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The feelings of regret did not last long. Upon self-examination, Houtu felt that she had done her best. Everything she had done was for the sake of the Wu Tribe. She was always a member of the Wu Tribe. For the prosperity of the Wu Tribe, she had done nothing wrong. When you stand at different positions, you should not make sweeping generalizations in right and wrong.

As the anger gradually disappeared, Houtu finally calmed down. The Evil Separation Pingxin had returned to the Nether World from the Sacred Island and now she would stand to lose if she confronted Minghe. Although she was a Sage, she could do nothing about it, because she had been grounded in the Nether World.

The Three Pure Ones and Goddess Nvywa were shocked at Minghe's strength having seen the extraordinary Middle Stage of the Origin. They had never thought that Minghe could make a Breakthrough to the Secondary Stage of the Origin as quiet as a mouse. With the help of the God-killing Spear, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, and the intractable Law of Space, Minghe now was invincible amongst the Sages.

The two Sages in the West were also concerned about Minghe's power. But now they faced a greater problem of Karma between Zhunti and Hongyun. Although Hongyun offered his seat to Zhunti voluntarily in the Zixiao Palace, at first, he was indeed deceived by Zhunti.

Zhunti was supposed to be relieved when Hongyun died. Now that Hongyun returned from incarnation with a cultivation at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be and a position of Ancestor of the Human Tribe, no one in the Untainted Land dared to offend him. If Hongyun did not die, the Karma between Zhunti and Hongyun should be settled eventually. Zhunti, as a Sage, was theoretically not afraid of the Karma, but he did not want to get his disciples into trouble. After all, it was a Karma related to the position of the Sage.

Perceiving Zhunti's sorrows, Jieyin couldn't help but comfort him and say, "Don't worry. Now that you have had the Karma, you will pay it back someday. Although it's involved with the position of the Sage, Hongyun offered it to you completely on her own initiative after all. Such Karma is not so large that we would not be able to pay it back."

In the Blood Sea, as Houtu compromised, Minghe also calmed down. This time he exposed his cultivation at the Secondary Stage of the Origin in order to frighten the Sages. Although the Secondary Stage was only a little higher than the Early Stage in the level, there was a complete difference in power, which posed a great threat to the Sages.

It was not long before he made the Breakthrough to the Secondary Stage of the Origin. But this time, the Breakthroughs of the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings occurred all at once. He had been at the Early Stage of the Origin for a long time, naturally Minghe's strength increased several times after the Breakthroughs.

After Xuanyuan suppressed the rebellion of the Nine Li Tribes, the Human Tribe was unified at last. Xuanyuan then ended the age of tribal alliance. He founded a new country and divided the territory. Eight families formed a group called Jing. Three Jings formed a group called Lin. And so on, three Lins a Peng, three Pengs a Yi, five Yis a Du, 10 Dus a Shi, 10 Shis finally formed a province and there were nine provinces in total.

The nine provinces were Ji, Yu, Yong, Yang, Yan, Xu, Liang, Qing and Jing. Xuanyuan established the Province of Ji as the new capital, exactly in the center of the nine provinces. He also set the official positions. The Great Supervisor of Left and Right supervised all states. There were also Three Dukes, Three Juniors, Four Supports, Four Censors, Six Counselors and Nine Commissioners for Virtue. The total number of the official positions was 120.

When the world was unified, Xuanyuan began to divide the territory and rejuvenate the culture in order to enlighten the people. He then invented a variety of utensils for daily use. One of the Secretaries named Cao Hu invented the upper half of the clothing, while Bo Yu made the rest. Yu Ze invented shoes. From then on, people had proper clothing and need not wear hides any longer. Xuanyuan then made boats according to the principle that leaves floated on the river, and Gong Gu finally invented the paddles to help the boat slip over the water.

According to the discipline of the spinning top, they then invented wheels and transportation became more convenient henceforth. Huang Yongfu invented the pestle first and someone under the command of Xuanyuan invented the cauldron. As a result, people could cook meals with these tools. After that, they built houses and cities, instead of caves, for living in.

Xuanyuan and Qibo wrote medical books and cured people's diseases. They decided the names of all existed things and divided the stars into the 28 Constellations. They used the 10 Heavenly Stems as the names of the 10 days and the 12 Earthly Branches as the names of the 12 months. Every period of 60 years was called a sexagenary cycle.

When it came to the political management, Xuanyuan commanded all officials to follow the six prohibitions: The voice should not be loud, the makeup should not be heavy, the clothes should not be gorgeous, the scents should not be strong, the food should not be slap-up and the buildings should not be extravagant. He required all officials to be thrifty instead of wasteful. Xuanyuan thought that one must rule his kingdom with great morality, which would help to promote military power and manage the world. So he set the Ministers of Nine Virtues to civilize the people of nine good deeds, including filial piety, beneficence, politeness, credit, gentleness, modesty, fealty, courage and kindness.

