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Merit is a special reward given by the Way of Heaven, to people who have contributed to Untainted Land. It also could be called as Jack of all trades and master of none. It could be used to promote cultivation, eliminate Karmic obstacles, improve the power of Magic Weapon, and even kill people without being affected by Karma when one's merit achieved a certain level. If one's merit built up to a certain level comparable with Human Ancestors and Three Royals and Five Emperors', the Sages would not dare to kill the person.

In Square Mountain, Jieyin and Zhunti were watching the battlefield in Golden Chicken Mountain. When they saw Golden Light of Merit being emitted from Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts, the two Sages' eyes grew wide. Even the eternally sour-faced Jieyin changed his look and exclaimed, "Minghe was really shrewd. He asked Black Tortoise to support the sky in that very year. Thus, Black Tortoise not only acquired merit for supporting sky but also created lasting merit in this present life."

Looking at Golden Light of Merit on Black Tortoise, Zhunti showed a sort of eagerness. He actualized and sanctified with merits for Sect Creation and Great Aspiration. Among the Sages, he originally had the lowest cultivation, which was equivalent to Goddess Nvywa's at most. But now, his saintly body was blown out by Minghe, and then his Evil Separation was damaged. Although his Evil Separation resumed gathering together, its cultivation had all gone.

Zhunti rarely used Evil Separation, so it would not matter whether or not it was damaged. Unfortunately, his original body was blown out by Minghe. It not just related to disgrace, but also to strength. Goddess Nvywa had retired into Wahuang Heaven for many years. She devoted herself to practice. Now, Zhunti was not sure whether he was well-matched in strength against Goddess Nvywa.

Zhunti never expected that his cultivation was the lowest among all the Sages. He attributed this to Minghe. So to speak, Minghe was his devil inside. As a Sage, Zhunti also could have a private demon. Now, his private demon was weak and lurking. But if it got out, it would cause chaos in the West.

When he saw Black Tortoise, Zhunti wished that he could have Black Tortoise's merit. With the help of a lot of merits, Zhunti could recover soon and even make further progress. Sadly, he was just thinking. When Untainted Land developed to this stage, it would be difficult to obtain merits of heaven.

Looking at Black Tortoise's figure, Zhunti was struck by a thought. When Goddess Nvywa mended the Sky, she left one colorful stone and threw it casually into Untainted Land. After the Sky was mended, Merit appeared from heaven. Half of the Merit came to Untainted Land. Obviously, it chased the last piece of colorful stone.

Originally, the colorful stone was a rare spiritual product. And, it obtained half of the merit for mending the sky. So, it was probably to gain wisdom. Most important was that it was as same as Black Tortoise. Black Tortoise could acquire lasting merit for supporting the sky with his four limbs. The last piece of colorful stone could also obtain an endless supply of merit for the other colorful stones blending into the sky. If he could take the colorful stone back or accept a creature born from it as his apprentice, he would benefit a lot.

While Zhunti slipped into the reverie, Minghe went into action. A spiritual mountain was hidden in Untainted Land. It would become the well-known Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. But now, it was not yet the time to be presented, so it was hidden by the Way of Heaven. Between mountain streams, a colorful spiritual stone was absorbing the essence of nature, including the sun, the moon, and the stars. Undoubtfully, it was the last piece of colorful stone left after the sky mended.

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared beside the colorful stone. It was Minghe, who just left Chentang Pass. In those days, Minghe took away the Origin of Wise Monkey in the colorful stone, while Goddess Nvywa was refining stones to mend the sky. Self-preservation is the first law of nature. But, Minghe and the colorful stone still had forged Karma. Luckily, he held back a trick during those days. Otherwise, he could not find this place when the colorful stone was hidden by the secrets of heaven.

Minghe stood beside the colorful stone and gently touched it. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, had become a distant memory. Sun Wukong was extremely powerful in Journey to the West, but he was actually a poor guy. He thought that he was invincible. In reality, he was just a pawn of Buddhism Eastward Movement.

