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In the Jadeite Palace on the Golden Turtle Island, Sect Leader Tongtian was sitting cross-legged on the cushion, with a number of disciples of the Tribe of Severity sitting below, including Abundant Treasures Buddha, Sacred Lady Jin Ling, Sacred Lady Wu Dang, Sacred Lady Gui Ling, Zhao Gongming, Ladies of the Three Stars, etc. They were all famous immortals of the Tribe of Severity but looked sad for the casualties in the confrontation with the three religions.

Looking at the disciples sitting below, Sect Leader Tongtian said, "You know the present situation. The three religions ganged up on our Tribe of Severity and killed many of our disciples. Now the three religions gathered at the Golden Chicken Mountain, where Kong Xuan from the Blood Sea is, giving us a chance to regroup."

Hearing the words, Abundant Treasures Buddha was bewildered and asked, "Master, although Kong Xuan has high cultivation, I'm afraid he may not be able to resist the disciples of the three religions. Now the four Sages-to-be masters of the three religions, including Xuandu, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi and Medicine Buddha are all there. Even if they can't defeat Kong Xuan respectively, Kong Xuan may not resist for a long time if the four unite. Therefore we'd better prepare it beforehand."

Sect Leader Tongtian shook his head slightly at these words and showed a faint smile. "Abundant Treasures, you underestimate Kong Xuan. Not only your cultivation, your insights, and courage are incomparable to his. Abundant Treasures, you became the Sage-to-be by way of the Three Separations, which have passed down by Ancestor Hongjun, while Kong Xuan found another way, by separating the Five Elements Phases Separations."

Sect Leader Tongtian was a Sage, after all, so he could deduce the way Kong Xuan followed. As early as Kong Xuan separated the Golden Corpse of the Five Phases Separations at the Human Sovereign abdication ceremony, Sect Leader Tongtian discovered the clues. Sage as Sect Leader Tongtian was, he also admired Kong Xuan's courage. Kong Xuan abandoned his primordial Magic Skills and separated the Five Phases Separations to take the path of actualizing the Realm of Origin which others never took before. No one had such courage as he did in the Untainted Land.

To tell the truth, Sect Leader Tongtian really admired Minghe's way of training his disciples. Although Minghe had only three disciples, they were all amazing. If his disciples could be as half or one-tenth amazing as the disciples of Minghe, they would not suffer from losing out to the three religions. Although Abundant Treasures had been in the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, his cultivation was far away from those of Minghe's disciples.

It was the first time that Abundant Treasures and others heard their master Sect Leader Tongtian praise other people. At the same time, they were also curious about Kong Xuan's Five Phases Separations which Sect Leader Tongtian had mentioned, so Sacred Lady Jin Ling asked, "Master, what's the difference between Kong Xuan's Five Phases Separations and the Way of the Three Separations? Is it more powerful than the Way of the Three Separations?"

Sect Leader Tongtian explained, "I'm not saying the Five Phases Separations are more powerful than the Way of the Three Separations, as both have their advantages. Kong Xuan once had a Heaven Endowed Magic Skill, called the Divine Five Colored Light. His Five Phases Separations was separated by abolishing this Heaven Endowed Magic Skill. When all his Five Phases Separations are separated and reach the Realm of Sage-to-be, he will combine them into one to actualize the Realm of Origin. Few people have such courage to do so in the Untainted Land."

After hearing that, the disciples of the Tribe of Severity were all greatly impressed. Few people dared to abandon the Heaven Endowed Magic Skill in the Untainted Land, let alone to take the way of actualizing which others never took. No wonder their master praised Kong Xuan for his courage. An unprecedented fighting spirit raised in their hearts.

Looking at the subtle changes of some disciples, Sect Leader Tongtian nodded with satisfaction. He just wanted to stimulate his disciples with Kong Xuan so that they would not be arrogant. Now he had achieved his goal, he continued to say, "Now the three religions want to get through the Golden Chicken Mountain, but I'm afraid it's not easy. The Blood Sea and the three religions have been hostile to each other. Therefore maybe Kong Xuan won't show them mercy, which will weaken the three religions."

After hearing what Tongtian had said, Abundant Treasures asked , "Master, even if the disciples of the three religions suffer from losing out to Kong Xuan in the Golden Chicken Mountain, Kong Xuan is not a member of our Tribe of Severity, so no one knows how long Kong Xuan and the three religions will fight against each other. As a result, we'd better prepare for it as early as possible. We suffered a lot when we confronted with the three religions last time, and even the ten Grand Masters of Tribe of Severity were brutally killed and wounded."

