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Bo Yikao and Ji Fa were both puzzled. It was obvious that they had never heard anything about Ancestor Minghe. Dipamkara could only continue to say, "You two may not know Ancestor Minghe. His cultivation isn't worse than any Sage, but he has never preached in the Human Tribe. You may know his Self-centric Separation, the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe."

Bo Yikao and Ji Fa were astonished to hear that. It never occurred to them that the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe was just another person's Incarnation. It really subverted their view of life. In their whole life, they had heard many legends of the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe. Now they knew about such a secret affair they were speechless.

Dipamkara continued to say, "Ancestor Minghe has three disciples. The first one is Liu Er. His cultivation is advanced, which is not less than some hermitic Almighty in the Untainted Land. The second one is Kong Xuan, who is the son of the Lord of Phoenix in the ancient time. His Divine Five Colored Light is really powerful. The third one is Black Tortoise. It's said that he is the incarnation of the Black Tortoise who mended the Sky. He cultivates the Golden Body of the Martial Arts, and the defense of his human body has no match in the world. This time the general as the guardian is the second disciple of the Ancestor Minghe, Kong Xuan."

Bo Yikao and Ji Fa heard it and were baffled. Formerly in the Golden Chicken Mountain, they had known something about the garrison general. The guardian was the victorious general of the Shang Dynasty, Kong Xuan. Though he only led 50,000 military forces, he had always led them to success. This army was called the Army of Five Elements. Their soldiers cultivated the art of the five elements. In addition, they were good at the Army of Five Elements Formation, which was said that even tenfold the amount of enemies could not break.

But originally, these two people had no chance to know Kong Xuan's background. What they were confused about was how such a big role could be satisfied with just being a garrison general of the Shang Dynasty. It puzzled them. So Bo Yikao asked, "Master since Kong Xuan has such a formidable character, how could he be willing to only serve the Shang Dynasty?"

At this time, the Medicine Buddha of the Western Religious Sect said, "You're wrong. This time Kong Xuan's purpose is cultivation. He's not controlled by the King. Besides, now King Zhou is fatuous, he dares not to order Kong Xuan. From Kong Xuan's view, though, King Zhou is the king of the Shang Dynasty, he is nothing but a nonentity. In this way, how can Kong Xuan be called as serving him?"

Ji Fa got it and said, "Though Kong Xuan is powerful, now that all masters have gathered together, will it still be hard to defeat him?" On the march, Ji Fa had seen the Magic Skills of the senior immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment and Tribe of Humanity. What's more, since Bo Yikao could arrive here smoothly, people in the Western Religious Sect must also be extraordinary. Otherwise, how could they defeat the Tribe of Severity immortals?

Not one of the disciples in the three religions answered Ji Fa's question. They all kept silent, which made Bo Yikao and Ji Fa more curious. After a while, Guang Chengzi of the Clan of Enlightenment finally said, "Kong Xuan's cultivation is extraordinary. I can't beat him in an individual battle." Guang Chengzi's words changed some faces of the disciples in the three religions. It was a fact, but when it was spoken out straightly, they felt humiliated. Only a few people were still calm.

Bo Yikao was also startled by these words. According to Shen Gongbao, Xuandu Master in the Tribe of Humanity, Dipamkara Taoist in the Clan of Enlightenment, Guang Chengzi, and Demon Masters in the Western Religious Sect were all Sage-to-be masters, who were uncommon in the Untainted Land. Unexpectedly, Guang Chengzi had admitted that he was worse than Kong Xuan, and all disciples in the three religions agreed to it. No wonder that the three religions had gathered here. Maybe it was for the purpose of defeating Kong Xuan together.

Bo Yikao saw the bad looks of the immortals of the three religions, so he said, "Kong Xuan is the immortal who has attained wisdom. Tomorrow, let's meet him and reason things out. If we can persuade him, we'll pass the passage without starting a war. However, if we fail, we can only count on you to fight with him at that time."

Hearing those words, there were some strange looks of the disciples of the three religions. They naturally knew that it would not be easy to pass. Kong Xuan would never be touched easily by some mere words. If the relationship between the Blood Sea and the three religions had been good, maybe Kong Xuan would be persuaded. But for now, they could only face each other and meet on the battleground. It was hard for them to bury the hatchet.

At the general's residence in the Golden Chicken Mountain, a scholarly looking man was absorbed in bamboo slips. Near him there was a sleepy young man, with misted eyes, looking as if he would fall asleep. The young man suddenly looked up, and said, "Brother Kong Xuan, is there anything interesting in such a stupid book? The troops of the three religions have gathered outside. Don't you care about it?"

