffered a lot as well. Their Five Auras were sealed, Three Flowers deprived, and cultivations seemed to have vanished. They were just like mortals at present. Xuandu and those four were outraged because eight Da Luo Golden Immortals of the three religions had been killed, even their junior brothers' cultivations were crippled as well. What a fierce Winding Yellow River Formation!

Indeed, they were not the only ones who were furious. Honored Lord of the Origin, Zhunti, and Jieyin were all supremely outraged. Honored Lord of the Origin even threw the Three Treasure Jade toward Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars. Then he came to himself. Since it was impossible for the Winding Yellow River Formation to resist an attack of a Sage, the formation broke immediately once the Three Treasure Jade dropped down.

Whereas at the same time, a sharp sword arrived to hit the Three Treasure Jade away. Honored Lord of the Origin withdrew the Three Treasure Jade and stared at the east furiously. It was Sect Leader Tongtian coming slowly with the Qingping Sword in his hand. He said to Honored Lord of the Origin, "My second brother, it's disgraceful for you to attack my disciples."

"Second brother?" Upon hearing that appellation, Honored Lord of the Origin felt a bit embarrassed. But that was quickly overwhelmed by the anger of witnessing his disciples' deaths. He said furiously, "Tongtian, your disciples set a tactical formation here, killed several disciples of the three religions, and even deprived others' Three Flowers over their heads, which led to their loss of Taoist cultivation that they had accumulated for thousands of years. Shouldn't you explain that to me?"

Tongtian snorted and said, "So what? Your disciples deserved to die since they were less competent. Give you an explanation? I think you should give me an explanation why your disciples killed so many of my disciples with the help of the disciples of the Tribe of Humanity and the Western Religious Sect as well. Since you dare to attack my disciples, why should I not dare to pay you back?"

Then a killing intent suddenly exploded from Tongtian, with the God-killing Sword Formation looming behind him. The killing intent was so immense that it appalled all the living beings of Untainted Land. Tongtian would show no mercy while confronting Honored Lord of the Origin. The name of the Three Pure Ones and brotherhood had long been obliterated. The battle of religious lineage was the only thing left.

Seeing that, Honored Lord of the Origin had a big change of complexion. He suddenly found that Tongtian's cultivation had advanced much further. Since Tongtian boasted the God-killing Sword Formation as well, Honored Lord of the Origin had to be careful. Besides, there were still many disciples present. Even though he could kill Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars, his disciples would also die with them.

Besides, what Honored Lord of the Origin cared about most was whether his disciples' Three Flowers could recover. If not, then it would be a huge loss for the Clan of Enlightenment. Except for Guang Chengzi and Dipamkara, there were few people who could support the entire clan. What was worse, Laozi did not show up even after such a misfortune. Honored Lord of the Origin could not understand what Laozi was thinking of.

He waved his sleeve, collecting all of his and the Tribe of Humanity's disciples who were deprived of the Three Flowers, and said coldly, "Tongtian, we have not finished here. I'll square accounts with you later." Then he intended to leave. Since all his elites had lost cultivation, how could he not be worried? He would like to go to Mount Shouyang to see if Laozi had any means.

At the moment, Tongtian suddenly said, "Honored Lord of the Origin, since you took action today, I have no intention to waste time here. In one month, I'll welcome you with the God-killing Sword Formation in front of Jiepai Pass." Then he left on the clouds with Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars before Honored Lord of the Origin was able to say anything, leaving the stunned Honored Lord of the Origin alone.

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