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Noticing Liu Er's six quivering ears, Taoist Bodhi realized that he wasn't trying to find the Eye of Formation while angrily breaking the formation. Instead, he was tempting him to make any sound at all. Being Liu Er Macaca Mula of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Liu Er naturally had excellent hearing and was able to notice where the Eye of Formation was by following the noise.

How cunning Liu Er was! Though he was the enemy, Taoist Bodhi had to admire Liu Er's agility. However, it wouldn't be easy to break the formation just by finding the Eye of Formation. He snorted and said, "Liu Er, I got to give you props for finding me. But so what if you found the Eye of Formation? I'm guarding it and you'll need to confront attacks from the formation as well. I shall wait and see how you'll break it."

Instantly, the Cate's Divine Rod in his hand radiated a flush of green light that charged at Liu Er. The Air of Geng Metal concentrated again in the formation before transforming into countless Sword Auras of Geng Metal shooting at Liu Er. There was no way Liu Er, as powerful as he was, could survive the twin attacks. As long as the formation was intact, his supernatural power could be consumed in the end. When that happened, it would be the end of him!

Faced with attacks from all directions, Liu Er defended himself by driving Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire while brandishing the Rod of Origin to ward off Taoist Bodhi's attack. He still kept his smile and said, "Teacher has given my juniors Xuanyuan Water Control Flag and Wuji Apricot Flag. What do you think he has given me?"

Taoist Bodhi was startled. Both were Primordial Spiritual Treasures with unrivaled defensive power and even more magical uses. If Minghe had given Liu Er's juniors such great treasures for defense, he definitely wouldn't give his first disciple a magic weapon inferior to the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions.

This worried Taoist Bodhi. When he saw a sun appear in the hands of Liu Er, he cried out involuntarily."S-Sun Cakra! Minghe actually gave you the Sun Cakra!" It was an Eternal Spiritual Treasure of Demon that once belonged to Emperor Jun, who fell into Minghe's hands after his death. Taoist Bodhi was justifiably surprised. He didn't expect Minghe to gift it to Liu Er.

The Sun Chakra, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, was converted from the Origin power of the Solar Star. It was aggressive and capable of releasing the Solar Fire. When necessary, it could adjust the Origin of the sun as well. Basically, its power exceeded the spheres of a primordial spiritual treasure. If it was being used by Sages or experts of Origin, its power would be even more amazing.

But instead of keeping such an impressive treasure, Minghe gave it away to Liu Er. Was the treasure not even attractive in the slightest to him? Then why did he snatch the treasure away from the others? But Taoist Bodhi didn't have time to think about this. Liu Er's attack was right before his eyes and he knew it would break the formation this time.

There were mutual generation and restriction in the five elements. The Bodhi Tree belonged to Western Geng Metal while Sun Cakra belonged to fire, or specifically the Solar Fire. Liu Er blocked Taoist Bodhi with his rod while using the lotus under his feet to ward off the aura. The Sun Cakra with its infinite Solar Fire suddenly flew out of his hands and cut the Bodhi Tree behind the Taoist Bodhi.

As the Solar Fire burned fiercely, Taoist Bodhi spurted a mouthful of blood. The formation collapsed at once and with the tree damaged, he was suffering as well. The sudden reappearance of Liu Er and Taoist Bodhi startled everyone. Taoist Bodhi, despite having the formation aid him, still lost. Just how strong was Liu Er?

Noticing the Sun Cakra beside Liu Er, all the Sages and many of the Almighty in Untainted Land came to an instant understanding. The Bodhi tree was the Eye of Formation, so it must be destroyed for the formation to break. However, the tree was a primordial spiritual treasure after all. Ordinary Magic Weapons wouldn't be able to cause it damage, but it was different for the incredibly strong Sun Cakra. It wasn't surprising that the formation was destroyed.

Instead, it was Minghe's generosity that amazed them. The Sun Cakra, the Wuji Apricot Flag, and the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag were all well-known magic weapons in the Untainted Land, yet Minghe had given them away to his disciples. This was something few Sages would do. Therefore, it was true that having a generous teacher was sometimes an important factor.

Liu Er looked at the injured Taoist Bodhi and said flatly,"You're not my match once you're injured. I don't want to continue this fight. I'll use my strongest power to put you to death. Farewell." His voice was indifferent, but the obvious killing intent and power contained in his words were deeply alarming.

Would Liu Er succeed in killing a Sage? Even if he would only be killing the Separation of a Sage, it would be enough to shock the entire Untainted Land and immortalize his name. Countless people's attention was drawn to the Golden Chicken Mountain. Regardless of their identities, they were all anticipating the outcome of the situation. This would likely mark the beginning of the end of the Sages' authority.

Taoist Bodhi's expression turned cold. The strongest power? He was incredulous that Liu Er had yet to use his trump card against him. He anxiously wondered if he could survive from this. Would he die here?

Taoist Bodhi's heart was gripped by fear. How ironic it was for the Separation of a Sage to fear a person in the realm of a Half-step-to-Origin. When he looked at Liu Er again, he seemed to see Minghe's imperviousness and strong power in him. Except, this time, he would be the victim.

Liu Er looked at Taoist Bodhi and shook his head, finally realizing why his teacher had been so dismissive of Zhunti. A Good Separation wasn't the Original Body, but it would still inherit some of its traits. For a Separation to be so terrified in a battle, Zhunti as the Original Body couldn't be faring any better either.

It was time to end the fight. As his body trembled, two figures emerged out from Liu Er's body. It was his Good Separation and Evil Separation, each at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. He shouted, "Three bodies into one; one strike of Divine Being!" Together, the three of them transformed into three rays of flowing light that merged together. Followed by a roar, a giant ape appeared in their places.

One strike by the giant ape rendered any of Taoist Bodhi's defense useless. The defense mechanism of the Emerald Lotus Flag disappeared after taking on the damage. Everyone was startled to see Taoist Bodhi's body explode and turn into a bloody fog that overwhelmed the sky and fell upon the Golden Chicken Mountain. A golden light also disappeared along with several Spiritual Treasures.

The giant ape gradually disappeared and Liu Er returned to his original appearance, though looking pale. He soon regained his excitement as he looked at the bloody rain and heard the sorrowful cries in the air. Looking toward the horizon, he shouted to himself inside, "Teacher, I did it! I didn't let you down. From now, Liu Er will be as invincible as you are!"

He then descended from the clouds and came to Yuan Hong. He said, "Yuan Hong, no, the Long-armed Ape Monkey, this is farewell." When his Rod of Origin fell suddenly, Yuan Hong disappeared into nothingness and a Veridical Soul entered the Void. It was likely to have entered the Investiture of the Gods. There was only a mass of Origin that was left on the ground, the Origin of the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction.

Liu Er's eyes seemed a little cloudy as he looked at the Origin of one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. However, after recollecting everything happening from his birth until this moment, his gaze gradually became firm. In the end, they were full of the bright Starry Sky. "Separate!" he yelled and the Origin entered his body at once. Soon, a Long-armed White Ape emerged from within Liu Er's Three Flowers.

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