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Since the disciples of the tribe of Enlightenment had left the mountain, the HumanTribe and the tribe of Severity would not lag behind. Xuandu and Abundant Treasures led their respective juniors down the mountain. The tribe of Humanity was the weakest among the three tribes with Xuandu being the only accepted disciple and the others being listed ones. The tribe of Severity, dispatching hundreds of disciples, was the largest in scale. However, none of them were from the Demon Tribe. Tongtian was well aware of the hostility between the Demon Tribe and the Human Tribe. If he had sent any Demon Tribe disciples, the Human Tribe might not accept the arrangement.

In comparison, the Western Religious Sect was much more low-key. Due to the timing, Jieyin and Zhunti had only been preaching in the west. Given that Three Pure Ones had maintained their friendship even though they had separated and that they had a détente recently, the Western Religious Sect might be confronted with the collective obstruction from Three Pure Ones if they were to preach in the east.

Despite the widespread preaching by the three religions, it seemed like a drop in the ocean given the huge population of the Human Tribe. To them, it was absolutely no big deal. For that reason, any potential conflict among the three religions could be avoided. Since there were so many tribes in the Human Tribe, the three religions were free to choose where to preach.

Musen, Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, was aware of this. Though he did not oppose preaching, he had his own plan on the matter. What the Human Tribe needed at present was a stable development. He ingeniously maintained the balance of the preaching influences of the three religions in the tribe.

The reason why the tribe of Severity was utterly defeated in the Battle of Gods Investiture because its status in the Human Tribe had surpassed that of the tribe of Humanity and the tribe of Enlightenment. That triggered Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin to gang up on Tongtian. They even asked for Jieyin and Zhunti's help. However, the Human Tribe also suffered a great loss. When the immortals interfered, a change in dynasties was inevitable and the number of casualties would not be small.

At the moment, the Human Tribe, with its continuous steady expansion, was expected to dominate Untainted Land. Thus, Musen did not want any civil strife to happen before that. In other words, he must balance the preaching of the three religions to ensure the stability of his tribe until its role as the ruler of Heaven and Earth was secure.

Under the Primeval Starry Sky, Minghe stood in the Polaris with his robe whistling. He was surrounded by corpses of the Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. He frowned when he saw those beasts lingering not far away. Though they meant nothing to him, they were a terrible annoyance as they kept on disturbing him as he was absorbing the Origin of Stars.

The stars represented a fatal appeal to the giant beasts. Once Minghe tried to absorb it, they would run recklessly toward him. After several attempts, he still failed to absorb the stars.

The power of the ancient stars was extremely great, thus it was never easy to absorb them. Now with the disturbance from the beasts, Minghe could hardly calm down to do this job. He was rather confused how Emperor Jun managed to integrate the Origin of Stars into the Cosmic Stars Banner.

Then it suddenly struck him that the beasts belonged to the Ominous Beast Tribe. They had no wisdom, only instinct. Since they lived in the Primeval Starry Sky, the weakest among them had Da Luo Golden Immortal human bodies. With the strength of the Demon Tribe, it was impossible for them to absorb the Origin of Stars here.

So how exactly did they integrate the stars into the banner? Could it be the Cosmic Stars Formation? At this point, Minghe thought it was highly possible. The formation might induce the Origin of Cosmic Stars to integrate into the tactical formation.

However, it was not appropriate to confirm his suspicion. Both Emperor Jun and Taiyi had died. Fuxi had also killed himself. Nevertheless, it seemed someone, perhaps Goddess Nvywa, had collected Fuxi's last veridical soul and remaining spirit. It was impossible to know the secret of the Cosmic Stars Formation from him. As for Kunpeng, though he was a Demon Master, he probably knew nothing about the secret. It would be useless to ask him.

Staring at the infinite Starry Sky, Minghe made up his mind. Since the Demon Tribe could achieve enlightenment of the Cosmic Stars and comprehended the Cosmic Stars Formation, he too could achieve the same. What was more, with his cheating tool, Magical Tao Mirror, and the fact that he had seen the formation several times, it would not be too hard for him to comprehend the formation.

