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After hearing Yang Chan's words, the third generation disciples of the three religions were eager to give it a try. They did not have many opportunities to take part in previous struggles,

and neither did their martial uncles and martial elder uncles. When they did get the rare chance to participate,

dozens of people had been killed. Surely, the disciples of those who were killed utterly detested the Blood Sea.

Therefore, they would not miss this precious opportunity to take revenge.

Looking at the people who were ready to take action in the camp of the three religions, Yang Jian glanced at Yang Chan with a complex expression.

Then he came forward and said to Immortal Yu Ding, "Master, disciple Yang Jian requesting to fight."

Looking at Yang Jian, Immortal Yu Ding was clearly aware of his mind and he nodded his consent.

He knew that Yang Jian would not harm Yang Chan. Perhaps this was the best solution.

Yang Jian had come to the battlefield with a three-pointed, double-edged sword in hand and his Xiaotian Dog. He looked at Yang Chan with a complex look.

It was quite ironic that these siblings had to fight against each other because they were in different camps.

Yang Jian tried to persuade Yang Chan, saying, "Third sister, why did you come and meddle in this affair instead of accompanying our mother on Mount Hua?

"I'm not in the least willing to attack you. Please go back to Mount Hua!"

Seeing that her opponent was Yang Jian, Yang Chan's look was also somewhat complicated, but she still said firmly,

"Second brother, you have your position and master's order, and so do I.

"Brother, I don't want to take action against you either. What about other people?"

In this world, Yang Chan had merely two relatives, her mother Yaoji and her brother Yang Jian. She could not bear to fight against her brother.

Hearing Yang Chan's response, Yang Jian could only say, "Since it is so, don't blame your second brother.

"When I defeat you, I will send you back to our mother on Mount Hua. Then your master can't say anything."

Then, Yang Jian jumped up and went straight toward Yang Chan, waving his three-pointed, double-edged sword, and the Xiaotian Dog also followed closely behind.

Looking at Yang Jian and the Xiaotian Dog, Yang Chan slightly sighed.

Yang Jian had learned and cultivated the Eight Nine Mysteries and now only a few Primordial Unity Golden Immortals could rival him as his cultivation was at the Secondary Stage of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal.

But, even though Yang Jian was at the Peak of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, it was almost impossible for him to defeat his sister, who had the Lotus Lamp for help.

Yang Chan raised the Lotus Lamp in one hand and launched its light with supernatural power. It suddenly gave out a tremendous light.

Then, without warning, Yang Jian and the Xiaotian Dog were knocked back by the flash of golden light and fell down.

But they were safe and sound because Yang Chan had not intended to harm Yang Jian, so she had not exerted the Lotus Lamp's complete power.

After he was knocked back, Yang Jian looked in shock at the Lotus Lamp and his younger sister, Yang Chan.

He had once before been stunned by the power of the Lotus Lamp, but he did not expect it to be so mighty.

He did not do his best, and neither did Yang Chan. Therefore, with the help of such a powerful treasure, few were able to harm her.

Yang Jian became less worried about Yang Chan's security.

He suddenly understood clearly.

In the camp of the three religions, Immortal Yu Ding was surprised by the Lotus Lamp's power.

He had seen Yang Chan use the lamp when Yang Jian blasted Mount Hua to save his mother. However, it was beyond his expectation that it could exert such great power.

Yang Jian was his most excellent disciple and also one of the best among the third generation disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment, but Yang Jian had been repelled by the Lotus Lamp even though Yang Chan did not exert the full power of the lamp.

It was almost impossible for these third generation disciples to defeat Yang Chan.

Yet Yang Jian was a man with an indomitable spirit. Although he was defeated by Yang Chan, he did not intend to retreat. Instead, he wanted to beat Yang Chan. However, even though he did his best, with his defense as strong as an iron bucket, he could not attack her and was continually repelled by the Lotus Lamp's divine power.

Looking at Yang Jian, who persisted in attacking her and was trying to find out the flaws of the Lotus Lamp, Yang Chan could not help trying to persuade him. "Brother, please stop trying. I have not exerted the full power of the lamp. It's impossible for you to break its defense. Please do not force me anymore. I'm afraid that I will hurt you."

