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Pairs of fairies stepped into the one by one with plates of waterful Peaches of Immortality in their hands. Everybody here felt relaxed and happy before the Peaches of Immortality arrived. The whole Jasper Lake was pervaded with the fragrance of these Peaches of Immortality. With a breath of such fragrance, some Individual Cultivators at a low stage could feel the slight improvement of their supernatural powers. Therefore, they expected more on these Peaches of Immortality.

The Peaches of Immortality had three varieties, which bear fruits every 3,000 years, every 6,000 years, and 9,000 years, respectively. Those ones who sat near the front would get more and better Peaches of Immortality. The Sages' disciples and Almighty of Untainted Land were sitting in the first row, and they would have a chance to taste the 9,000-year Peaches of Immortality.

Liu Er was drooling when he saw the plate of Peaches of Immortality in front of him. He was always in favor of Spiritual Fruits, and peaches were his favorite. What was more, these were not the normal peaches. He started to gobble down these Peaches one by one, and totally forgot Minghe's instruction.

Kong Xuan shook his head speechlessly at Liu Er's behaviors. He could only taste the Peaches of Immortality and put away the pits in his sleeves secretly at the same time. Minghe had ordered them to collect the pits so that he could plant them on his land. When these pits bore fruits, they could have enough Peaches of Immortality to eat.

Meanwhile, Kong Xuan cast glances at Black Tortoise, thinking that his junior fellow disciple was really outstanding. Although only at the stage of Golden Immortality, he could match with or even win the Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. Kong Xuan could feel that some kind of enormous power existed in his body, especially his flesh body. What shocked Kong Xuan more was that Black Tortoise seemed to have gained the vital force of three Ancestors of Human Tribe Golden Body of Martial Arts, even if he had not formed his shape completely.

Golden Body of Martial Arts was so special that only the three Ancestors of Human Tribe had owned that. This kind of body seemed to be very simple, which was just formed by enormous Merits. Actually, Black Tortoise was the incarnation of the mutant black tortoise who used to hold the heaven of Untainted Land, which meant that he had gained enough Merits. If things went on like this, his Golden Body of Martial Arts might totally surpass the three Ancestors of Human Tribe's, becoming the strongest one.

However, Kong Xuan was speechless when finding Black Tortoise fell into sleep. How sleepy and lazy he would be when he was eating Peaches of Immortality, the high-level Spiritual Fruits. Kongxuan thought he might be the only normal person among the three. Liu Er was naughty, while Black Tortoise liked to sleep. It seemed that they were entirely different, so it was a destiny that all three had become Minghe's disciples.

Black Tortoise, however, fell asleep while eating Peaches of Immortality, which startled all else. They began wondering why the 9,000-year peaches weren't attractive to him at all. How could the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe have such a strange disciple like him? How could his Martial Artist's cultivation reach the stage of Golden Immortality? Just by sleeping?

Unexpectedly, these guests hit the right answer that Black Tortoise could enhance his cultivation by sleeping. Wuchen and his other friends had already got used to this. Four to six hours per day would be a long time for Black Tortoise to be awake. Sometimes, he even slept for one or two months. However, his cultivation improved at a fast speed instead of falling behind.

It seemed that Black Tortoise was sleeping, but from the speed of his breath of Spiritual Air, he was cultivating indeed. Sleep and cultivate at the same time. Everybody was really curious about what kind of transforming exercises he cultivated, which could realize such a good effect. He didn't afraid of being possessed by the Devil during his sleeping.

Somebody was curious, while some would naturally be envious. They had tried their best to cultivate, but their speeds even couldn't match with someone who cultivated when he was sleeping. What was the most ridiculous was that Black Tortoise even didn't care about the 9,000-year Peaches of Immortality, which they even didn't have a chance to taste. They only had the 3,000-year or 6,000-year Peaches. Therefore, they naturally felt unfair.

However, there were some cultivators who were angry about that. The Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas, looking at the Human Tribe's direction, were envious and full of hatred. However, the Human Tribe just ignored them, some laughing and some sleeping. But for this, they could not say anything but be angry in their minds.

They had nothing to do with this situation since the Holy Land of Human Tribe was really powerful to any tribe in the Untainted Land. Before the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, Dragon Tribe might be much stronger than it, but now, with only a dozen of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals left, their Dragon Tribe was far weaker, and even didn't have a Sage-to-be. Last time, thousands of their tribesmen were killed since they offended the Human Tribe. What a shame. But they could do nothing but accept it.

A tribesman of Dragon Tribe stepped forward and whispered something to Ao Guang. The latter one first raised his eyebrows and secretly chatted with his other three brothers. It seemed that they were discussing something. Plenty of guests there had noticed their abnormal behaviors and wondered what they were brewing.