Minghe sat in the Polaris, spreading his spiritual thoughts all over the Starry Sky. The trajectory of the cosmic stars was visible in his eyes. He became obsessed with the mystery of the cosmic stars' orbital movement. However, since the orbital movement was extremely complex, it was impossible to comprehend it overnight.

After sitting there for a thousand years, he had grasped the rule of cosmic stars but had not comprehended the Cosmic Stars Formation. According to destiny, this formation ought to belong to the Demon Tribe. Thus it was easy for them to achieve enlightenment about it. For Minghe, it would require much more effort.

"Eh!" Minghe whispered, opening his eyes and looking doubtfully in a certain direction. Having achieved enlightenment of the cosmic stars for a thousand years, he had the complete knowledge of everything in the Starry Sky, including the circulation of stars and those beasts.

Yet earlier, a huge fluctuation of the Origin of Stars had radiated from a star and attracted numerous Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. "Is there any treasure turning up?" Minghe set off and arrived at the incident site in a single step.

"This is..." Minghe was surprised by what he saw and could not help marveling at his fate. Having stayed in the Starry Sky for a thousand years and spread his Spiritual Thoughts all over it, he never thought such a great treasure would be right in front of him. If not for its fluctuation of the Origin, he would have missed it.

A towering old tree stood tall on this primeval star. Its trunk, branches, and leaves were spangled with star lights. 365 different yet mysteriously identical colorful fruits were dangling on it. However, there was a mysterious connection between each of them which was awfully charming.

Minghe did not discover this earlier because of the integration of the tree's vital force and the Starry Sky. Now that the fruits were about to ripe, they caused the fluctuation of Origin of Stars. Otherwise, he still would not realize its existence.

The Fruit Tree of Stars, a primordial spiritual roots of the highest grade, took root in the cosmic stars and grew by absorbing power from it. The tree then transformed the power into the Origin of Stars. Like the Ginseng Tree, it would take the tree a full 30,000 years to eventually bear fruit.

Staring at those beasts around the Fruit Tree of Stars, Minghe thought they must be waiting for the fruits to ripe so they can eat them. They might even have eaten all the fruits the Fruit Tree of Stars bore before. Concentrating his mind, Minghe could indeed feel the subtle fluctuation of the Origin of Stars on the bodies of some of the beasts.

He had wanted to comprehend the Cosmic Stars Formation to collect the Origin of Cosmic Stars. That was no longer necessary. With the tree and the origin of the bodies of those beasts, he had no need to worry about comprehending the formation.

Looking at the tree and the thousands of beasts around it, Minghe smiled. He found it through sheer luck after searching far and wide. It seemed he was indeed very lucky. He could continuously enhance the Origin of Cosmic Stars by simply transplanting the Fruit Tree of Stars in the World of Heaven and Earth. To obtain the Origin of Stars inside those beasts, he need only to kill them.

Incessant growls mingled with screams rose in the Starry Sky. After a long time, the place eventually regained its tranquility. Some beasts fled recklessly out of instinct. Most were turned into corpses. Their souls would perhaps be fodder for the Giant beasts of Starry Sky or perhaps dust, floating forever inside the Starry Sky that had given birth to them and raised them.

Under the Fruit Tree of Stars, Minghe basked in joy looking at the Origin of Stars he had gathered. Since the tree had grown in this Primeval Starry Sky for over hundreds of thousands of years, it must have bore numerous Fruits of Stars. Each time they ripen, those fruits would become the food of those beasts.

Fortunately, Minghe had the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and thus, could return to Genesis. He refined quite a lot of the Origin of Stars by throwing all the remaining ones inside the beasts which had eaten the Fruits of Stars. Though it was incomparable to the Origin of Cosmic Stars from the Starry Sky, it was good enough for the World of Heaven and Earth which could not even be counted as a small chiliocosm.

After another lengthy waiting time, the Fruits of Stars eventually ripen. Minghe waved his hand and all of the trees were uprooted and pocketed. Now he would not need to absorb the Origin of Stars slowly or worry about karma. With a satisfactory end to his trip, he returned to his own world.

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