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Fuxi's voice came out of the Mountain and River Map, saying, "There won't be Fuxi of the Demon Tribe after my reincarnation, only the human Fuxi." Goddess Nvywa's expression changed drastically. Though she understood what he meant, she still couldn't bring herself to accept it.

Minghe nodded. "Alright. Since that's the case, Fuxi will be the Heavenly Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns. Goddess Nvywa, the Karma I owed you is now repaid." He felt like a burden was lifted from him after repaying his Karma.

The rest of the Sages cared only about the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereigns. Since they couldn't send their disciples to be incarnated as the Human Sovereigns, they could only snatch the Mentor positions for their disciples and receive the Merit for the Human Sovereigns.

They looked at each other, obviously having reached an agreement. They couldn't possibly allow Minghe enjoy the Mentor positions alone. They needed to work together to suppress him and wrestle the position away. Otherwise, they really couldn't imagine how much more Luck he would receive from the Human Tribe after the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors arrived.

Laozi calmed down himself and said gravely, "Minghe, your Religion of Asura isn't compatible with the Human Tribe and can only be preached to the Asura Tribe. The Three Royals and Five Emperors have the duty of teaching the Human Tribe. The Kongtong Seal is in your hands but you can't use it anyway. Why don't you hand it to us to guide the Human Sovereigns?"

Laozi was right. The Religion of Asura was truly incompatible with humans. The reason why the Human Tribe would be the future ruler of Heaven and Earth wasn't simply because they were the strongest tribe. It was also because they rarely killed. In the future, more and more common people would be born. Even if the humans go to war, the damage they cause wouldn't be too great. Who would be the ruler of the heaven and earth if not the Human Tribe?

Minghe sneered. "Laozi, are you kidding me? Why must I give you my things? Even if my Religion of Asura isn't suitable for the Human Tribe, but my disciples aren't from that religion. They can also be the Mentors of Human Sovereigns."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin replied, "Minghe, you only have three disciples, including Black Tortoise of the Human Tribe. Don't tell me you're planning to take all eight positions for yourself. The positions aren't a small matter. If the Human Sovereigns couldn't return their position, I'll see how you'll explain yourself to the teacher."

Minghe replied placidly, "Lord of the Origin, don't try and use the Honourable Ancestor to pressure me. My Self-centric Separation have lived among humans for a long time and knows everything about the affairs of the tribe. Their drawbacks naturally wouldn't be a problem to him. I can say with ease that my disciples are capable of being the Mentors of Human Sovereign. Besides, we'll be receiving merit after the Human Sovereigns fulfill their duties. No one would turn down Merits, so why should I share it with you people?"

The Sages flew into a rage after hearing that. Minghe was so stubborn! They wanted nothing more than kill him right there and then, but didn't dare to do so because they were in Zixiao Palace. Besides, Minghe wouldn't die unless the Blood Sea runs dry. Even if they cooperate to kill him, he might not really die. When that time comes, what would be waiting for them would be his frenzied counterattack.

For a moment, silence befell the palace. There was nothing the Sages could do if Minghe wouldn't relent. Instead, it was Goddess Nvywa who saw through everything. She didn't care if the Sages wanted the Mentor positions but if they somehow affected Fuxi becoming the Human Sovereign, then that would be her business.

She clearly knew it wasn't that Minghe didn't want to relent. He knew he was no match for the five Sages, but he simply refused to take the initiative to compromise. He alone had helped the tribe reach its current position. Naturally, he wouldn't be unwilling to give up the Mentor positions. He was still waiting. He waited for the other Sages to compromise and when that happened, he would likely get the biggest slice of the pie.

Since the other Sages weren't willing to open their mouths, Goddess Nvywa decided to be the peacemaker. She said quietly, "You're all aware how much effort Minghe put into the tribe since their birth. I don't think it's very appropriate for you all to force him to give that up for nothing." Having said this, Goddess Nvywa also felt ashamed. Indeed, since the birth of the tribe, she had done little for them. She, as their Sacred Lady, was truly incompetent.

