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The Shang Dynasty only respected Tribe of Severity. This made the Luck of Tribe of Severity increase a lot, and also made Tongtian Sect Leader gain a bit of luck from Minghe. Although Tongtian Sect Leader did not care, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin and Zhunti already had some ideas. The Battle of luck was always the most concerned for all Sages. Now the sudden increase in the strength of Minghe had put all Sages under tremendous pressure, so they were extremely eager to improve their power, and luck was the best help.

Although the Untainted Land was large, luck was limited, and some of them were still unavailable to all Sages, such as the Luck of Minghe's Blood Sea, Ashura tribe, Ashura tribe, and so on. Currently, the one who owned most luck among all Sages might be Tongtian Sect Leader. With the help of luck and the unbreakable God-killing Sword Formation, he overpowered all Sages.

Although Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin and Tongtian Sect Leader were brothers, they had different temperaments, and so were the doctrines of the three religion. Last time, the sneak attack on Minghe, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin invited not only Houtu and Goddess Nvywa, but also one of the Three Pure Ones, Tongtian. Unfortunately, Tongtian also chose to decline the invitation like Goddess Nvywa.

This also worsened their relationship, and the Battle of Gods Investiture pushed the relationship of the three people to the edge. Clan of Enlightenment was settled in Xiqi, and helped Xiqi together with Western Religious Sect, which made Tongtian Sect Leader felt bitterly disappointed. Though no one was to blame in this matter, it made Tongtian heartbroken just thinking of their brotherhood during old times.

After the pain subsided, Tongtian Sect Leader had made up his mind to accept it. It was not only for him but also for the whole Tribe of Severity. For the future of his tens of thousands of disciples, he had to fight. Even if he had to fight against the other four Sages, he, Tongtian Sect Leader have nothing to be afraid of. Minghe could make it and so could he.

How time flew by. In a blink of the eye, it was another year. The cold winter has passed and spring came. All things have rejuvenated, although there was still a bit of chill. In the new year, people began their own busy lives in plowing, sowing and everything to prepare for the new year. Without the sacrifice of the moment, there is no gain in the future.

In the Xiqi Hou mansion, they were also busy preparing. Now the seven-year period has passed, but they did not see any signs of the release of the Marquis of the West Ji Chang. Both Bo Yikao and Ji Fa naturally felt anxious. Therefore, they convened the Chief Ministers to plot how to rescue Ji Chang. Of course, the state preceptor Shen Gongbao and Senior Grand Master Jiang Ziya were naturally included.

Bo Yikao looked at all the people present and said, "Now my father has been trapped in Zhaoge for seven years, but there are no signs of being released. I am very worried. I am here today to discuss with all of you about how to rescue my father. Any suggestions?" To rescue Ji Chang, there must be a detailed plan to ensure not only save Ji Chang but also avoid carrying the rebelling accusation. It was necessary to take care of the situation for these two issues.

Hearing this, people began to discuss it. Jiang Ziya thought about it for a while, and said, "Elder Childe, if you want to save the duke, it's better to let King Zhou set him free. At present, in Zhaoge City, King Zhou is racketing about treachery. In order to rescue the Marquis, you may turn to Fei Zhong and You Hun for help with bribes.

"Although Fei Zhong and You Hun are crafty, King Zhou trust them. If both of them were to speak to King Zhou, our hope of successfully saving the duke will be greater. In addition, we can also seek help from Assistant to Counselor-in-chief Bi Gan in getting him to persuade King Zhou to release the duke. In this way, we might be more certain."

Hearing that, both Bo Yikao and Ji Fa thought it was sensible. Other people also agreed to it. Bo Yikao patted the table and said, "Okay, as Dafu (a senior official in feudal China) Jiang said, this time, I will go there in person. I shall never give up till I succeed. As for the affairs of the imperial court, it will be entirely handed over to my younger brother. I give my thanks for the aid to my younger brother."

Hearing that, Ji Fa stood up and said, "Brother, you can't do this. You are the eldest son of our father, the successor of Xiqi. You should not go for Zhaoge alone. Nowadays, King Zhou is superfluous with fatuity. In this you might be detained by him. It's better for me to go to Zhaoge to save our father on behalf of you, and you should stay here to protect Xiqi. This will be the best option."