As for the use of talents, Xuanyuan selected and valued the able and virtuous personages. He ruled the world by law and appointed Li Mo as the Grand Judge. People that committed a serious crime would be exiled and the worst kind of criminals would be executed.

As for the aspect of farming, there were also a lot of creations and inventions. One of the most distinguished was the land system. The land was infinite and the farming was unregulated in the past. To avoid conflicts, Xuanyuan measured the field by feet. He reallocated the land after dividing it into the shape of the Chinese character Jing which was composed of nine parts. The center part of the land was called public land and belonged to the government. The other eight parts were called private land and farmed by eight different families that would pay taxes to the government. Xuanyuan dug the wells and taught the people to farm and seed timely. He then invented the mortar and pestle, opened up gardens and planted fruits and vegetables. People planted mulberry and reared silkworms. They even brought up beasts and began herding.

As for sewing, Xuanyuan invented the loom and taught people to spin and weave. They produced clothes, shoes, hats, tents, baldachins, armors, flags and so on. As for pottery, they made bowls, dishes, kettles, steamers, plates, jars and stove, etcetera. For smelting, they created bronze tripods, knives, bells, Diao, mirrors, clocks and guns. Additionally in architecture, they built palaces, courtyards, avilions, castle, temples and so on.

In transportation, they manufactured boats, vehicles, the South-Pointing Chariots, Drum Chariots. In weapons, they made swords, spears, bows and arrows, banners, commander's seals, scaling ladders, shells and so on. In daily life, they got cooked food, porridge, rice, wine, meat, ink, tables, lamps, pearls, beds, etcetera and so on.

Xuanyuan had four princesses and 10 concubines. The Grand Princess was Xi Ling, also named Leizu. She planted the mulberry and reared the silkworms all by herself. She then taught people spinning and weaving. Therefore, she was called the Silkworm Mother. It was said that Xuanyuan met a girl who was rearing the silkworms in the mulberry garden on a warm spring. She wore a golden garment, shining softly and gently. A heap of silkworm cocoons piled on the ground.

Xuanyuan asked her what she wore. The girl began to talk about the skills of sericulture and filature. At that time, people all wore leaves in summer and wore hides in winter. They had insufficient clothing to cover their nakedness all the year round. Xuanyuan thought carefully about the girl's words and realized that sericulture and filature was a great invention, which would provide ample clothing for people. So Xuanyuan married this girl and let her teach the skills of sericulture and filature to all the people.

The girl was Leizu, the Grand Princess of Xuanyuan. At that time, Xuanyuan was 30 years old. After Xuanyuan bestowed the title of the Grand Princess on Leizu, Leizu organized many girls to go up to the mountain, plant the mulberry, and rear the silkworms. However, soon a problem appeared, when they got plenty silkworm cocoons, they had troubles in silk reeling and weaving.

At this moment, among these girls, a small, black-skinned, ugly girl invented the spinning wheels and the weaving machine. Xuanyuan got the news and greatly admired it. He told the girl to teach her skills to others. Leizu paired the girl off with Xuanyuan. As a result, Xuanyuan married this girl and bestowed her the title of the Second Princess, who was later addressed respectfully as Momu by people.

As all things had been done, Xuanyuan started to cruise the world and offered sacrifices to heaven and earth on Mount Tai. To the East, Xuanyuan arrived at the East Sea and climbed Mount Wan and Mount Tai. To the West, he reached Kong Tong and conquered Mount Jitou. To the South, he set foot in the Yangtse River, Mount Xiong and Mount Xiang. To the North, he expelled the Yunzhou tribe and verified the commander's seal on Mount Fu with feudal vassals, he then founded a capital at the foot of Mount Zhulu.

Xuanyuan moved around and settled down nowhere. Where the troops settled, the barracks were built, just for self-preservation. Xuanyuan named the official positions 'Cloud'. His troops were called Cloudy Troop. Xuanyuan had travelled around for several years in the Human Tribe of the Untainted Land and finally finished his cruise.

Xuanyuan returned to his tribe. He had accomplished his missions and then fixed his eyes on the secret of immortality. He asked Guang Chengzi and Xuan Nü about the regimen. Years passed by and Xuanyuan had written a couple of books, such as Scriptures of Yin Talisman, Yellow Emperor the Continuation, Eight Secrets in Entering the World, Yellow Emperor the First, Eight Keys to Enter the World, Yellow Emperor the Second, Eight Secrets in Manipulating Life and Death, and so on.

Disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment naturally followed Xuanyuan wherever he went. They preached the way of the Tribe of Enlightenment while helping Xuanyuan manage the affairs of the Human Tribe. For a while, the Tribe of Enlightenment spread quickly in the Human Tribe and their Luck increased sharply. The Honoured Lord of the Origin was quite satisfied with this condition.

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