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After hearing that, King Zhou nodded. The Nine-Tailed Fox was getting herself killed. How dare she was to plot against his wife and children! Though he had been a demon in the preexistence, he now was a human being who had feelings, especially about Queen Jiang. The Nine-Tailed Fox had stabbed in Jiang's back, but King Zhou was so sly that he had palmed off a substitute for the real one, and saved Queen Jiang.

As for King Zhou's two sons, they had been saved by people of the Clan of Enlightenment. King Zhou was worried but he could do nothing about it. Since his two sons were safe, he was at ease. But thinking of one thing, King Zhou could not help hesitating for a long time. Finally, he asked, "Ancestor, it's getting harder and harder for me to control the Incarnation. Do you have any suggestions?"

At first, when Minghe taught King Zhou the technique of the Incarnation, King Zhou had mixed a drop of his Blood of Essence with some materials given by Minghe and refined the Incarnation, which now was the fatuous and tyrannical King Zhou. But it was the Incarnation which had saved him. King Zhou was now really a bit scared to think of it. It hardly occurred to him that the Sage would throw away his dignity to plot against him.

Hearing that, Minghe said, "Your Incarnation was broken because of Zhunti's trap. But the Incarnation will be useful when the moment comes. I'll teach you another method to temporarily control the Incarnation. When you're in need, you can control the Incarnation on the temporary basis." After saying that, Minghe taught a magic art to King Zhou.

Minghe continued to say, "Before long, Bo Yikao will come to Zhaoge from Xiqi for saving his father. At that time, you'll need to control the Incarnation temporarily. You must make sure the father and the son can both safely go back to Xiqi so as not to ruin my plan. Understand?" King Zhou was confused, yet he agreed.

After giving King Zhou instructions, Minghe was about to leave. Before going, Minghe swung his arms and a fruit flew to King Zhou. King Zhou caught it immediately. Minghe said without turning around, "It's a Ginseng. It can help you to achieve the Breakthrough of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal." Said Minghe, and then he went to the Void.

King Zhou looked at the Ginseng on his hand, and his face lighted. With it, he could expect to achieve the safe of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal soon. When he was the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey in the preexistence, he had been the Sacred Demon with the cultivation of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. However, it had already passed. He was not so ambitious as others and all he wanted was to be safe during his whole life. Now he was in the Cultivation Tribulation without any route of retreat, so the only thing he could do was to follow Minghe. At least so far it had been safe to follow him.

Bo Yikao had been heading east, and he was exhausted from the long travel. Finally, he arrived in Zhaoge. Then they asked to meet King Zhou to atone for his father's crime. However, it was a shame that King Zhou seldom took notice of the state affairs. So Bo Yikao naturally could not meet King Zhou. Then he first turned to Bi Gan, the Assistant to Counselor-in-chief. Bi Gan was touched by Bo Yikao's filial piety and helped him to write a report to King Zhou.

At the same time, Shen Gongbao and San Yisheng were busy running about bribing officers of Zhaoge, especially Fei Zhong and You Hun. San Yisheng lured them with lots of gold silver and jewelry for making them speak up for the Marquis of the West. These two persons were greedy and naturally made the promise. As for the consequence of releasing Ji Chang, they heed little attention to it.

When the day of meeting King Zhou came, Bo Yikao offered three valuable treasures of Xiqi. The first one was the Qixiang Carriage. It was said that this treasure had been left over when Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor defeated Chi You. There were gears set in the carriage so that it could move without the force of oxen and horses. The second one was the Sober Felt. If people were drunk, it would not take a long time to dispel the effects of alcohol if they sat on the felt. The third one was the White Face Monkey, which was rare because it could sing and dance.

King Zhou was very happy to get the three treasures. With civil and military officials' persuasion, he decided to set Ji Chang free. Some people in the court thought it was unusual, but everything had been settled. In addition, they could not disappoint King Zhou. If King Zhou got angry, they might be killed at that time.

The Marquis of the West Ji Chang had been released by King Zhou, and Bo Yikao was in ecstasy. In case of King Zhou going back on his word, Bo Yikao asked Shen Gongbao to secretly take Ji Chang to Xiqi. As for himself, San Yisheng, and other people, they would go back to Xiqi slowly. This way, no one would find out that the Marquis of the West Ji Chang was not travelling as part of the group.

At first, Ji Chang absolutely rejected, but Bo Yikao insisted on it persistently, using his death as the last card. Ji Chang could not refuse. Using the Underground-walking Skill, Shen Gongbao sent Ji Chang to Xiqi. He had not delayed at all on the whole way. After settling Ji Chang, he needed to go back to meet Bo Yikao. If Bo Yikao had an accident, everything that he had done before would be useless.

However, in the world, there was not a wall which had not a crack. The news that the Marquis of the West had gone back to Xiqi filtered through. King Zhou got the message and was furious. Some people thought that the Marquis of the West did it for the purpose of rebellion. So King Zhou dispatched an army to arrest Bo Yikao who was on the way to Xiqi. Hearing this, people including Bo Yikao desperately fled to Xiqi.

Unfortunately, King Zhou's army caught Bo Yikao and other people. Seeing the surrounding Shang army, Bo Yikao was in despair. However, he did not regret. At least he had saved his father Ji Chang and sent him back to Zhaoge safely. Bo Yikao would die without anything to regret if he could exchange his life for his father's life. Since there was no chance to survive, Bo Yikao wanted to take his sword to slay himself in order to avoid being caught by King Zhou.

Not far from the place where Bo Yikao was trapped, a Taoist in black and a fairy in white were standing at the top of the cliff, looking down at everything. The Taoist in black robe said, "It's the time for you and Bo Yikao to renew your acquaintance. Now Bo Yikao is in danger, and you should save him. What's more, don't forget what I have told you."

The fairy in white hearing what the Taoist said, silently nodded. Seeing Bo Yikao in trouble, her ravishing face took on a worried look. Since the Taoist had allowed, she naturally was eager to help Bo Yikao. She would never forget the reminder from the Taoist. Now everything that she had owned was given by the Taoist. Since he could give her everything, he could naturally take it back.

In such a crisis, a massive burst of wind blew, and people could barely keep their eyes open. When the wind had fallen, the Shang army suddenly found that Bo Yikao and other people disappeared. In desperation, they could only search everywhere. But their efforts doomed to be in vain. Bo Yikao and other people had already reached Xiqi.

When Bo Yikao returned back to his mind, he suddenly found that he had gotten rid of the Shang army and was in Xiqi. Seeing the nearby fairy in white, Bo Yikao wanted to show his gratitude. It must be her who had made the strong wind and saved them from danger.

However, when Bo Yikao distinguished who the fairy was, he was suddenly stunned. This face had been in his dream for many times, but after awakening, he could only be filled with disappointment. It never occurred to him that he could really see this face again. So he could not believe what he had seen. Because the person whom he was so concerned about was in Zhaoge, and had been regarded as the evil queen everyone hated.

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