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Following the coronation of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, it was definitely necessary to appoint a Mentor of Human Sovereigns to guide them. Whoever it was, he would not only benefit his sect in its preaching but also share the merits of the Human Sovereign awarded by the Heaven.

Minghe had not only accumulated plenty of merits but also owned the Blood River Formation and the Nether World that provided him with an unending stream of merits. He naturally bore no ambition to be the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, but his disciples could be!

Minghe had a total of three disciples. Among them, Black Tortoise didn't need the position because he had the four Pillars of Heaven steadily gathering merits for him in addition to his existing ones from mending the sky. Liu Er and Kong Xuan, however, were different. They would have tribulations in their lives.

Liu Er would experience his tribulation during the journey to the west while Kong Xuan would experience his at the God Deification Ceremony. Though their fates should have changed after being accepted as Minghe's disciples, no one knew if these tribulations would also change. If they had the merits of the Human Sovereign, plus Minghe watching over them, they would definitely avoid the calamity.

The Human Tribe could be considered extremely powerful after occupying more than half of the territory in the Untainted Land. Yet consequently, problems also arose. Their population now exceeded a hundred billion, but most were ordinary humans without any cultivation.

The tribe now neither understood what the Five Grains nor cultivation was. In the past, they relied on hunting demonic and Wild Beasts for food. But with the expansion of their territory and the banishment of demonic beasts from the Untainted Land, they were forced to hunt Wild Beasts and pick wild fruits to relieve their hunger.

But there were simply too many humans. Even if the Wild Beasts in the Untainted Land were numerous and bred quickly, they wouldn't last if such hunting continued. Sooner or later, a day would come that these wild animals would go extinct and the wild fruits would disappear. When that time came, what would the humans eat?

Though the tribe was now very powerful, there was no longer any increase in their population. On the contrary, their numbers were showing signs of decrease. This situation made Suiren-shi, Youchao-shi, and Ziyi-shi extremely anxious but they had no solution at all. If this was to continue, the tribe would likely be in trouble.

The three Ancestors of the Human Tribe naturally went looking for Musen so they could come up with a solution. Musen, however, only smiled and said nothing. He stared at the sky and mysteriously said, "The secrets of heaven must not be revealed. The tribe's problems will naturally be solved when the time is right." The three of them were baffled by his words.

Though Musen knew the answer to these problems, he wouldn't and couldn't tell them. These problems had to be solved by the Three Royals and Five Emperors of Human Tribe. If he was to interfere and do something that exceeded his capacity, would the tribe still have it's Three Royals and Five Emperors?

Before the tribe became the protagonist of the universe of Honghuang, the Three Royals and Five Emperors would be born according to Heaven's mandate. With their coronation, the tribe's Luck would be suppressed and they would become the true protagonists of the Way of Heaven in the Untainted Land. Henceforth, the HumanTribe would enter their golden age.

On the Blood Sea, Minghe was calmly refining a body using the two great Divine Laws. Now that the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings had reached the realm of The Origin, such refinement would naturally yield an even greater result.His human body was about to reach its limit and when it did, he wanted to try transforming into a Rakshasa body.

Suddenly, a jade tablet fell from the sky with the word 'Zixiao' etched on it. It was obviously Hongjun summoning him to Zixiao Palace. When he considered what time it was, the 10,000-year period Hongjun had mentioned had indeed arrived. The other Sages might have also received his summon.

Minghe didn't waste any time and went straight to the Chaos as Zixiao Palace was hidden inside it. Though he had now reached the realm of The Origin, it wasn't an easy task to locate the palace. Fortunately, he had the jade tablet as guidance and arrived at the palace with minimal effort.

Noticing the presence of the Three Pure Ones in the palace, he simply nodded at them before taking his seat. Before long, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti also arrived. As for Houtu, Hongjun probably didn't let her come this time. The only reason he made an exception and permitted her to leave the Nether World the last time was because he wanted to give her the Primal Bell of Chaos.

The seven people gathered waited quietly. Except for Ming He, none of them knew why Hongjun had summoned them. Last time, he said the Human Tribe would thrive and told them to preach to the tribe. Now the tribe had indeed thrived and the great religion had also been passed on. Why was Hongjun summoning them again?

Just as they were feeling bewildered, Hongjun appeared on the platform. When he saw their confusion, he said, "I clearly said the Human Tribe would thrive last time. However, since the tribe is fated to be the ruler of Heaven and Earth, just thriving isn't enough."