Hearing this, San Yisheng and others also tried to discourage Bo Yikao. After all, Bo Yikao was the eldest son of Marquis of the West and the first successor of Xiqi. If he failed to save Marquis of the West Ji Chang and had an accident, it would for sure cause turmoil in Xiqi, while Ji Fa's suggestion appeared much more reasonable. It could not only save Ji Chang, but also ensured Bo Yikao's safety. Afterall, Ji Fa was the second son, even if he was detained, it would not change the fate of Xiqi.

However, Bo Yikao was born kind and tender, and he would not let his younger brother take risks. He said, "I appreciate your kindness, but I have to go to Zhaoge this time. Only my visit can convince King Zhou that we Xiqi are sincere to pay tribute to Shang. I will take three ancestral treasures to King Zhou, hoping this could help to save our father."

When everyone saw that Bo Yikao was so determined and what he said was reasonable, it was not good to dissuade him. When Shen Gongbao saw this, he learned that the opportunity had come. Then he began to say, "Since Elder child has decided to go to Zhaoge to make atonement for your father, I'd like to go with you. It would be extremely dangerous to go to Zhaoge alone. As I have some magic arts, I can protect you."

When everyone heard this, they were pleased. They all knew Shen Gongbao's Magic Skills. If he could make the trip together with Bo Yikao, it surely could get them assured. At this time, San Yisheng also said, "For this visit to Zhaoge, the meeting with all the ministers would be not avoided. I'd like to go with the Elder child to canvass for saving the Duke."

Bo Yikao rejoiced and said, "Very good. In the company with state teacher and Dafu San, we will be certain to save my father. Since it is so, Dafu San, please get the three treasures ready, as well as some more gold, silver and jewelry. As for the affairs of the imperial court, I would have to rely on my younger brother and the rest of the ministers." Hearing this, all obeyed the order.

Within a few days, everything was ready. Bo Yikao and his team set off. There were hundreds of elite soldiers and a few carts of treasures accompanying. The team marched towards Zhaoge. Before that, Shen Gongbao had already gone one step ahead to Zhaoge and asked for news, to do some preparations in advance. After all, for him, no mistake was allowed during this trip.

In the hidden room of Zhaoge Palace, King Zhou sat on top of the stone platform and hung a black flag on top of his head. He gathered endlessly the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth to supply him for cultivation. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the hidden room, and King Zhou stopped cultivation immediately. He came off the stone platform and kneeled,"Greetings to the Ancestor. I did not know that you were coming. Do you have new instructions for me?"

Although Wu Zhiqi was in the state of human being, he could never forget his past lives as a demon. Therefore, he always claimed to be a demon, moreover, till now he could not truly be considered a human. Acquired Origin of Shura, his blood linkages had already started to transform to Ashura tribe. When he fully condenses the truth body of Shura, he cannot be regarded as a human, but a true Ashura tribe.

The person coming here was just Minghe. Minghe sat on top of the stone platform and looked at King Zhou, said, "Wu Zhiqi, it seems that your practice goes smoothly recently. With the help of Shura Flag and Human Tribe Luck, as well as the endless turbulence created by Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth, your cultivation is promoting very fast. If you continue at this speed, it will not be long before you are able to make a break-through and reach Primordial Unity Golden Immortal Realm. Well, stand up for a further talk."

King Zhou said, "That's all thanks to you. If I haven't got that Origin of Shura vouchsafed by you, my cultivation cannot progress so fast. I owe much to you. If I hear the order from you, I will definitely serve you to death, to express my gratitude for your kindness of giving me another life." Now he was the Human Sovereign, but he was very clear about everything how it happened.

Hearing that, Minghe was very satisfied with the attitude of King Zhou. He appreciated such kind of people. Whoever suits his actions to the times is a real hero. King Zhou was able to place his position correctly, which did not waste the cultivation of Minghe. As long as he did not betray, Minghe would not be stingy with his reward. "Wu Zhiqi, you understand the times very well. It's very good. Have you settled the thing I commanded you to?"

King Zhou replied respectfully, "What you commanded has been completed. Although Ji Chang was imprisoned, he did very well. I also have him taken the elixir for longevity. As for the Nine-Tailed Fox, I did not bother with her either. It was only that this goblin has become more cruel. Do I need to warn him?"

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