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In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa overlooked Untainted Land in surprise. Originally, she had intended to let Ling Zhuzi descend to the world to pass tribulation and then come back to Royal Nu Wa Temple. It was unexpected that Nezha, the incarnation of Ling Zhuzi, was accidentally accepted by Liu Er. Moreover, though he was just ten-odd years old, he had recovered to the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Though there was still some time to reach the cultivation as preexistence, it would not be too long.

Actually, it was also a good thing for Nezha to be accepted by Liu Er where he would be safe and sound even if he brought great troubles, since Blood Sea was unreasonably tough and powerful all the time. To her surprise, Liu Er, Nezha's teacher, should have reached the realm of A half step to Origin step to Origin after millions of years. By the time of his actualization, he could rival her.

Goddess Nvywa, having experienced many cultivation tribulations, deeply understood that strength was the trump card in Untainted Land. However, though she did not seek to prevail over others, it would be strange to be on equal standing with a junior. With a sudden stretch of her hands, a ball of the power of creation was sparkling in her hands. Feeling its gentleness, she displayed a more complexed countenance.

Compared to the shock of all Sages, there was more jealousy in Zhunti's heart. He had always thought that the Way of Heaven was unfair. Why did Minghe make such great strides in cultivation? Why could he have such a great deal of luck? Why could he have such talents that could rival Primordial Mazinger or even exceed the disciples of Primordial Mazinger? With jealousy and unwillingness, the devil was growing as well.

Before the Golden Chicken Mountain, Liu Er talked about the old days with Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, not thinking highly of disciples from three religions at all. Yang Chan, who possessed of a calm temperament, stood beside Liu Er quietly, noticing the changed countenance of Yang Jian. Nezha was certainly curious to see so many immortals for the first time that he kept staring the disciples from three religions.

Disciples of three religions were in fury facing the disregarding attitude from Liu Er. However, he had been famous for a long time. Some hermitic Almighty, the same generation of all Sages, had to respect him and even Guang Chengzi, the eldest brother of Clan of Enlightenment with the cultivation of Sage-to-be, was disgraced by Liu Er. Though no one mentioned this anymore, the fact could not be changed. They were not even Sages-to-be, angry about it but dared not voice their thoughts.

Seeing Kong Xuan, Xuandu went forward and said, "Fellow Taoist Liu Er, Western Zhou is attacking tyrannical Shang Dynasty but it was impeded by your tribe from Blood Sea. Since you have understood the way of Origin, why must you involve in the Karma?" Xuandu did not want to play against Liu Er. Though A half step to Origin was still at Sage-to-be Realm, the gap between them was so huge that many people could not go beyond it their whole lives.

Liu Er had a look at Xuandu with a grin and said, "Xuandu, I have my own purpose to come here and do not have any interests in bullying all of you, so you don't need to worry. Nevertheless, I am pretty interested in someone hidden somewhere." Afterward, Liu Er designedly looked in the direction of three religions and displayed a sort of desire to fight.

Xuandu did not understand what Liu Er said. Was someone hidden somewhere? Was there someone hiding nearby? Who was it? One who could stir the interests of Liu Er but could not be felt by others were few in Untainted Land or perhaps someone among them.

Liu Er looked back to Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara as well as Medicine Buddha and said, "Your cultivation is high enough to match my disciple Black Tortoise, but you are not my opponents. I would not bother to fight with you as well but just let my two disciples do it. This is a temper of their skills. If they are defeated by you, we wouldn't continue to do it."

Afterward, Liu Er smiled to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise and then came back to closed meditation. On the way, Black Tortoise said in a low voice, "Eldest brother, can Yang Chan and Nezha do it?" Though they had relatively good cultivation, they had not experienced many battles at all. Furthermore, there were so many disciples of three religions, let alone disciples of the second generation at the level of Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Don't you worry about your disciples being bullied?"

Liu Er smiled and said, "Just rest assured that Yang Chan and Nezha wouldn't be so weak. What's more, I don't believe that disciples of three religions would be so shameless. If disciples of the second generation do help, then what? They may not be able to overcome Yang Chan and Nezha. Just wait and see."

Even after Liu Er said that, he was still somewhat worried. After all, Yang Chan and Nezha had little experience, which was actually why he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to temper them. Moreover, since he came here, there had been a strange feeling in his heart. The feeling appeared before, twice.

Seeing Liu Er and his two disciples leave, Xuandu and the other three felt relieved for a while. The presence of Liu Er burdened them with great pressure. At the moment when Liu Er broke the formation, they even felt the sense of death. They believed that once Liu Er gave a hand to his disciples, there was a little possibility for them to be alive even if four of them joined forces.

Although it was good news that Liu Er volunteered to make a concession, they felt it was a little strange. Since he did it, what they should do would be to defeat the two disciples, then people from Blood Sea would not interfere in the warfare. It would be much easier. At least, they did not need to play against the Liu Er's brothers.

Xuandu had a look at Yang Chan and Nezha, whose cultivations were obvious. Yang Chan was at the late stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal while Nezha was at the early stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. In view of cultivation, most disciples of the third generation in three religions would not be better than Yang Chan. Even the disciples of the second generation would be weaker than Nezha. Moreover, it would not be easy to against Yang Chan and Nezha, who had a Spiritual Treasure.

Yang Chan and Nezha were composed to face so many people from three religions. However, when Yang Chan saw Yang Jian, there would be a little change of her countenance. As for Nezha, he looked eager to begin the fight with his darting back and forth. From the point of disciples from three religions, Nezha was looking for something interesting.

For a while, Nezha grinned to his senior sister whom he had met not long ago, and asked, "Senior sister, what do you think about allowing me to do it alone? You just have a rest in your closed meditation, and wait see how your junior brother routs them." They met each other not long before, but Nezha had a favorable impression of the gentle senior sister.

Hearing what Nezha said, Yang Chan smiled and said, "I haven't realized that you're so considerate at such a young age. Rest assured! Though my cultivation is lower than yours, I am not so weak. Moreover, I have the Lotus Lamp. Even you wouldn't rival me!" Raising her hands, the Lotus Lamp appeared in her hands. The treasure had immeasurable power and provided strong support to Yang Chan as well.

Looking at the Lotus Lamp in the hands of Yang Chan, Nezha felt curious. He once heard from Liu Er that the Lotus Lamp, refined by ancestor Minghe, was powerful and had many magical effects. It was just Top Grade primordial spiritual Treasure, but its power was not inferior to that of primordial spiritual treasure. Nezha intended to borrow it from her after the battle. If she did not lend it to him, he would steal it from her. Hehe.

Yang Chan certainly did not notice what was on his mind. Looking towards the camp of three religions, she said slightly, "I'm Yang Chan from Blood Sea. Who is willing to guide me?" Her voice was gentle, but there was a sense of tenacity from it. She had developed a strong personality as a child because of the ups and downs she experienced during her childhood. Though she did not like to fight, she was reluctant to let her teacher Liu Er down.

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