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Playing hardball? The disciples of the three religions were shocked. Few people except the Sages could escape unscathed from four Sages-to-be and over 40 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Untainted Land. Yet Kong Xuan was saying that it was just a warm-up for him. How fearsome would he be if he was playing hardball then? The disciples of the three religions weren't willing to believe this to be a fact. They rather he was just kidding. Otherwise, it would mean their disaster was impending.

Xuandu and the other three Sages-to-be looked at Kong Xuan gravely, who was able to defend himself against their siege. They were appalled by Kong Xuan's words. Even if it was somewhat unbelievable, they didn't dare to be optimistic. Kong Xuan, being in his current realm, had no need to lie at all. This meant their upcoming battle would even be more difficult.

They just wondered why Kong Xuan fought with them for so long. Was he trying to test their strengths? Or perhaps he was mocking them? That wasn't Kong Xuan's way. So what was his true purpose and his so-called 'playing hardball'? Could he perhaps be concealing some amazing Magic Skills besides his Divine Five Colored Light?

The four of them wore solemn expressions. Medicine Buddha turned to the Western Religious Sect disciples behind him and worried for them. Kong Xuan's attack wasn't something they could easily defend against. His expression changed greatly when he considered this. Was Kong Xuan biding his time in the fight just so he could get back at the disciples of the three religions?

Being experts at Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be Realm and equipped with Spiritual Treasures and Magic Skills, the four of them could protect themselves even if they couldn't defeat Xuandu. That wasn't the case for the disciples of the three religions. Being Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, they might not be able to ward off Kong Xuan's attack even with Spiritual Treasures.

Medicine Buddha looked at Kong Xuan who stood in the center and said coldly, "You're really shrewd, Kong Xuan, but your behavior is disgraceful. My juniors, please withdraw immediately. This fight isn't something you can handle." Xuandu and the other two immediately understood his point but their realization came a little too late.

Standing on the Red Lotus of Fire, Kong Xuan wore a gentle smile. "Isn't it a little too late to realize my plans? I was only planning to kill you after finding the flaws in your Magic Skills. Who knew these disciples of the three religions would serve themselves up to me on a platter? I naturally wouldn't be holding back." His smile fell and, in that instant, he was full of killing intent.

He held his Five Colored Glaze Fan and his body gleamed with five streaks of flowing light - green, yellow, red, black, and white. The green, black, and white light transformed into the physical bodies of the Taoist Wood, Taoist Water, and Taoist Gold. They were three of the Five Phases Separations that Kong Xuan divided. The yellow and red light transformed into two feathers instead, which was the original appearance of Kong Xuan's Divine Five Colored Light. The five feathers were something he owned since birth.

His four opponents paled. Just three of Kong Xuan's Five Phases Separation was enough to change their situation. Since they couldn't see through the Separations' cultivation at all, that meant they were at least at the Late Stage of the Sage-to-be realm. This meant they were facing four masters of such a realm. Though each of them also had their Separations, the Separations had weak cultivation. Even the best among the Separations had nearly similar cultivation as theirs.

Looking at the pale-faced three religious disciples, Kong Xuan said placidly, "You're right, Xuandu. I've indeed abandoned my natal Magic Skill, the Divine Five Colored Light. But I forget to mention I don't need to use the five colored lights together. Their power is weakened if I use them individually but they're still three times more powerful than the power of the Divine Five Colored Light. So you all have to be careful."

He and his Three Separations instantly jumped into action and five streaks of light in green, yellow, red, black, and white lit up their surroundings. Its power was three times stronger than the Divine Five Colored Light. Though it was just a single beam of light, its power was so intimidating that the expressions of the disciples of the three religions changed dramatically. There was even fear in their eyes.

The disciples of the three religions went all out and summoned their Spiritual Treasure to fend off the attacks. Though they risked getting their treasures snatched by Kong Xuan, it was better than losing their lives. Besides, there was also a defect in the single beams of Divine Five Coloured Light. They couldn't attack other Spiritual Treasure except those with corresponding properties. This was an opportunity for them to save their lives.

Even so, Kong Xuan was still a Sage-to-be expert. His single light wasn't something that everyone could ward off. A sharp cry resounded and more than ten beams of spiritual lights shot up to the sky and disappeared into the void. Their names were obviously now on the Investiture of the Gods. The surviving disciples couldn't help but lament the loss of their companions.

The Sages-to-be turned pale. All the disciples of the three religions were injured. The disciples at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal were considered elites in the three religions, yet a dozen of them had died at a time. This was a huge price to pay. Except those on the Investiture of the Gods and the four of them, the other disciples were also injured. How could they continue to defend against Kong Xuan's attacks?

Kong Xuan promptly stopped after making one strike, not because he had a change of heart but simply because there was no chance. The entire Untainted Land changed drastically with the angry roars, frightening all living creatures there. It was the wrath of the Sages. Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti were enraged by the killing and wounding of their disciples.

The three religious disciples also felt their masters' anger. Kong Xuan was also on alert. Seeing this, Xuandu and the rest led their juniors to go into retreat. It wasn't the place of Sages-to-be to be involved in the upcoming battle. Any mistake could end up killing them. If they wanted to live, they better keep away from the center of the storm.

Laozi wore a gloomy expression atop Mount Shouyang. Among the four Sages, he felt the least anger and cared little about the death of his several Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the Tribe of Humanity. He only cared for Xuandu. But Kong Xuan's reckless murder of his disciples was clearly an attempt to humiliate him and this filled him with rage.

Over on Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin was the angriest of them all. Never mind the other disciples, even one of the well-known Twelve Golden Immortals from his Clan of Enlightenment had fallen. This disgraced him greatly. The one who died was the Perfected Person Yellow Dragon, who was unfortunate in many ways. He was a member of the Dragon Tribe who became an apprentice under Honored Lord of the Origin, but he had always been his master's least favored disciple.

Honored Lord of the Origin disliked the Demon Tribe and saw that disciple of his as no different than someone from the Demon Tribe. Thus, he awarded Perfected Person Yellow Dragon with few spiritual treasures. That eventually doomed his disciple when he faced Kong Xuan's attack. He was, in fact, responsible for his disciple's death due to his unfair treatment.

But he wouldn't think this way, merely finding Perfected Person Yellow Dragon useless and hating Kong Xuan for his death. Kong Xuan's one attack landed more than ten people on the Investiture of the Gods, with disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment in the largest number. Could the Clan of Enlightenment be considered inferior to the Tribe of Humanity and the Western Religious Sect? This was what infuriated Honored Lord of the Origin the most. He was anxious to kill Kong Xuan himself to save face.

Jieyin and Zhunti were more distressed than angry. Their Western Religious Sect incurred a huge damage in losing several Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. In these years, Zhunti had overcome the odds and bring in these disciples, carefully cultivating them. Now, several of them had suddenly died. This bound to sadden Jieyin and Zhunti.

The wrath of the four Sages was earth-shaking, stunning all living creatures in the Untainted Land. However, they were also surprised that Kong Xuan killed more than ten elites of the three religions at once. Though he had a good teacher Minghe, it took courage for him to kill the disciples so simply and cleanly. Even if Minghe could ward off the Sages of the three religions for him, it wouldn't be a walk in the park to be at the receiving end of the hatred of the Sages. If he were to be careless, his soul would probably be disintegrated. After all, his master couldn't possibly watch him closely at all times.

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