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Bo Yikao felt a mixture of delight and worry when he saw the girl in front of him. He hoped she was Daji as he worried about her day and night, and he also hoped she was not Daji, because Daji was now the demon queen whom everyone hated, and she also invited the disturbances and chaos of Shang Dynasty. With a mixed feeling, looking at the girl, he asked, "Is it you? Daji."

The instant when Daji saw Bo Yikao, her bright eyes brimmed with tears. Though years had passed since her master saved her and guided her to learn the Way of Celestial Immortality. But her mind was always filled with the man who was standing right in front of her. Bo Yikao's words threw her into fits of sobbing. "It's me, Yikao. I'm back." She answered.

Disbelief was seen in Bo Yikao's eyes after hearing what Su Daji said. There was no any difference between this Su Daji in front of him and that Su Daji he knew long ago, and she absolutely did not look like the demon queen described in rumors. He could tell it at the moment she finished speaking, though there was only one sentence. However, all of this was unbelievable.

Not only Bo Yikao but also San Yisheng and all of the soldiers were shocked at the sight of her. They never thought that the person saved them was Su Daji, the demon queen reviled by everybody. But it was also very curious. If the person in front of them was really the demon queen of Zhaoge, why she bothered to come to save them? Was it that she still cared about her past affection with Bo Yikao?

Bo Yikao rushed forward and took Su Daji's slim hands. Doubtfully, he asked, "Daji, haven't you been sent to Zhaoge by your father? How can you be here to save me? Moreover, where did you learn all these magic arts? I have not heard you that you learned magic arts before." With Daji right in front him, he had countless questions to ask.

Daji withdrew her hand, wiping away her tears. Then,she smiled. "This was all fate. When my father sent me to Zhaoge, we came across a Nine-Tailed Fox on the way there. She wanted to kill me when I was staying at the En Prefecture posthouse. Fortunately, an immortal saved me. That fox became my appearance and went to Zhaoge for me. So I followed the immortal and learned Taoism. He calculated that you were in trouble today, and therefore sent me here to save you, helping you to pass the crisis."

Hearing that, Bo Yikao rejoiced and said, "I never thought you got such a fate. Look at what you did. Your power is no less powerful than our master of Xiqi. This is incredible." She was indeed not less powerful than Shen Gongbao. Shen Gongbao had only achieved the cultivation of Primordial Unity Black Immortal, yet Daji was already a Golden Immortal. Though her cultivation wasn't gained through her own efforts.

San Yisheng was also shocked at such secret news. It never came to him that the demon queen that captivated King Zhou was actually a Nine-Tailed Fox. No wonder Zhaoge was now in such chaos. No one had thought that the real Su Daji in the front who used to be so weak could get the blessing of the fate. Life was really capricious.

Bo Yikao and Su Daji had been apart for such a long time and had so many things to share with each other as they were together again. San Yisheng intentionally kept them for distance and followed them quietly. They were now heading towards Xiqi. As they had already crossed the border, they were no longer worried about King Zhou's soldiers. Moreover, they were not threatened now that Su Daji was so powerful now.

Shen Gongbao also arrived in a hurry by that time. Seeing that Bo Yikao was safe and sound, Shen Gongbo was assured. Yet, he was surprised to see Su Daji being together with Bo Yikao. Not that he doubted her true identity, but that he never thought Su Daji could achieve such a high cultivation. She was even more powerful than himself. Su Dajia's fairy spirit was so pure that could not be cultivated by demons.

Zhunti had informed Shen Gongbao about God Deification Ceremony before. Besides, he was also a disciple of Western Religious Sect, so he naturally knew that the four religious sects all had their own arrangements in this Cultivation Tribulation. However, Su Daji just came out from nowhere with such a strong power. She was not like any of the men from four religious sects. She herself even had no idea about the true identity of the man saved her before. That was really strange.

However, as Su Daiji had a special relationship with Bo Yikao, Shen Gongbao kept quiet about this. At least, Su Daji showed no ill intention to Bo Yikao at present. Though there were indeed some doubtful details, Shen Gongbao decided to wait until he returned to Xiqi. Then he would find a chance to go back to Square Mountain and report the whole thing to his master Zhunti the Sage.

