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Jieyin and Zhunti felt reluctant to give Minghe what he had asked for. Actually, Minghe's demand was reasonable and they also had the ability to meet the demand. Besides, for the sake of the Mentor of Human Sovereign, they had to accept the deal. Jieyin handed out three Golden Lotus Seeds, while Zhunti fetched Minghe a Bodhi Tree.

"So, that's a deal. Goddess Nvywa, my fellow Taoist, you can make Fuxi go through the incarnation process as early as possible. Now I need to take my leave if you'll excuse me." said Minghe. In a minute, he left the Zixiao Palace, even before the sages had time to react.

Soon after the departure of Minghe, those sages respectively took their leave one after another, each getting what they wanted with a little sacrifice. Minghe, however, was the ultimate winner. Apart from the elixir and the spiritual treasures, Minghe finally obtained what he had longed for, the Lotus Seed of the Golden Lotus of Merit and the Bodhi Tree, one of the Five Primordial Sacred Roots.

Minghe planted the Bodhi Tree when he returned to the Blood Sea. Watered with Three Light Holy Water, it began to take root and sprout. However, nothing different could be found in those Golden Lotus Seeds of Merit, which were immersed in the same Three Light Holy Water. Minghe even began to doubt whether or not the seeds were genuine.

Holding them in hands, Minghe carefully examined those seeds and did find some origin of the Golden Lotus of Merit in them. They seemed more real than fake. "Then why have they not grown even with the Three Light Holy Water?" Wondered Minghe.

Suddenly, a thought came to him and he summoned a flash of golden light which he instilled into one of those seeds. Subsequently, the seed showed signs of changing, which rendered Minghe speechless. "Oh, What kind of treasures are they? Merely gold-suckers." Minghe thought, shaking his head.

The summoned light was the Golden Light of Merit, yet Minghe never thought it to be the necessary and irreplaceable nutrient to grow the Golden Lotus of Merit. During the Battle of Gods Investiture, one-third of the Golden Lotus of Merit was once sucked by Mosquito Taoist, yet it never got a chance to regain the lost third. The truth was that it took nothing but Merit to recover.

So however reluctant he felt to part with it, Minghe had to use the Golden Light of Merit to grow the Golden Lotus Seeds of Merit, as those seeds were crucial to the fulfillment of Red Lotus Taoist, the Evil Separation. Besides, over the past several years, the Blood River Formation and the Nether World had saved Minghe much Merit, so it was not a big deal for him to use some.

So, a great amount of Golden Light of Merit was inserted into that seed. With the endless and increasing flow of light, it soon bloomed into a golden lotus, growing in size and level at such a surprisingly fast speed.

After a long while, Minghe finally stopped, looking at the ninth-grade Golden Lotus of Merit in his hand contentedly. However, it had taken more than half of all the Merit he had collected, and the remaining merit was far from enough to create another one. Minghe, therefore, put away the other two as they might be of use in the future.

After he gave the Golden Lotus of Merit to Red Lotus Taoist, Ming He was going to recall Liu Er and Kong Xuan so as to inform them about the issue of the Mentor of Human Sovereign. However, it suddenly occurred to him that, considering the relationship between the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe, Houtu would never sit idle and allow the incarnation of Fuxi.

Goddess Nvywa, on her way back to Wahuang Heaven, also came to realize that Fuxi must go through Six Path of Reincarnation before he could be reincarnated as a human. However, the process of the Six Paths of Reincarnation was under the charge of the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu, who would definitely try all means to stop it, since the Wu and Demon Tribes had long been deadly enemies against each other.

Goddess Nvywa began to regret the rash deal she had made with Minghe in Zixiao Palace. "I should have made Minghe promise to let my brother Fuxi go through the Six Paths of Reincarnation."  She thought. As Good Separation throned the Nether World, it was easy for him to do that all by himself. Yet, now the deal was struck, so nothing more could be done about it.

Goddess Nvywa thought for a long time before she finally decided to head for Mount Shouyang, where she could ask Laozi for help, who was the first disciple of Hongjun and the most powerful one among all the sages. Laozi still owed Karma to Goddess Nvywa, so she could offer a deal for his help. Though it was not a bargain for Goddess Nvywa, it was the sole way out. Besides, the reincarnation of Fuxi was no difficult a thing for Laozi.

