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Members of the Tribe of Enlightenment finally breathed a sigh of relief after Chi You and the Wu Tribe's tribesmen were swept away by Houtu's Bell of Chaos. In this battle, they had tasted the incredible power of the Great Sorcerer, but they still felt excited about their victory.

Dipamkara scorned their excitement in his mind. "They really think they can beat the Great Sorcerer? Even I can barely do that." In this battle, the Great Sorcerer was trapped by the Xuanyin Formation, and Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu must have ordered the tribesmen of the Wu Tribe not to kill any member of the Tribe of Enlightenment, or else, the Tribe of Enlightenment must have lost quite a lot.

Along with Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi was the other one who looked calm among all the followers of the Tribe of Enlightenment. In this battle, he had fully realized the strong force of the Wu Tribe. There were plenty of potential forces hiding in Untainted Land, and even some declined tribes could not be underestimated. Sometimes, his status as a disciple of a Sage could not ward his enemies off out of fear, such as facing Liu Er. When he thought of Liu Er, a flash of a firm look showed in his eyes.

In the following battle, without the support of the Xuanyin Formation, the Nine Li Tribes' soldiers became weaker and weaker. After all, the Xuanyin Formation had overdrawn both their physical and mental strength. Therefore, Li Mu and Bo Jian could easily get the victory in the end.

It seemed that it could be easy to tell who would win this battle. Guang Chengzi saw this and turned to Xuanyuan, saying softly, "This battle seems to be settled, as the Wu Tribe will retreat soon. What will you arrange for the Nine Li Tribes?" Now, the Nine Li Tribes would lose this battle, while Xuanyuan was the winner. Besides, as the Sovereign of the Human Tribe, he indeed had the right to deal with the Nine Li Tribes.

Xuanyuan thought for a while and said, "Although it is the Nine Li Tribes' fault to turn against us, they are just bewitched by Chi You and the Wu Tribe, and that's reasonable. Now, since Chi You and the Wu Tribe have retreated, I won't make trouble for the Nine Li Tribes. Just let them go back to their homeland and rehabilitate."

Guang Chengzi nodded after hearing this. Without the support of Chi You and the Wu Tribe, the Nine Li Tribes were no threat to Xuanyuan. Now, Xuanyuan chose to let go of them so he could build himself a reputation of kindheartedness, which was also very beneficial to him to strengthen his position as the Sovereign of the Human Tribe.

As Guang Chengzi had expected before, Xuanyuan earned a great reputation in the Human Tribe after he mercifully arranged for the Nine Li Tribes to go back to their homeland. Those leaders of some of the Human Tribe who were hesitant to join Xuanyuan before defected to him one after another. Xuanyuan would not refuse any of them. Therefore, his reputation among the whole Human Tribe sharply increased in such a short time.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe stopped paying attention to this battle since everything was settled. It was luck or chance that Hongyun could incarnate to Cangjie. Although he had lost the position of the Human Sovereign, he became an Ancestor of the Human Tribe, which was much better than before. As the old saying goes: Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise.

Minghe did not care what Xuanyuan would do to govern the Human Tribe, but what made him a little bit surprised was that Guang Chengzi comprehended his Tao after experiencing Liu Er's attack six times. With his mental and physical condition, Guang Chengzi would become a Sage-to-be sooner or later. In due course, he would become one of the main supporters of the Tribe of Enlightenment.

Right at this moment, a slit was torn in the Great Formation for Defence on Sacred Island, with a shadow of a figure showing up inside. Minghe frowned after noticing this but calmed down in an instant. He said lightly, "My Fellow Taoist, Houtu. You come to my place without being invited and even break my tactical formation. Where is your etiquette?" At the end of his words, he waved his hands, and the formation was repaired immediately.

In fact, the coming person was not Houtu, but her Evil Separation, Pingxin. Since Pingxin had been controlled by Houtu's Spiritual Thoughts, this meant that Houtu wanted to communicate with Minghe by herself. Pingxin showed her anger, so obviously, she did not come to have a chat with Minghe.

Pingxin felt angrier when noticing Minghe's indifference and said angrily, "Minghe, what do you want? How could you pass the position of the Human Sovereign to Fuxi, who was one of the Demon Tribe before, and let Hongyun become an Ancestor of the Human Tribe? You have destroyed our Wu Tribe's plan! You must give me an excuse!"

