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The growth from Small Chiliocosm to Medium Dichiliocosm wouldn't be finished in one day. It needed the world to gradually grow. The Origin of the world must be powerful enough, or it wouldn't support its advancement to Medium Dichiliocosm. Forced evolution would cause doom.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly stopped with a serious face and murmured, "What!". In the near distance, he saw some huge masses. It was very strange to see these things in the Chaos. Besides the Air of Chaos, the Heaven and Earth Taoist had only seen two or three Original Stones of Chaos. They couldn't compare to those in Zixiao Palace.

Yet, the huge masses in front of him were not Original Stones of Chaos. They were creatures. They were actually dead bodies. Where did they come from? Why did they die in the Chaos? He did not understand.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist went to check them cautiously. It was dangerous in the Chaos. Although the dead bodies had no vital life force, it was better to be cautious. He knew little about the Chaos, for his Veneration, Minghe, had always lived in the Untainted Land since his birth.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist carefully observed the six dead bodies. It seemed that they had been dead for a few days. They were eroded by Air of Chaos, yet not seriously. Their wounds were unlikely to have been caused by fighting but by edge tools.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist frowned. He was learning much about the Chaos from these dead bodies. First, creatures did exist in the Chaos, because the dead bodies were not badly eroded. Those from Untainted Land would have eroded to nothing within a few seconds.

The six dead bodies were eroded, yet it seemed it wasn't caused by the common Air of Chaos. The Heaven and Earth Taoist could feel that they were fine in the calm Air of Chaos. Thus, they had probably eroded from furious Air of Chaos, like chaotic storms.

The reason that he considered the dead bodies to be creatures living in the Chaos when they were alive was that those who could bear the Air of Chaos without pain must be natives. Thus, they must have had strong flesh bodies cultivated by the Air of Chaos. However, of those in the Untainted Land, it was unlikely that anyone could go through the Chaos with his flesh body, except for the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, Minghe, and Musen.

Since these creatures lived in the Chaos and had not been noticed by all living beings of Untainted World, they must have lived deep in the Chaos, never coming close to the Untainted World. Why hadn't they got close to the Untainted World? It would have been much easier for them to survive near the Untainted World, which was more stable than deep in the Chaos.

Secondly, the six dead bodies had obviously been killed by sharp weapons, rather than natural causes. Magic Weapons that could have killed such strong bodies must have been at least Primordial Spiritual Treasure level, or the killer must have had high cultivation. But why hadn't he taken the bodies away? Such strong bodies were precious.

Judging from the similar wounds on all six bodies, this was obviously done by one person. Where did he come from? Was he from the Untainted Land or a native in the Chaos? Or from another unknown world?

As he thought more and more, the Heaven and Earth Taoist got a heavy look. This was important. He must go back quickly and discuss it with Minghe. Waving his sleeve, the Heaven and Earth Taoist moved the six bodies into the World of Heaven and Earth and then went straight to Untainted Land at high speed.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe had a joyful look. He had felt the Heaven and Earth Taoist actualize the Realm of Origin. It seemed that the Heaven and Earth Taoist had harvested a lot during this trip. With 70% Law of Heaven and Earth and 55% Law of Space, Minghe's strength would improve to a higher level.

"Oh?" Minghe sighed and his smile disappeared. Not only dead bodies but also signs of living Creatures had been found in the Chaos, and the Heaven and Earth Taoist speculated some possibilities. Minghe was lost in thought. He couldn't draw any conclusion until he saw the six dead bodies.

In a short while, the Heaven and Earth Taoist appeared on Sacred Island. He waved his hand, and six huge bodies appeared. He said, "Here are the six bodies I found in the Chaos. Your Veneration, what do you think?"

Minghe smiled and said, "Let them tell us the truth. Souls come back, release!" He pointed to the six bodies. A silver light shot into them, and they shook slightly. Then dark air came out, forming some incomplete scenes.

Minghe smiled with satisfaction. The six dead bodies had unfulfilled wishes or malicious thoughts from their past life, so he could use the Law of Spiritual Beings to arouse them and seek for secrets of deep Chaos from those scenes.

The dark air then rose above, forming three clear pictures. The first showed Rare Beasts of Chaos wandering in Untainted Land in groups. From the vital force remaining on the dead bodies, it could be presumed that the six bodies were masters equal to the Sage-to-be stage when they were alive.

Rare Beasts of Chaos might have different strengths. Some of them were weak and some of them were strong, but those who could survive in the Chaos wouldn't be that weak. If they came to the Untainted Land, creatures here would surely face a disaster, if the Sages didn't lend a hand.

The second scene shocked Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist most, for it showed a world. A world that existed, though they were not clear of its direction or grade.

Minghe had heard that there had been three thousand Mazingers in Untainted Land. Pangu had broken up the Heaven and killed all the Rakshasas except himself, thus forming Untainted World. If all the Mazingers had been killed, how could this world exist? Could there be another world besides the Untainted Land?

The third scene showed a group of Cultivators killing the Rare Beasts of Chaos. Apparently, these Cultivators were Creatures belonging to this world. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. That meant Creatures of this world didn't have great strength. Yet, there was one man who fought against tens of Rare Beasts of Chaos easily. Certainly, he had excellent strength.

They learned a lot from these scenes, though lacking in quantity. They were astonished that there could be any other world besides the Untainted World. This was the most important information, broadening Minghe's view.

Looking at Minghe lost in thought, the Heaven and Earth Taoist asked, "Your Veneration, I've never considered that Untainted Land is not the only world in the Chaos. And there are Exotic Beasts in the Chaos. They can't compare with Rakshasa, but since they have mighty flesh bodies, we can't ignore them. What should we do now? Shall we go to the Chaos to find the answer?"

Minghe shook his head and answered, "No, we aren't going to the Chaos. It's useless now. You, I and the Evil Separation are all at the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, while my Selfcentric Separation has not gotten Rectification. If we go to the Chaos with our current cultivation, we will probably be in danger. After all, we know little about the Chaos. It's not wise."

"Secondly, our Foundation is in the Untainted Land. We can't give it up. We have been here for such a long time, planning for our future and taking up so much Luck in order to improve our cultivation. We must wait until our strength increases. By then, it will be safer for us to go to the Chaos."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded and thought he was too anxious. In the Untainted Land, Minghe and his Good Separation still had a way to go to improve. It would be better to not go to the Chaos until their strength increased and they had arranged everything well in Untainted Land.

They must make proper preparations before they set off to the Chaos. It would be impossible to do in a short time. Minghe had some things he was concerned about in the Untainted Land. If he could not handle them properly, he could not explore the Chaos confidently.

The time when the Human Tribe became ruler of Heaven and Earth was coming. Then, the Human Tribe would select the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Both open strife and veiled struggle would be inevitable among all the Sages. Minghe was sure to be involved. He did not strive for Luck of the Human Tribe since he had 30% Luck from Musen. Instead, he was thinking of planning for his apprentices.

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