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When both the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian became silent, Laozi said, "Don't be so worried. Now that we know how powerful Minghe is, we can prepare for the worst."

They understood well what he said but it was hard for them not to worry. The Three Pure Ones, who regarded themselves as the Pangu tribe, had all reached the Secondary Stage of the Sage, yet they could never become Sages without the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Besides, they had given up The Divine Law Actulization. It was by no means easy for them to further improve their cultivation.

The Three Pure Ones felt infinite threats coming from Minghe. They were all eager to improve their cultivation. However, if they were only to rely on the Enlightenment of The Way of Heaven, it would be far too slow for them to achieve that. Luck, therefore, became the only hope they could count on.

That reminded Laozi of the 10 percent Luck he had left in the Human Tribe. Though he was still angry about what Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe had done, he must contrive to get his Luck back. Further, preachings among the Human Tribe must continue without delay or he might lose that Luck forever.

After calming down, Laozi said, "Brothers, we must start our preachings now. Besides us, Zhenyuanzi is also preaching among the Human Tribe. Jieyin and Zhunti in the west had long been coveting. We must lose no time and try to elevate our position in the Human Tribe. That way, we can seize the initiative when the day comes that Human Tribe rules Heaven and Earth."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian nodded in agreement. Though the Human Tribe had never caused a sensation and there were hundreds of other tribes, yet, the Sages, with their outstanding wisdom, were aware that the tribe would become the ruler of the Untainted Land sooner or later. It was high time they started preaching and obtained some Luck. When the day came that Human Tribe ruled, they would naturally benefit from it.

Back on Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin returned to his Ashram after the discussion earlier. Soon enough, he was startled by the sight of Guang Chengzi kneeling outside Jade Pure Palace. Guang Chengzi was a completely different person, without the least hint of his former haughtiness and arrogance.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin stepped forward and stooped, his brows knitted. "Just one blow in life and you are down? I'm so disappointed in you." Among all his disciples in the Tribe of Enlightenment, he loved Twelve Golden Immortals the most with Guang Chengzi being the best of them all. He was naturally disheartened to see Guang Chengzi so dispirited and dejected.

Guang Chengzi kowtowed. "I have let you down, master. I deserve to be punished." Not only had he lost his dignity, he had also disgraced his master.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin , who was always sensitive about his reputation, asked, "Guang Chengzi, do you know what you did wrong?" Laozi's feeling of shame earlier was not even comparable to what he felt when Goddess Nvywa and Minghe achieved Actulization before the Three Pure Ones.

From his master's words and tone, Guang Chengzi could tell he was angry. Trembling with fright, he replied, "I should have been more scrupulous and wiser than to speak ill of Ancestor Minghe. It will never happen again, I promise."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin snorted. "How wrong you are! Your problem is that you are too weak. If you have attained the same level of cultivation as Liu Er, what will matter if you speak rudely of Ancestor Minghe? Liu Er has Minghe to back him up and I will always stand behind you."

Guang Chengzi was stunned. The Honoured Lord of the Origin continued, "Think about it. Why do you think Liu Er, a mere Sage-to-be, isn't afraid of me? He has a resolute mind of Taoism and he's certain his master will always protect him. Talented and outstanding as you are, you don't have such a determined mind comparable to his. Perhaps I'm to blame for spoiling you."

Guang Chengzi remained speechless for a while, with all kinds of thoughts flashing across his mind. He mumbled to himself, "Mind of Taoism… Power… Mind of Taoism… Power…" His vital force was now fully stirred up. If any tiny mishap happened, he might be possessed by the Devil any time.

His master did nothing when he saw this. He knew Guang Chengzi would have a promising future if he could move on and become more determined in his pursuit of Taoism. Otherwise, Liu Er would remain a mental block in his cultivation and only a grim future awaited.

As time ticked on, Guang Chengzi was still in a shroud of confusion. A ark aura was wreathing over his head. He was now in a state apt to be possessed by the Devil, which worried his master. After all, Guang Chengzi was his favorite disciple. He was not willing to see him turn into a waste just like this.

