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Liu Er and Boddhi Taoist had completely unleashed their killing intent before their fight even began, stunning every cultivator at the scene. Very few Sages-to-be could withstand such overwhelming pressure. Those who couldn't have to retreat to watch the fight from a distance.

Next to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise were Primordial Flags of the Five Regions erected to keep Yang Chan and Nezha in its protective field. They stared at Liu Er in shock as Liu Er's strength had exceeded their expectations, but the same shock also gave way to motivation. Seeing this stimulated their passion for cultivation. They were all Minghe's proud disciples and the two of them weren't willing to fall behind Liu Er's progress and vowed to catch up.

Xuandu and the other three were also awed by the rivalry between Liu Er and Zhunti's Good Separation. Guang Chengzi, in particular, thought he could shrink the gap in power between him and Liu Er with his efforts after his great awakening. Now it seemed that Liu Er had already found his own Fated Chance, while he couldn't even find any clue of his Tao. Their gap in power continued to widen.

When Liu Er and Bodhi Taoist's force were pushed to the peak, their battle officially began. Boddhi Taoist summoned the Cate's Divine Rod that belonged to Zhunti, who received it from Ancestor Hongjun. It was a Top Gade Primordial Spiritual Treasure with incredible power. Holding the rod, Boddhi Taoist flew up to the clouds. With a wave of the rod, he sent a flash of green light to strike Liu Er.

Grinning, Liu Er jumped and confronted the green light head-on. He easily smashed the light with his Rod of Origin. His own rod was originally a treasure of the same level as Bodhi Taoist's but Minghe had improved on it since returning from the Chaos. He had refined the treasure until it was now a Highest Grade Primordial Merit Spiritual Treasure and enhanced its power several times over.

Bodhi Taoist's expression darkened when he saw how Liu Er shattered his divine light. Judging from the way he was able to easily do so, his rod was evidently amazing. Bodhi Taoist waved his hand and summoned the Emerald Lotus Flag from Medicine Buddha who was standing among the crowd watching the battle. The flag was a gift from Zhunti, with hopes that he could use it for self-protection.

Liu Er didn't show any fear. Though the flag was one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions and boasted of a formidable defense capability, it wasn't invincible. After shattering the green light, he continued to move closer to Bodhi Taoist. He wielded his rod once again, creating a concentration of the dim light. When he was finally near, he swiped Boddhi Taoist hard with the rod.

Boom! A loud noise reverberated in the sky as a force of impact instantly spread. Everything in the path of the force was annihilated. When Liu Er struck earlier, he triggered the defense mechanism of the Emerald Lotus Flag earlier. The flag unleashed an endless stream of green light to form a shield around Boddhi Taoist. Though Liu Er's attack was incredible, the shield wavered but remained firm.

Bodhi Taoist looked even grimmer. Liu Er's attacks had exceeded his expectations. If one strike was enough to shake the shield, what about several more? What if he put more force into his attacks? Bodhi Taoist's expression turned cold as he looked at the perpetually grinning Liu Er. Liu Er's strength would be the best proof of his weakness.

Bodhi Taoist swiped his opponent with his Cate's Divine Rod, unleashing a stream of green light much more powerful than before. Though his cultivation was only at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, he was able to demonstrate a hint of Sage's power. With the diluted version of Sage's power driving the rod, the rod was naturally able to demonstrate even more destructive power.

Facing Bodhi Taoist's incoming attack, Liu Er held his rod in front of him and blocked the green light head-on. The force of the attack this time was much fiercer and forced him backward by several meters. Looking at the rod in his hand, he smiled excitedly.

That attack not only forced him backward but also helped him realize the strength of a Sage's Separation. He could tell how incredible the power was from his numb hand but it only stimulated his fighting will. If Bodhi Taoist was too weak to be on par with him, how could he serve as a fodder for him to strengthen himself?

Liu Er tightened his grip on the Rod of Origin and launched another attack at Bodhi Taoist. He was now fearless and full of fighting will. Filled with unparalleled rod intent, each of his attacks contained the Origin Spirit he had comprehended. They became more powerful each time he struck. During this battle, his enlightenment of the Way of Origin had also improved.