Hearing these words, Yang Jian felt strange and uncomfortable even though he knew Yang Chan was looking out for his own good. When he was about to launch another attack, a figure suddenly appeared between him and Yang Chan. It was little Nezha, who could not bear their hesitation, so he flew in between the two of them.

Nezha pointed at Yang Jian with his Fire-tipped Spear and said, "Haven't you realized that if you were not my senior sister's elder brother, she could not hold back and you would have already been hurt by the Lotus Lamp? If you insist, I will accompany you. Though your cultivation is a bit low, perhaps you are able to play with me."

Nezha's intervention caused Yang Chan to worry about her brother. Though she did not know where Nezha had gotten his cultivation, she was sure that Yang Jian could not rival him and his cultivation at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Thus she said, "Junior brother, please show some mercy and don't hurt my brother." Nezha smiled and answered, "Don't worry, senior sister, I will control myself to a suitable level."

Yang Jian was irritated seeing Nezha belittle him. However, his master Immortal Yu Ding said, "Be careful. Though Nezha is a child, his cultivation is at the Early Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. And although we don't know to what degree he can exert his power, you must be careful fighting against him, and especially his Magic Weapons."

Yang Jian's face became extraordinarily heavy after hearing these words. Though his cultivation was only at the Early Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he was still a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. In light of this, he had to be particularly careful. Besides, Nezha was also a disciple of Taoist Liu Er. Now that Yang Chan had such a powerful Lotus Lamp, he believed that Nezha had to have mighty weapons as well.

Upon seeing Yang Jian's grave expression, Nezha laughed and drove his Wind Fire Wheels on foot, leaving just a shadow. Then, he suddenly jabbed toward Yang Jian with his Fire-tipped Spear. Yang Jian was astonished at Nezha's speed and the speed of his Wind Fire Wheels. He could only hurriedly defend the spear with his three-pointed, double-edged sword.

However, the great power from Nezha's Fire-tipped Spear pushed Yang Jian back. When Yang Jian was retreating backward, the vertical eye between his eyebrows opened and then a flash of silver light shot directly at Nezha's face. Nezha was startled and hurried to hide. Then, a curious expression appeared on his face. Obviously, he was interested in Yang Jian's third eye.

Seeing that his third eye's shot had failed, Yang Jian immediately launched another attack. Judging from Nezha's reaction just now, Yang Jian realized that he had little fighting experience, otherwise, he would not have been hurried before. Yang Jian had to take advantage of the rich experience he had accumulated from his numerous battles and fight with Nezha with the help of his Xiaotian Dog. As long as he found Nezha's flaw, he could have an opportunity to defeat him.

Nezha was not afraid of Yang Jian's attack. Before he arrived, Liu Er had already told him to refine himself with this opportunity. However, the Xiaotian Dog made him annoyed by its random sneak attacks. Thus, he used his Red Armillary Sash to tie up the dog and then he threw it to the ground.

Solving the problem of the Xiaotian Dog, Nezha said to Yang Jian, "Let's continue. Without the dog's interference, I can fight in an unfettered way. Though your cultivation is at the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, you deserve to be my senior sister's brother with such strong skills. I can't quickly defeat you without the help of a Magic Weapon. But I will not take advantage of you because this is a battle between us real men."

Yang Jian felt that it was quite funny for a child such as Nezha to say something like a battle between real men. However, he was stunned that Nezha had caught the Xiaotian Dog with his Magic Weapon. He wondered if he would be able to resist it if he were to be attacked by Nezha's Magic Weapon. Thinking of this, he was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

Yang Jian did not gain any advantage through their long struggle. However, it was Nezha who began to take the advantage as the battle continued and his cultivation began to be given full display. This was exactly Liu Er's purpose. Nezha needed to be refined so he could transfer his cultivation into true combat power.

At the back of the three religions' camp, a giant man observed the battle between Nezha and Yang Jian and wore a disdained expression. There were six people standing beside him, who all looked somewhat grotesque. It was obvious that they were not from Human Tribe but were transformed from some Demon Tribe. Although they stood among the three religions' camp, it seemed that they were helpers invited by someone rather than being members of the camp.

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