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In front of Golden Chicken Mountain, Black Tortoise touched his chest and grinned widely. "Xuandu, your swordsmanship is really good. But, your understanding of Law of Yin and Yang is not thorough. Although the Aura of Sword of Yin and Yang is quick and forceful, I can handle it with no difficulty. You'd better show your specialty and not do stupid things to tempt me. Feel free to play any tricks and use your magical weapons!"

Confronted with Black Tortoise's challenge, Xuandu remained calm. As he brandished his sword, a black-and-white spiritual dragon headed for Black Tortoise. Black Tortoise immediately threw a punch. Instead of any supernatural power, he shook the dragon with his body. His fist looked slow but was as heavy as Mount Tai. As a result, the dragon was punched with much force.

When the Aura of Yin and Yang dispersed between heaven and earth, a golden light flashed across the sky and went straight towards Black Tortoise. Before he could react, Black Tortoise was tied up. Black Tortoise looked at the golden rope around his body and slightly knitted his brow. He was suddenly enlightened that this was Xuandu's kill shot, and the black-and-white spiritual dragon was just a trick.

When they saw Black Tortoise being tied up, three religious disciples got excited. Beyond their expectations, Black Tortoise was captured by Xuandu just in two rounds. Xuandu was indeed highly skilled. Xuandu looked at Black Tortoise, beaming with delight. "Black Tortoise, my Taoist friend, it's the Golden Cord given by my master. It can change size as you choose, so it's not easy to get rid of it."

When he saw that three religions' morale lifted, Black Tortoise quirked up the corners of his mouth. "The Golden Cord is indeed a good magic weapon. But, it's just a low-grade primordial spiritual treasure." Black Tortoise took a deep breath, and then he exhaled severely cold air. All of a sudden, the Golden Cord was frozen. Black Tortoise exerted his force, and the Golden Cord was immediately broken with a click.

At the sight of this, three religious disciples were stunned. Unexpectedly, a primordial spiritual treasure was destroyed like this. When he saw that those disciples were slack-jawed, Black Tortoise said with a smile, "Although the magic weapon is good, it's not indestructible. Xuandu, you're so naive to think that you can win me just with such a magic weapon. If you have some other powerful magic weapons, please go ahead."

When he saw that Black Tortoise destroyed the Golden Cord without striking a blow, Xuandu immediately frowned. Rather than show pity on the Golden Cord, he was frightened by the Cold Air displayed by Black Tortoise. Surprisingly, it could freeze a low-grade primordial spiritual treasure and disable the magic weapon in an instant. So, Its magic skill was unimaginable.

Through this event, Xuandu felt that they had underestimated Black Tortoise. Originally, he thought that Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts was already hard to deal with. But now, Black Tortoise displayed the other powerful magic skill. It was already hard to deal with Black Tortoise, as he had such two powerful magic skills, let alone other magic skills. What was even more frightening was that he might have some spiritual treasures.

At the thought of that, Xuandu suddenly felt that it was more difficult to deal with Black Tortoise than Kong Xuan. However, since there was no turning back now, he had to bite the bullet. Although the magic skill displayed by Black Tortoise was powerful, it was slow. Moreover, it could be effective only in close combat. Therefore, he would be free from danger, if he was far away from Black Tortoise to keep off the Spiritual Treasure.

Xuandu waved his left hand, and an oil lamp appeared on his palm. It was Eight Wonders Palace Lantern, which was the Earth Lantern. Yuxu Colored Glaze Lamp was the Heaven Lantern. Coffin Lamp was the Human Lantern. All three lamps were known collectively as Heaven, Earth, and Human Lanterns. In the lantern, the purple fire was Sky-burning Purple Fire. It could burn the sky and boil the sea, which was not inferior to those top fires, such as Nanming Fire and Red Lotus Fire.

As activated by supernatural power, Eight Wonders Palace Lantern would release endless Sky-burning Purple Fire, as if firebirds flew to Black Tortoise. However, the three religious disciples watching the battle in the rear were a little scared when they saw the purple fire all over the sky. Although the fire did not move to them, its high temperature deeply impressed them with its strong power.

Looking at the purple fire coming, Black Tortoise gave a dirty look. Whether in preexistence or this life, the magic skills he practiced and the divine laws he understood were water-related. He naturally disliked fire. As Black Tortoise waved his hand, bottomless water rose from the level ground to collide with Sky-burning Purple Fire. A blanket of fog immediately pervaded between heaven and earth.