Now that Bo Yikao had come back safe and sound, Ji Chang was relieved. He had been worried about him since he heard that King Zhou had sent men to arrest him. Unexpectedly, he saw the real Su Daji following him and knew the surprising news that the demon queen in Zhaoge was actually a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Naturally, someone still doubted Su Daji's identity. So Ji Chang secretly asked Su Daji's parents to come for the verification of Su Daji. At the sight of her parents, Su Daji burst into tears. Su Hu and his wife were also filled with all sorts of emotions to see Su Daji. This made Ji Chang rest assured, as this at least proved that the girl standing right in front of them was exactly the one Bo Yikao knew years ago.

In the backyard garden of Hou, Bo Yikao and Su Daji were enjoying the beautiful flowers. Looking at Su Daji's beautiful face, Bo Yikao said a bit apologetically, "Daji, I need to apologize for my family. It wasn't that they didn't trust you, but the whole thing was unbelievable to them. I wish you can forgive them."

Su Daji smiled, and said, "It's not their fault. How could I blame them." Suddenly, something struck Su Daji. She took out a Jade Slip and said, "Look, Yikao, I'm so happy meeting you again that I almost forget this. The immortal said that you had the fate of Zi Wei Emperor, so he asked me to bring you this Zi Wei Emperor Slip for you to cultivate. If you work hard in this, you will finally realize the Way of Celestial Immortality."

Seeing that, Bo Yikao was very surprised. He didn't expect that the immortal saved Su Daji even also prepared cultivation transforming exercises for him. At the instant when Bo Yikao took the Jade Slip, a flash of purple light merged into his head, right between his two eyebrows. After Bo Yikao came to himself, Su Daji found something different about him. He had now a bit emperor aura with his gentle and scholarly character.

In the Holy Square Mountain, Jieyin and Zhunti were staring towards Xiqi. Both of them were deeply worried. After a long time, Zhunti broke the silence and asked, "Brother, who does this Su Daji work for? I wonder what kind of man was capable of making a Golden Immortal in such a few years. He must have great expertise. Now only our Western Religious Sect and the Clan of Enlightenment have chess pieces in Xiqi, while Laozi, Goddess Nvywa or Houtu have no any actions, as well as that Minghe."

After a long while, Jie yin said with bitterness, "She has true feelings for Bo Yikao, yet we don't know whether she is manipulated to do something by the person who saved her. We must be more careful. Laozi hasn't moved until now, but I know he won't be our enemy. Goddess Nvywa and Houtu are not likely to meddle in the Cultivation Tribulation this time. It's Minghe that I'm worried about."

Hearing that, Zhunti also felt upset. The four sages had offended Minghe before, so he was very likely to take revenge for this time. Yet, until now, only his three disciples had shown signs of movement, and nothing was heard from Minghe. That really worried them. The quieter Minghe was, the more nervous they would become.

Suddenly, Zhunti raised up his head, looked at Taoist Jieyin, and said with doubt, "Brother, do you think it's possible that Su Daji is manipulated by Minghe? If it is, then I am confused about his intention. His disciples are now in the realm of Shang Dynasty. How would useful would it be to send one Su Daji here? Is it to spy on us?

However, Su Daji has true feelings for Bo Yikao. She won't hurt Bo Yikao unless she is somehow controlled by Minghe. Yet, that isn't sound like what Minghe usually does. He won't use such a means to serve his end. Besides, he never needs to make such a trouble if he really wants to know something from us. Then what is his real intention?" Zhunti became more doubtful about his guessings.

Jieyin was in a graver mood after hearing what he said. Finally, Jieyin sighed, "No matter how we must remind Shen Gongbao to be more cautious about Su Daji. No matter whom she was sent by, we can easily deal with her as long as we know her intention. However, Su Daji holds a special position in Bo Yikao's heart, which might be either a blessing or a curse to us."

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