Realized immediately dawned on the Sages after hearing Goddess Nvywa's remarks. It wasn't that Minghe wasn't willing to give them several of the Mentor positions. He was simply waiting for them to open their mouths and ask. Everyone had their selfish desires and that included the Sages. Otherwise, based on Minghe's character, he wouldn't have spared any time talking to them and would have already left.

Laozi said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, we wouldn't ask you to give up the Mentor positions for nothing. Just tell us what you want. If it's not too much, it's yours." His words carried a deeper sense of courtesy. He had no choice. After all, he was asking someone else for a favor.

Minghe replied, "Indeed, the eight Mentors positions are too many for me. Among my disciples, only Liu Er and Kong Xuan are suitable. Black Tortoise isn't competent due to his low cultivation and lazy character. So I only need the position of Heavenly Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign. As for the last Humanity Sovereign and the Five Emperors, you can decide it among yourselves."

Minghe threw the problem back at them again. The positions of the Heavenly Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign were already taken. How would they divide the remaining six positions among themselves? What would they use to exchange with Minghe?

Laozi considered carefully and said, "Xuandu is my only disciple. I'll use three Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs to exchange for the position of the first Emperor of the Five Emperors. What do you think, Fellow Taoist Minghe?"

The rest Sages wore confused expressions. By right, Laozi should be choosing the position of the final Mentor of the Human Sovereigns. Why the first Emperor? They came to understand his reason after a round of predictions.

The Three Sovereigns were conferred as the Heavenly Sovereign, the Earthly Sovereign, and the Humanity Sovereign. Though the last one would enjoy the most Merit among the three Sovereigns, he would bear the responsibility of uniting the whole tribe. Xuandu alone wasn't capable of assisting the Human Sovereigns to fulfill their duties. Thus, Laozi chose the position of the first Emperor of the Five Emperors for him. One would receive plenty of merit for assisting the Human Sovereigns, but likewise, there would also be plenty of karma if the Human Sovereigns were to fail to return to their positions.

Minghe smiled and said, "Fellow Taoist Laozi, you're truly generous. If that's the case, I'll give you the position of the first Emperor." Three Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs meant three Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Minghe had wanted to refine a Da Luo Golden Elixir comparable with the Nine Cycles Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir in the past but failed.

Seeing another Mentor of Human Sovereign had been chosen, the rest four Sages became worried. Origin began to say before others, "I have a large number of disciples, so I want to use four Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures to exchange for the last Human Sovereign and the second Emperor with Fellow Taoist. Do you agree with that?"

Minghe was surprised to see the four treasures from the Honoured Lord of the Origin and couldn't help recalling a certain person. He smiled and said, "Then it's a deal." He then put away those treasures.

Tongtian immediately said, "I also have many disciples, so I also need two positions. I'd like to use one Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure to exchange for the last two Emperor positions. Is that agreeable to you, Fellow Taoist Minghe?"

Satisfied with Tongtian's treasure, Minghe also nodded. The last position was naturally left for Jieyin and Zhunti. If the Three Pristine Ones were the ones in control, they would naturally leave the West with nothing. But considering they had worked together to pressure Minghe earlier, Jieyin and Zhunti wouldn't be satisfied if they received nothing.

But they were feeling conflicted. The West was originally barren and whatever Spiritual Treasures they received on the Treasure Gifting Rock were given away to their disciples. It would be a problem for them to come up with valuable treasures to exchange the final position with Minghe.

Zhunti said with a conflicted expression, "Fellow Taoist, the West has become barren after Lord of Devils Luohou's self-explosion. We really don't have anything worth exchanging with you. Why don't you gift the final position to the West? You can consider it as accumulating Merit."

Minghe couldn't help laughing inwardly. Zhunti was such a stingy man. If he met something he liked, he would always say the thing was destined for him. But it would be difficult to get anything from him. But Minghe had a plan of his own and said, "Since the West is barren, why don't you offer your three Lotus Seeds of the Golden Lotus of Merit and one branch of the Bodhi Tree for the position?"

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