Xuandu's Sky-burning Purple Fire was powerful, but Black Tortoise's water was unusual. It was Moonlight Holy Water, one of Three Light Holy Water. Although Three Light Holy Water was a miraculous medicine for curing the wound, Sunlight Holy Water, Moonlight Holy Water, and Starlight Holy Water were fatal poisons, if they were respectively used. Moreover, each kind of water was comparable with Sky-burning Purple Fire.

As the three religious disciples were gradually covered by the fog, Xuandu changed his look. The fog looked normal, but the place it passed by was barren. Xuandu packed up Eight Wonders Palace Lantern and took out Mutton Fat Jade Bottle, a new magic weapon. He opened the bottle to absorb the fog, to prvent it from spreading further.

Black Tortoise could not help sighing with emotion. Although he fought with Xuandu just a few times, Xuandu had changed many magic weapons. Xuandu was worthy of Laozi's unique self-imparting disciple. Black Tortoise doubted if Xuandu had some other magic weapons. Now, Xuandu had launched attacks for several times. And then, it was Black Tortoise's turn to make an attack. Black Tortoise did not like taking a beating.

Black Tortoise moved a bit and his martial force burst out. A huge black tortoise suddenly leaped up. It was The Way of Martial Arts, which he obtained through the enlightenment of his preexistent body. "Ho!" Black Tortoise shouted and threw a punch. The Way of Martial Arts turned into flowing light and shot on Xuandu. The place it passed by was all covered with ice.

Confronted with Black Tortoise's powerful attack, Xuandu was unhesitating. As he waved his hand, a crimson flag flew off him. It was Floating Flame Flag, one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions. It immediately released red light all over the sky to protect Xuandu. Although Black Tortoise's fist was powerful, it could not break through the defense of Floating Flame Flag.

Black Tortoise failed to hit Xuandu, but the fact that it was able to force Xuandu into using Floating Flame Flag was great. As a result, all Primordial Flags of the Five Regions gathered here, including Kong Xuan's Wuji Apricot Flag, Xuandu's Floating Flame Flag, Guang Chengzi's Natural Cloud Realm Flag, Medicine Buddha's Emerald Lotus Flag, and Black Tortoise's Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. Most likely, it was the first time that the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions got together since heaven was separated from earth.

Black Tortoise waved his hand and a black flag appeared on his palm. It was Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, which was sent by Minghe. Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts was amazing on defense, so Minghe originally planned to give him a powerful spiritual treasure for attacking. However, Black Tortoise asked for Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. The flag was of water type, so it could help him understand the Divine Law of Water.

Moonlight Holy WaterXuanyuan Water Control Flag was a supreme spiritual treasure for defense. But, it was different when it was in the hands of Black Tortoise. With the flag, Black Tortoise understood how to control the magic skills of Sunlight Holy Water, Moonlight Holy Water, and Starlight Holy Water. Sunlight Holy Water could consume blood essence, flesh, and bone. Moonlight Holy Water could corrode souls of Original Spirit. Starlight Holy Water could kill Spiritual Thoughts of Veridical Soul. If the three divine water were mixed up, there would be inexhaustible power.

As Black Tortoise shook Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, three kinds of divine water spurted out and turned into three water dragons. The water dragons rushed to Xuandu and three religious disciples behind him. At this time, Black Tortoise attacked both Xuandu and the onlooking disciples. He wanted to see how three religious disciples could protect their lives against his attack.

Xuandu changed his countenance. He activated Floating Flame Flag to get in the way of the water dragon, which was transformed by Sunlight Holy Water. As for another two water dragons, it was beyond his grasp. But at that moment, Guang Chengzi and Medicine Buddha also joined the fight. Moonlight Holy Water was warded off by Natural Cloud Realm Flag. Starlight Holy Water was warded off by Emerald Lotus Flag. Only Dipamkara looked pale and was rooted to the spot.

Looking at Primordial Flag of the Five Regions in Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha' hands, Dipamkara was envious. As a Sage-to-be, Dipamkara was shabby in comparison with three other people. It was said that the West was poor, but Medicine Buddha's spiritual treasures were more than Dipamkara's. When he saw the three people who warded off Black Tortoise, an idea started becoming clearer and clearer in Dipamkara's mind.

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