Bodhi Taoist looked shocked as he defended himself against his opponent's continuous attacks. He had used a shred of Sage's power in his body, but that still wasn't enough to defeat Liu Er. On the contrary, he even felt that his power was somehow suppressed. Even the flag didn't give him any advantages in this battle. With Liu Er now completely going on the offensive, it became even more tiring for him to resist.

Considering this development, he didn't hold back anymore. He brandished his Cate's Divine Rod to resist the attacks and instantly formed a Taoist Seal in his hand. A towering old tree appeared behind him. It was the Bodhi Tree, one of the primordial Five Elements Spiritual Roots. Bodhi Taoist was the Good Separation that Zhunti separated from this tree's heart. When the tree appeared, a great formation immediately emerged to envelop Liu Er.

The formation was named the Bodhi Formation. It was comprehended by Zhunti through the primordial spiritual roots, the Bodhi Tree. Although it couldn't match up to some of the more unique formations in the Untainted Land, such as the God-killing Sword Formation, the Eye of the formation was the Bodhi Tree and Bodhi Taoist would hold it. It was widely known the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, the treasure used by Zhunti to actualize his Tao, was made from branches of the Bodhi Tree. Thus, this powerful formation couldn't be underestimated.

Inside the formation was a sea of Air of Geng Metal surrounding Liu Er, as the Bodhi Tree was originally a Primordial Geng Metal Spirit Root. Liu Er needed to find the Eye of Formation first if he wanted to break the formation, which meant finding the Bodhi Tree. However, the Air of Geng Metal was so rich there that Liu Er knew it wouldn't be a simple task.

Suddenly, Bodhi Taoist's voice rang inside the formation. "Liu Er, this Bodhi Formation is created by the venerated Zhunti. This is a supreme formation with unstoppable power that you wouldn't be able to break even if you have great magic power. You better surrender now and join our Western Religious Sect. Our two Sages of the West will definitely help you to actualize your Tao. Later on, we'll crown you as the third master of our Western Religious Sect. Don't you think that would be much better than staying as a disciple of a clan?"

Liu Er was stunned that Bodhi Taoist was still willing to recruit him into his Western Religious Sect. He sneered. "Bodhi Taoist, are you stupid? Do you really think that your Western Religious Sect is tough? It'll be a piece of cake for our Blood Sea to destroy your sect. The third master of the Western Religious Sect? Do you think I'll join you and partner with some good-for-nothing?"

These words enraged Bodhi Taoist greatly. "Very well! Since you won't appreciate my kindness, I'll send you to your death using this formation." The Air of Geng Metal inside the formation started to concentrate and form crisscrossed streams of Geng Metal Sword Aura that lunged at Liu Er.

Liu Er didn't move and had no plans to avoid the attack. A Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire appeared under his feet, shining with a red light that deflected all the aura. The Red Lotus Fire released by the Red Lotus of Fire also burned all the aura into ashes. However, the aura was inexhaustible, but not the fire.

With the Geng Metal Sword Aura getting richer and stronger, the defense of Red Lotus of Fire started to be violated and might collapse completely as time passed. Liu Er focused on the formation, with his six ears trembling slightly. Suddenly, he waved his rod recklessly as if he had lost all hope.

Bodhi Taoist's laughter came from somewhere inside the formation when he saw Liu Er waving his rod like a madman. "You really think you can find the Eye of Formation this way? Your plan is too simple. Even if you exhaust all your supernatural power, you might not even be able to find me. Just save your energy and wait to die!"

A mysterious smile appeared on Liu Er's face. He concentrated all his power into his Rod of Origin and struck in a particular direction. The Air of Geng Metal scattered as the rod passed. The Air of Rod exploded with a boom, so did the Air of Geng Metal. As the Bodhi Tree shook, Bodhi Taoist suddenly appeared inside the formation.

Bodhi Taoist was shocked. It took Liu Er so little time to find him and the location of the Eye. He wondered if something was wrong with the formation, but of course, that was impossible. He stood on guard as Liu Er moved toward him.

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