The scholarly looking man was Minghe's second disciple, Kong Xuan. He put down the bamboo slips, looking at the young man, and said, "Oh, my junior brother Black Tortoise, the three religions are really menacing, and all elites of the three religions are here, even Xuandu, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha. But even so, I think you won't take it to heart. In this way, why do I need to get it into my mind?"

This sleepy young man was Minghe's third disciple, Black Tortoise. At first, Minghe sent his three disciples out to pass the tribulation. Kong Xuan had chosen to be an officer here. As for Black Tortoise, he had spent lots of time sleeping during his journey. Unconsciously, he had achieved the Breakthrough to Fate Reading Martial Arts (Sage-to-be). His memory of the preexistence had reactivated, and he was no longer as lazy as before.

After the Breakthrough, Black Tortoise began to travel the Untainted Land. Finally, he came to the Golden Chicken Mountain, keeping Kong Xuan company. Kong Xuan had trained the Army of Five Elements and taught the art of the five elements here. There are 10 thousand troops in each metal, wood, water, fire, and earth army, which were good at the Military Five Elements Formation, and were victorious in every fight. Black Tortoise did not have any other things to do, so he was occasionally trained the 10 thousand armored armies. They were both offensive and defensive with formidable power.

Black Tortoise heard what Kong Xuan said, yawning with misted eyes, and said, "Though this time the three religions have sent many people, only Xuandu, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha, have the capability. Others are just nobody. They can't hurt me at all even if I don't defend."

Looking at Black Tortoise Kong Xuan did not refute him. Since Black Tortoise regained his memory of the preexistence, he had been much more hardworking in cultivation, in spite of a little laziness. Along with it, his cultivation had boomed to be at the Fate Reading Intermediate Stage (the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be Realm). He had cultivated horrible Golden Body of Martial Arts and marvelous Magic Skills of controlling the water. Now even Kong Xuan could not say that he could defeat Black Tortoise.

Kong Xuan was looking at the sleepy Black Tortoise, whose words had shown his confidence, smiled and said, "You're right. Your Golden Body of Martial Arts is formidable. What's more, with your turtle shell of the preexistence, the defensive force is even more amazing. Now maybe even the Golden Body of Martial Arts of the three ancestors in the Human Tribe can't be compared with yours. Except for the Sage, few people can break your defense, aren't there?"

Black Tortoise heard that and was hardly ever cheered up. He said with a kind of depression, "Brother, don't mention it. At that time when I achieved the Sage-to-be Breakthrough, I wanted to have a friendly competition with the eldest brother. It never occurred to me that just one hit from him can hurt me so much. Now eldest brother's cultivation is frightful. His human body must be much stronger than mine."

Kong Xuan heard it and could not help laughing, "My younger brother, the way of cultivation the eldest brother follows is the same as our teacher, no matter in the way of the human body or power. It's natural to be frightful. You want to compete with him: isn't that just looking for pain? Our teacher has said that the eldest brother's Fated Chance of the actualization is in the Cultivation Tribulation. Maybe before long, our eldest brother will be the second Rakshasa in the Untainted Land."

Black Tortoise heard it and was filled with a thousand feelings. He had the root of the Primordial Mazinger in the preexistence, however, compared with it, now he might still be stronger. After regaining his memory, he had been rejoicing over the original decision of being Minghe's disciple. Otherwise, how could he be so free and had the Fated Chance to actualize the Realm of Origin?

Thinking of Liu Er, this time the Cultivation Tribulation may make his True Body of Rakshasa, and he could actualize the Realm of Origin. Since Kong Xuan knew his way of actualization, it would be hopeful if he insisted on it. As for Black Tortoise, no matter how lazy he was, if his four limbs holding the sky were still there, there would be endless Merit for him. It was just a matter of time to cultivate the Golden Body of Martial Arts with the Merit and actualize the Realm of Origin.

Fortunately, he had followed Minghe, or his Fate would not be so good. Black Tortoise let go of his mixed feelings, looking at Kong Xuan, smilingly asked, "Since the three religions have gathered, and the elitist disciples are almost here, how do you want to deal with it, my second brother?" Do you need me to give you a hand and keep them all here?" Finishing these words, Black Tortoise swept away his laziness and looked to be surrounded by rare killing intent: He wanted to kill.

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