Laozi was just coming back to Mount Shouyang when he heard the greetings of Goddess Nvywa, "Brother Laozi, Goddess Nvywa begs for an audience." At such words, Laozi frowned, wondering the intentions of her visit, since they had just met in Zixiao Palace.

Laozi answered, "Come in please, sister." In a blink of an eye, Goddess Nvywa appeared in the palace. Bewildered, Laozi asked, "Why rush here instead of returning to your Wahuang Heaven, sister? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"It's for my brother Fuxi. I need your help for his reincarnation. My brother, you know, the Six Paths of Reincarnation that Fuxi has to go through is controlled by the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu. I can only count on you to help him out now, and if you make it, all the Karma you owe to me would be written off. How is that for a deal?" Goddess Nvywa asked.

Laozi was about to refuse it because he knew too well that if he helped Fuxi to reincarnate, Houtu would definitely bear grudges against him. However, since Goddess Nvywa promised to write off his debt, he decided to give it another thought.

Laozi couldn't think of a better way to pay back the Karma, so he accepted the deal and said, "That's a deal. Now leave me the left piece of his Purusa, and I will handle it."

Hearing that, with a wide smile on her face, Goddess Nvywa unfolded the Mountain and River Maplet and let out Fuxi's Purusa. Fuxi bowed to Laozi and said, "Deep appreciation for your help, Sage Grand Pure." Fuxi always bore in mind the due etiquette and politeness to a sage, because he knew that though Laozi addressed him as 'fellow Taoist', Laozi, as a sage, still had a far higher status than him.

With a nodding of his head, Laozi drew back Fuxi's Purusa. He then said, "Reincarnation Gate. Open!" The Human Gate of the Six Paths of Reincarnation was then forced to be open by a swelling Power of Infinity. In an instant, Fuxi was sent in by Laozi with a simple wave of his sleeve.

All of a sudden, Houtu's boisterous scream approached, "How dare you! Reincarnation, off!" Hou Tu, back in the Nether Land, sensed it soon after Laozi forced the Human Gate open. Since the Six Paths of Reincarnation was transferred from her flesh before, not even the slightest movement of it could ever escape her notice.

It was all clear to Houtu that Laozi wanted to help Fuxi go through the reincarnation process. However, for whatever reason that Laozi wanted to meddle in this affair, Houtu would never allow Fuxi, a Demon Tribesman, to go through reincarnation. So, she stopped it in time, hoping to crush Fuxi's last piece of Purusa.

Laozi had expected Houtu's interference, so he summoned out a Map of Taichi, which was turned into a golden bridge, instantly forming a strong protection spell for Fuxi. Houtu, however hard she tried, failed to break the spell and Fuxi was soon to enter into reincarnation.

Houtu snarled in anger, "You will not get away with that. I will make him suffer if it is the last thing I can do." In a minute, a gush of power surged and swelled, breaching the bridge. Soon enough, a trickle of water followed Fuxi into the Six Paths of Reincarnation through the crevice.

The situation startled both Goddess Nvywa and Laozi because that trickle of water was by no means ordinary. It was Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness from the Nether World and was used to make people forget about the happenings in their past lives when they reincarnated. Now it was splattered on Fuxi's Purusa, so he might no longer remember who he was, right up until the day he fulfilled his Tao.

Laozi, however, was more surprised by Houtu's power. Houtu didn't use her Bell of Chaos, yet she did win in that fight, even if Laozi had resorted to the Map of Ta Chi. Houtu was still going through the Six Paths of Reincarnation, yet she had already demonstrated her strong power. Obviously, she would be far stronger after it, let alone the fact that she still had the Bell of Chaos in hand.

When it came to the next Cultivation Tribulation, Houtu would be free, and by then, she might be a threat to all the sages, including Laozi himself. He could not even imagine how much stronger Houtu would be by then.

But now, Laozi looked at Goddess Nvywa, who was laden with anxiety and said, "You don't have to worry so much about it. Fellow Taoist Fuxi has a life connected to the Human Sovereign, and Minghe would also send disciples to guide him. By the time that Fuxi fulfills his cultivation as Human Sovereign, he will have recalled his memory."

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