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In the Haotian Mirror, space formed automatically, in which Ao Lie shook his hands and then a long spear appeared in his hands. Then Black Tortoise entered. Looking at the sluggish Black Tortoise, he felt annoyed. He waved his sleeves and then innumerous water columns appeared and then changed into several water dragons directed towards Black Tortoise. Controlling water was the Dragon Tribe's strong suit.

Black Tortoise neither avoided the rushing water dragons nor did he counterattack against them. Instead, he stood there silently with the Way of Martial Arts over his head, exactly in the form of his previous body. He roared. Several water dragons immediately scattered and converged into a flow passing him quietly.

Others outside the space cheered for Black Tortoise inwardly. How fabulous his Magic Skills in controlling water was! It rivaled that of the Dragon Tribe. Martial Arts of the Human Tribe were extensive and profound while the Way of Martial Arts was full of myriads of changes as well. It was surprising that the Human Tribe could even understand their Heaven Endowed Magic Skill by observing the Hundred Tribes of the Untainted Land.

"Splash!" The water flow suddenly broke open. Holding a spear, Ao Lie sliced out instantly towards Black Tortoise. Nobody knew he could react so fast. Maybe his previous action had been just to conceal his real strength.

"Hiss..." Others outside the space were startled when Black Tortoise did not dodge it at all and was pricked. Haotian, in particular, almost stopped the battle. However, the scene in the Haotian Mirror was indeed more astounding.

Staring at Black Tortoise with astonishment, Ao Lie could not believe that even though his spear had pierced right through Black Tortoise, Black Tortoise's human body actually rubbed with the edge of the spear and produced sparks. His body was like a metal that could not be destroyed.

Looking at the startled Ao Lie, Black Tortoise gave a devilish smile and said, "It's my turn." He punched out slowly towards Ao Lie who immediately prepared to dodge it. But Ao Lie failed. Black Tortoise's fist seemed to be so slow, however, this actually startled Ao Lie and distracted him so that he could not dodge it.

The fist decided who was to win. It hit Ao Lie in the head, causing him to faint. Then, carrying Ao Lie, Black Tortoise walked out of the Haotian Mirror. Soon afterward, Black Tortoise threw him on the ground. Clapping his hands, he said, "This is boring, Ao Lie is too weak to fight with me."

The Dragon King of the Four Seas were very depressed to see such a consequence. They had never expected this. Although the Martial Artist of Human Tribe had strong bodies, they couldn't believe that the Black Tortoise was so strong that he wasn't hurt when pierced by the Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. It was extremely ridiculous.

Haotian remained silent. Black Tortoise's human body was indeed too peculiar. Perhaps, soon there would be a top master in the Human Tribe. How aboundant in gifts of nature the Human Tribe was! So many awesome talents had come out from the Human Tribe. It would be great to have these talents in the Heavenly Court.

Completely ignoring the Dragon Tribe's angry eyes, Black Tortoise went back into his seat at ease, ate a Peach of Immortality and then left to visit some places outside the Heaven. All the guests were amazed. Where was the fierce combat between these two evenly-matched opponents? The Dragon Tribe had only been looking for trouble.

No one chose to talk about Daoism with their fists afterward. They would lose face after all if they lost. Noticing that no one wanted to talk about Tao, Haotian put away the Haotian Mirror and watched the Dragon Tribe for a while. He sighed, " This time, the Dragon Tribe had disgraced themselves greatly."

The Feast of Peaches lasted for several days and then finally ended. Guests left one after another with only a few guests choosing to stay at the Heavenly Court. Here the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth and the Power of Stars were richer, and Spiritual Fruits, such as Peaches of Immortality, were abundant. Certainly, the Gourd Seven Cycles Golden Elixir and three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir were very attractive to them as well.

Haotian naturally would not refuse these Individual Cultivators who chose to take part in the Heavenly Court. There was no lack of talent among these Individual Cultivators who had cultivated their skills despite their lack of resources and cultivation environment. With Haotian's help, they would become the backbone of the Heavenly Court.

When they returned to the Blood Sea. Liu Er and Kong Xuan told Minghe what they had seen and heard in the Heavenly Court. Minghe just smiled. Although he had not seen it, he was very clear about the little disciple's ability. When the Dragon Tribe went looking for trouble blindly, they were virtually asking for humiliation.

Minghe instantly began to cultivate the twenty pits of Peaches of Immortality Kong Xuan had brought back. Pitifully, the Origin of Primordial Peach Tree in the pits was too scarce. No wonder 3,600 Peento Trees in the Heavenly Court had been incarnated from Primordial Peach Trees. Thus, the Origin in every tree was extremely scarce, let alone the Peaches of Immortality. The Origin in the pits of Peaches of Immortality was naturally much scarcer.

In this way, even if primordial Five Sacred Roots were collected, it would be useless to use them to lay the Primordial Five Elements Formation in the World of Heaven and Earth without the balance of the Five Elements. The Formation might collapse automatically without giving any function to the World of Heaven and Earth.

Minghe was frustrated. It was impossible for him to pull several Peento Trees out from the Heavenly Court! The Peento Trees were not just things of Luck in the Heavenly Court, they had been bestowed by Ancestor Hongjun. Minghe did not currently have the strength to challenge Hongjun who had converged his body into Tao. Therefore, the only thing Minghe could do was wait and see, cultivating them first. Though it may not satisfy his ambition, they would produce some Peaches of Immortality for satisfying appetites.

With the end of the Feast of Peaches, there was a stir in the Untainted Land. The Dragon Tribe, the leading party in the Feast of Peaches, had been greatly humiliated in battle. Their reputation had been destroyed once again. Meanwhile, there were some fluctuations occurring in the Four Seas as well.

Because of Haotian's support, there was nothing wrong with the Four Seas. However, some began to doubt the role of the Dragon Tribe, the Lords of the Four Seas. It was undisputable that the Dragon Tribe were on the decline. If the Dragon Tribe had the strength that they had had in the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Human Tribe may not handle it the way they had before.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas could not help but accept the fact. If they had known this before, they would not have acted rashly and blindly. On account of their Merits from making clouds and bringing rain, the Dragon Tribe had gradually reduced their Karma. The Dragon Tribe would be able to enter into a phase of recovery once the Karma was completely eliminated.

As a whole, the strength of the Dragon Tribe was not neglectable, but the problem was that they lacked masters at the realm of Sage-to-be. Once the problem was solved, the Dragon Tribe's reputation would rise accordingly. By then, they would have a louder voice in the decision making in the Heavenly Court.

After the Feast of Peaches, everything went smoothly in Untainted Land. The Human Tribe had occupied the east and the center of the Untainted Land, as much as half of the whole Untainted Land. At the moment, the Human Tribe's expansion had stopped. If they continued, a war could break out between the Human Tribe and the Sorcerer and Demon tribes.

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