All of a sudden, the dark aura dispersed. The cloud of Blessings stretched out, on which Three Flowers of Heaven, Earth, and Human stood firm and high. When Guang Chengzi's aura burst out, the buds also opened slowly. By the time they had bloomed completely, he had become a Da Luo Golden Immortal.

Witnessing his disciple's huge change, The Honoured Lord of the Origin smiled widely. Guang Chengzi had finally broken through into the level of Taiyi Golden Immortal. Only Xuandu of the Human Tribe and Abundant Treasures of the Tribe of Severity had reached that level in the past, while Guang Chengzi remained a Golden Immortal. That was humiliating for him, who was very concerned about his face and reputation.

With a successful breakthrough, Cloud of Blessings began to disperse. Guang Chengzi bowed to his master. "Thank you so much, master. I now truly understand what you mean. What I had lost today, I would get it back myself." That breakthrough had saved him many years of cultivation. Now armed with a determined mind of Taoism, he could continue on his cultivation path more smoothly courageously. Unfortunately, that day would never come for him.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin nodded approvingly now that his disciple had lived up to his expectations. Guang Chengzi, relying on his connection with the Sage, seldom concerned himself with anything before. However, he had finally understood that only those powerful had a say on Untainted Land. Besides, he had also learned that his status as the disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin did not mean superiority in the eyes of creatures like Liu Er.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin helped him up to his feet. "Since you have understood that, here are the things I need you to do. Honourable Ancestor once commanded your martial elder uncles, martial uncles and I to preach to the Human Tribe. This is important as it concerns the Luck of the Tribe of Enlightenment. I henceforth assign you this task. Go with your fellow disciples to preach our Great Way."

Guang Chengzi answered reverently, "I shall obey your command and head for the Human Tribe with fellow disciples as soon as possible. Master, will Master Dipamkara join us?" Dipamkara had a special status in the Clan of Enlightenment with high cultivation and the title of Deputy Sect Leader. Sometimes, even Guang Chengzi and Twelve Golden Immortals had to refer to him about matters regarding cultivation. Therefore, it was only natural for him to called a master.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned when he thought of Dipamkara. After all, they were both at Zixiao Palace to learn the teachings. Though Dipamkara had later became his disciple, he was still uneasy and named him the Deputy Sect Leader. That way, Dipamkara could help him impart knowledge to the other disciples.

Now that Guang Chengzi had brought the issue up, the Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "Dipamkara can't go with you. He must stay in position in case of emergencies. I hope you will all be cautious this time, for there are quite a lot powerful Human Tribesmen. You are the most excellent of the students here. You can't be chicks in your warm nestles forever. It's time you fly high into the sky, away from my protection."

Guang Chengzi, who had learned much after all that he had gone through, replied reverently, "I understand, master." As a member of the Human Tribe himself, he was crystal clear about all the powerful ones in the clan, especially those who resided in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. Some were even more powerful than him, so he was naturally conscious about being prudent.

He then led the other eleven Golden Immortals and numerous listed disciples to leave Mount Kunlun. Dipamkara, as the Deputy Sect Leader of the Tribe of Enlightenment, knew too well they were heading for Jade Pure Palace. He had given up all his prestige with a sincere desire to be a disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. However, he knew he had never been truly accepted. A strong sense of disappointment and frustration now took hold of him as his unfair treatment continued.

Dipamkara had always believed he would gain his master's trust over time. It seemed that he had only become the general manager that was was responsible for all sorts of trivial things, yet never given a chance to do what was of real use. He was already indignant when the master gifted treasures to Twelve Golden Immortals, caring nothing for him. Now, he was the only one left out of the preaching responsibility. Though it was a tiring task, it was important as it concerned Luck. Dipamkara, therefore, began to bear a grudge against the Honoured Lord of the Origin.

He even began to doubt his decision to be a disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. That seed of marlice thoughts had been sowed in his mind and a growing resentment watered it into a sprout. As it grew, he had become alienated from the Honoured Lord of the Origin. When it was to fully bloom, Dipamkara would perhaps leave the tribe.

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