Sect Leader Tongtian nodded upon hearing the words. Now it was impossible to ease the relationship between the three religions and the Tribe of Severity, so the Battle of Gods Investiture would be brutal and crucial. It was really good that Abundant Treasures had forethought. Then Sect Leader Tongtian said, "Abundant Treasures, you're right. Your juniors and martial nephews were all defeated by the disciples of the three religions one by one, so if you want to assist the Shang Dynasty in the future, you'd better go together to deal with the three religions."

The disciples of the Tribe of Severity all nodded at the words. Previously, the disciples of the three religions defeated the disciples of the Tribe of Severity one by one. Although the disciples of the Tribe of Severity were initially in an advantageous position, they were defeated individually and became members of the Investiture of the Gods. If they had fought together, the disciples of the three religions would not have won so easily.

After the disciples of the Tribe of Severity left, the Jadeite Palace became empty with only Sect Leader Tongtian in it. Suddenly, Sect Leader Tongtian frowned and whispered, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, since you're here, why don't you show up?" Just after Sect Leader Tongtian finished his words, there was a gap in the hall, and Minghe walked out slowly.

As soon as Minghe came out, he smiled and said, "Fellow Taoist Tongtian, I came here without being invited, please forgive me." Waving his sleeves, the boundless supernatural power suddenly broke out and disappeared without causing any changes in the surroundings. It turned out that Minghe had covered the secrets of heaven of the Jadeite Palace with his Power of Infinity. He came for his own purpose this time, so he did not want others to know his arrival.

Seeing Minghe cover the secrets of heaven, Sect Leader Tongtian knew that Minghe probably came here for an important matter and asked, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, what are you here for?" Sect Leader Tongtian surely knew that Minghe came here for the Battle of Gods Investiture, but he did not exactly know what Minghe wanted, nor why Minghe came.

Minghe smiled and waved his sleeves, and a cloud platform rose. Hunkering on the cloud platform, instead of directly answering Sect Leader Tongtian's question, Minghe asked, "Fellow Taoist Tongtian, the Sage relies his Original Spirit on the Way of Heaven to be immortal. What do you think of that?" Minghe was smiling, but his question was a kind of weird.

Sect Leader Tongtian frowned slightly when he heard what Minghe had said. He looked at Minghe's smiling face and said peacefully, "As long as the Untainted Land is not destroyed, the Way of Heaven will be immortal, and then The Sage will be immortal." The words were plain but revealed the situation of the Sage. The Sage relied on the Way of Heaven to reach the realm of immortality. However, if the Way of Heaven were destroyed, the Sage would be destroyed as well, because their Original Spirit relied on the Way of Heaven.

Minghe nodded at Sect Leader Tongtian's words. Sect Leader Tongtian seemed to understand it thoroughly. Then Minghe said, "Since you know it, you must also know why I abandoned the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. What I pursue is the supreme Great Way so that the Way of Heaven won't confine me. I think Fellow Taoist Tongtian must understand what I mean."

Sect Leader Tongtian showed a complicated expression when he heard Minghe's words. He naturally understood what Minghe meant, but maybe no one had such courage to do it in the Untainted Land. Even though Sect Leader Tongtian had a good opinion of himself, it might be impossible for him to make up his mind to abandon the Way of Heaven and the identity of the Sage.

Looking at Minghe, Sect Leader Tongtian showed a serious look, and said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, I don't think you came here just for telling me about this. What are you here for? Please get to the point; I don't like speaking in riddles." Minghe had talked so aimlessly that Sect Leader Tongtian had no idea about his intentions.

Minghe laughed and said, "Well, in that case, I'll get this straight. I just came to make a deal with you. Now the three religions are ganging up with your Tribe of Severity. I'm afraid Laozi and Origin might have abandoned your brotherhood and the name of the Three Pure Ones. Even though you have the God-killing Sword Formation, the four including Laozi, Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti together will be able to break it. What will you do then?"

What Minghe had said seemed to touch a sore spot of Sect Leader Tongtian. He slightly changed his look and returned to normal, saying peacefully, "Even so, I have ways to cope with them, I don't want to trouble you. If you come here only for this matter, you can go back." Sect Leader Tongtian had his pride, and he would not cope with his enemies with the hands of Minghe.

Minghe could not help laughing when he heard Sect Leader Tongtian's words, "Haha, I know you have your own principles, but the deal I am talking about has nothing to do with this. You can cope with your own matters by yourself and I wouldn't interfere. What's more, I also despise to deal with matters by joining hands with others, just like you."

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