Astonishment crossed the Sages' faces. Nowadays, the Human Tribe occupied more than half the territory in the Untainted Land and all were even fertile and bountiful lands. They had far better lands compared to the cold North and South as well as the infertile West. If Hongjun still didn't think the tribe wasn't thriving, then what should they be like when they were genuinely thriving?

Would they have to go to the West or perhaps the North or the South? If that was the case, the West would definitely benefit from this. Furthermore, it might trigger a war between the Human Tribe, the Wu Tribe, and the Demon Tribe. When that time comes, the Untainted Land would perhaps once again become chaotic. Since he couldn't understand Hongjun's intention, Laozi could only ask, "Master, your disciple naturally don't have any objection to the Human Tribe thriving. However, how would Master arrange this?"

Hongjun glanced at Laozi and answered, "The Three Royals and Five Emperors have to be created for the tribe to thrive. They're to achieve merit by enlightening the Human Tribe and thus suppress the tribe's Luck. When they return to their positions, the Human Tribe would naturally thrive. From then on, their Luck would never falter."

The eyes of the Sages brightened. If any of their disciples could become the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, wouldn't that mean their religions could be spread better much more easily? With this idea in mind, they finally realized the importance of the Human Sovereigns and became determined to win the position. Even Goddess Nvywa, who had yet to establish any Sect, was looking thoughtful.

Laozi promptly said, "Master, shouldn't I, the eldest senior of all Sages and Master of the Clan of Humanity, be the one to arrange the matter of the Human Sovereigns?" His one sentence instantly exposed his greed. Who said he had no desire? That was an utter nonsense.

Zhunti immediately interrupted to protest, "Those words don't seem quite right. Though you're the founder of the Clan of Humanity, you didn't contribute much to the development of the Human Tribe. Moreover, ever since their Cultivation Tribulation, the humans no longer recognize the tribe of Humanity as their main teaching and it's now just one of the many they have. How could this matter be left to you alone, Eldest Senior?"

Laozi looked a bit embarrassed after hearing Zhunti bring up the past without the slightest care about his dignity. He could only stare awkwardly at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian, hoping that they could help him solve this matter.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin sat motionless as if he didn't Laozi's gaze at all. Internally, he also strongly disagreed with Laozi's words. If Laozi was to have the final say about the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, what would be left for him? Would he have to beg Laozi to be charitable and give him several positions as the Mentor of Human Sovereigns? With his proud nature, it was impossible for him to do so.

Laozi was furious about the indifference of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Fortunately, at this moment Tongtian spoke, "Zhunti, nowadays my brother's tribe of Humanity is quite popular among the Human Tribe. Besides, he's our eldest senior brother, why can't he manage the matter of Human Sovereign?" Although Tongtian wasn't really comfortable with the idea, from his perspective, the feeling between brothers was more important than the benefit of Luck.

Seeing that the Sages were about to quarrel, Hongjun said, "That's enough. There's no need to fight over it. We need the Treasure of Humanity to coronate the Three Royals and Five Emperors or the Human Sovereign wouldn't be able to return to its position." The position as Mentor of the Human Sovereign was incredibly tempting for the Sages. It would have been odd if they didn't fight for it.

The Treasure of Humanity? The Sages instantly became excited. Wouldn't they be at an advantage to decide who will be the Mentor of the Human Sovereign if they got hold of the treasure? Each of them began predicting. The sight made Minghe chuckle quietly to himself. That treasure was now in Musen's, his Selfcentric Separation, possession. Would they have the guts to fight Musen for it?

Before long, the Sages all had their results. Hongjun had explained, the secrets of heaven had to be visualized. It was naturally not a difficult task for them to figure out the whereabouts of the treasure, but their expressions shifted oddly after they were done predicting.

The Treasure of Humanity? Kongtong Seal? So it turned out Kongtong Seal was the Treasure of Humanity. However, this treasure had only appeared once in the Untainted Land during the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. It was used during the fight between Musen, the Martial Ancestor of the Human tribe, and Donghuang Taiyi. Since it could block the Bell of Chaos, it naturally left a deep impression on them. However, they never thought it would actually be the Treasure of Humanity.

With the seal in Musen's hands, that information was useless to them now. Though they were stronger than him, they had no way to forcefully seize it from him. That would clearly mean becoming enemies of the Human Tribe. Thus, the Sages were left in a difficult position.

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