Minghe looked at Houtu after hearing her words, and said lightly, "Explanation? Houtu, you might have looked too much upon yourself. I, Minghe, have overrun the whole land for such a long time, but I have never explained to anyone about what I have done. Although you are a Sage now, don't forget who gave you the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. I handed it over to you just because I wanted to balance the force between the Wu and Demon Tribes. You really think I can only pay back Pangu's Karma with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?"

Pingxin felt much angrier after hearing Minghe's words, and even in the Nether World, every creature could feel Houtu's anger. As the myth had told, when a Sage became angry, Heaven and Earth would shake and change. Such a great anger came out of the Nether World, which naturally attracted all the other Sages' attention.

Pingxin said with a storm of anger, "Minghe! How dare you say something like this? Our Wu Tribe never needs your mercy. The reason why you gave the Hong Meng Immortal Qi to us is that you needed our Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery's Blood of Essence for the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. You really think we don't know? The turbulence that happened in the Blood Sea before was caused by the Twelve Divine Beings Mazinger Flag, which was refined by our Blood of Essence, wasn't it?"

Minghe smiled and said, "You're right. That turbulence was caused by my Twelve Divine Beings Mazinger Flag, but..." Minghe's face darkened and continued to say, "if I want to get this formation, I have lots of methods. As for your Blood of Essence, I can just kill you all and get it. In my eyes, there is nothing that I can't kill."

Right at this moment, Minghe's killing intent suddenly surged. Although Pingxin was controlled by the Sage's Spiritual Thoughts, she was still at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, so how could she defend against Minghe's killing intent, who had reached the Origin. Obviously, she was pushed back several steps when facing Minghe's killing intent.

Looking at Pingxin, Minghe said in a cold voice, "Houtu, you really think you are unstoppable when you become a Sage? You really think I will fear the force of the Wu Tribe with you? You are too conceited. Right at the moment when you took the Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign from Hongyun, we went our separate ways."

The other Sages were all stunned after hearing Minghe's words. They had guessed at the cause and effect of Hongyun's issue, but they had never expected that Minghe would respond so intensely and even turn hostile to Houtu. Actually, it was good news for them.

In the Nether World, Houtu was also stunned after hearing that. When a cultivator reached the Origin, he would not act on impulse without due, but Houtu had never expected that Minghe could be so impulsive and even turn hostile to her just for Hongyun. She was a Sage, but in Minghe's eyes, she was less important than a Sage-to-be. That was really ironic.

Houtu directly released her strong power at the Secondary Stage of a Sage in the Nether World, running toward the Blood Sea. She said with rage in her voice, "Minghe, you really think too highly of yourself. You are just at the Early Stage of the Origin, but I am at the Secondary Stage. So how dare you say something like that?"

Minghe laughed and looked at Houtu indifferently. He sneered, "Really? The Secondary Stage of the Sage is really something? Is that where your confidence comes from, so you can set me up? Hmph!" With that, a stream of strong power was released from Minghe, surging into the sky.

The two streams of killing intent crashed against each other, making the whole Blood Sea roar. Plenty of Ashura tribesmen suddenly went faint and directly sank into the sea. Minghe and Houtu both refused to give in. For a long time, they continued to be at a draw.

The other Sages were stunned at the result. They looked at Minghe and could not help screaming, "The Secondary Stage of the Origin!" After they became Sages, their progress became slower and slower, but Minghe could directly break into another stage, breaking into the Secondary Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin, which was unexpected and made them shocked.

In the Nether World, Houtu changed color. She had never expected that Minghe could make such great progress in his cultivation. Only nearly 10,000 years after Minghe actualized his Tao, he broke into another stage again. What was worse, Minghe had totally turned hostile to her and it was impossible for them to cooperate later.

Since it was so, Houtu calmed down gradually and cleared her thoughts. Why did Minghe choose to help Hongyun and Zhenyuanzi instead of her? Minghe needed a steadfast ally instead of betrayal. She took the Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign from Hongyun for her Wu Tribe and ruined Minghe's plan. Minghe could not ensure that she would not betray him anymore.

Looking in the direction of the Blood Sea, Houtu felt a little regret. Since she turned into a Sage and had gotten the Bell of Chaos, she became more and more arrogant, and even looked down upon Minghe. Now, she realized how naive her thought was. If Minghe was an ordinary person, how could he occupy so much Luck in Untainted Land?

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