Minghe carefully sensed the stone fetus born from the colorful stone. He shook his head. After losing Wise Monkey's Origin, the colorful stone still gave birth to a stone fetus. But the stone fetus was too small and weak, and it had limited potential. If not for merit for mending the sky, it would have only limited success, even if it actualized the Way of Celestial Immortality. So, it would not be much better with the merit for mending the sky.

Minghe looked at the colorful stone and said to himself, "I took away your Origin for my apprentice, so I owed you. Today, I'll change your fate. But, your future totally depends on your natural gift and fated chance. I hope that you won't be framed up all your life, like Sun Wukong in mythology. I hope that you can get rid of predestination and be yourself."

Minghe stretched his hand and three Third-Grade Red Lotuses of Fire appeared. All of a sudden, fire of the Chaos burned the three lotuses to crimson liquid. And then, the crimson liquid slowly condensed into a Sixth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire. As the Sixth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire initially took shape, Minghe endowed it with endless forbidden formations at full speed with the other hand, until it was fully formed.

Minghe looked at the Sixth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire in his hand and nodded with satisfaction. Although it was refined by him, it was not inferior to his fostered one. Moreover, some forbidden formations and magical effects were arranged by him in it. At a certain time, the stone fetus could naturally get the thing in the Red Lotus of Fire, which was sealed by Minghe. It could be counted as his first gift for the stone fetus. Meanwhile, it was fundamental to protect him.

The second gift was the Origin of Chaos. The main reason why Sun Wukong in Journey to the West was so powerful was that he had a good background. Since the stone fetus had lost the Origin of Wise Monkey, it would be necessary to complete his Origin, to ensure that he had the same gift as Sun Wukong. Although only a little the Origin of chaos was consumed, it was no less than the Origin, which was seized by Minghe.

When he completed the arrangement, Minghe glanced at the newborn stone fetus. He finally said, "I hope you won't let me down." And then, he went one step further and entered the Void. The ambient restored calm, but the colorful stone swallowed and spat Spiritual Air between Heaven and Earth 10 times faster than before.

In Square Mountain, Zhunti was deducing the last piece of colorful stone. But due to the secrets of heaven, he failed to figure out its position. In despair, he had to give up temporarily. He considered that he failed was because of the chaotic secrets of heaven under the influence of Cultivation Tribulation. Therefore, he planned to find out the colorful stone's position again after the Cultivation Tribulation ended.

Jieyin glanced at Zhunti and bit his tongue. He knew that Zhunti was committed to expanding Western Religious Sect. As long as Western Religious Sect was not expanded, Zhunti would not calm down. Since becoming the Sage, Jieyin had advanced a lot in cultivation, while Zhunti ceased to advance. It was because Zhunti dedicated himself to Western Religious Sect that Jieyin could be relieved to practice.

Anyway, Zhunti would never allow others to kill disciples of his Western Religious Sect. Previously, Kong Xuan had killed his several excellent disciples, who were at the level of the Da Luo Golden Immortal. At the thought of it, he was heartbroken. He seemed to have made a particular decision. A flash of light came out of his body. He left Square Mountain quietly and went to Untainted Land directly.

Jieyin glanced at Zhunti and bit his tongue. He knew that Zhunti was committed to expanding Western Religious Sect. As long as Western Religious Sect was not expanded, Zhunti would not feel relieved. Since becoming the Sage, Jieyin had advanced a lot in cultivation, while Zhunti ceased to advance. It was because Zhunti devoted himself to Western Religious Sect that Jieyin could practice without anxiety.

Sometimes, Jieyin also felt that Zhunti went too far. However, he could not speak up as he was not qualified to say anything. For Western Religious Sect, Zhunti had paid much more than Jieyin. That the powerful and influential sect was almost all his work. Therefore, Jieyin could only support Zhunti silently, whether he was right or wrong.

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