Liu Er stopped eating the Peaches. Looking at the direction of Dragon Tribe, he changed color slightly. Kong Xuan found his change and asked in a low voice, "Brother, what happened? Is there anything wrong with the Dragon Tribe?" Kong Xuan naturally knew Liu Er's Magic Skills. He used to eavesdrop their teacher Minghe's preachings to Chixuan and then was also recruited as a disciple. Therefore, Dragon Tribe's discussion couldn't escape from Liu Er's ears.

Liu Er suddenly laughed and sent his words to Kong Xuan by his Spiritual Thoughts, "Haha, it's so funny! The Dragon Tribe wants to give our little brother a lesson to suppress the Human Tribe. But they don't know how merciless our brother is. Even the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal won't defeat him so easily. They? The Dragon Tribe? They are eating crow! Haha... don't you think it is so funny?"

Kong Xuan smiled at such words. They naturally knew Black Tortoise's background, who was an incarnated Primordial Mazinger at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. He had not only refined the Golden Body of Martial Arts but also converted the preexistence, leaving turtle shell and Blood of Essence. It would not be easy for the cultivators at the same level to break the defense of his human body unless they had some extraordinary Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

After a while, the Dragon Tribe stopped their discussion. Ao Guang stood up and said to Haotian, "Your Majesty, it's a Feast of Peaches. It will be boring if we only taste the magic fruits. Why not host a meeting of Daoism discussion, so every fellow cultivator here can be more involved?"

Everyone here turned their eyes to Ao Guang and Haotian understood his purpose immediately. Since they wanted to make some trouble for the Human Tribe, they had to seize this chance. They could not deliberately provoke these prestigious ones, like Wuchen, so they could only choose Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe's disciple---Black Tortoise.

Looking at Black Tortoise, Haotian started to think deeply in his mind. To be honest, he hated the Holy Land of Human Tribe indeed, especially the Ancestor of Martial Arts-- Musen. But now Human Tribe tried to show goodness to his Heavenly Court. As an old saying went, do not hit a smiling face. As the Jade Emperor, he could not be selfish and emotional.

However, since the Dragon Tribe had made such a proposal, he saw no reason to refuse. If the Dragon Tribe really won Black Tortoise, Musen had nothing to say even if he lost his face, while if Dragon Tribe lost, it would be a great shame. But actually, it was none of his Heavenly Court's business, but only Dragon Tribe's. He didn't have to worry about it.

Haotian nodded his head after careful consideration. He said, "Well, every cultivator here can discuss the Daoism casually. As for the place," Suddenly, the Haotian Mirror reflected in the sky. Haotian continued to say, "The Haotian Mirror can be a good place." Everyone here was surprised to see this Haotian Mirror, and they didn't expect that it was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure in space nature. It was really awesome.

Seeing Haotian nod his head, a teenager of Dragon Tribe walked out and said, "I am Ao Lie of Dragon Tribe, and admire Human Tribe's Martial Arts for quite a long time. My Fellow Taoist Black Tortoise is the first disciple of Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, who must have obtained the real comprehension from the Ancestor of Martial Arts. Today, I really want to learn something from you, and I hope you would not begrudge us."

Wuchen had already expected Dragon Tribe's purpose. When the Dragon Tribe was secretly discussing, he had noticed something. He didn't expect that the Dragon Tribe hadn't given up setting them up. But they had chosen the wrong opponent. Although Ao Lie's cultivation was at the Peak Stage of Golden Immortal, he could not match Black Tortoise.

Wuchen gave Black Tortoise a slight push. The latter one straightened up slowly and felt confused. He asked, "Brother Wuchen, what happened? Is it over? OK, I can go home to sleep." And then, he stood up and started to walk out, which made everyone here stunned.

Wuchen took a hold of him immediately and said, "It hasn't been over yet. You see, the one of Dragon Tribe over there is Ao Lie. He wants to take a competition with you." Later, he whispered to Black Tortoise for a few seconds, and then sat back with a smile on his face.

Black Tortoise looked at Ao Lie with a flash of light across his eyes. He kept his lazy gestures and said, "You are Ao Lie? Wanna you have a competition with me? OK, fine. I just wake up from my dream, and it's the time to exercise. Don't let me down!"

Ao Lie snorted after hearing this and stepped into the Haotian Mirror immediately. Black Tortoise followed. Later, a Black Light Mirror shotted out of the Haotian Mirror, and everyone could see clearly the scenes inside. They were more curious about who would win.

Dragon Tribe was born with strong flesh body, who took the primordial advantage among the Hundred Tribes of the Untainted Land. Compared with it, Human Tribe was far worse. Besides, Ao Lie's cultivation was at the Peak Stage of Golden Immortal and took out his Primordial Spiritual Treasure after getting into the Haotian Mirror, while Black Tortoise's cultivation of Martial Arts was only at the Late Stage of Golden Immortal, without any treasure. It seemed that Black Tortoise was weaker.

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