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It takes a teacher to transmit wisdom, impart knowledge, and resolve doubts. Minghe taught his disciples skills to protect themselves. He would not interpose in the competition between peers as long as no one got killed. If a disciple came to him for help once he was insulted, it only meant that the disciple was too weak or incompetent. However, if someone wanted to bully the weak by being strong, Minghe would show him no mercy.

His three disciples had their own fate, so Minghe did not worry. After dealing with the matter concerning Liu Er, Minghe took out a large section of Mount Buzhou that he had grabbed before. The Untainted Land needed something to support the Heaven and Earth, and so would the World of Heaven and Earth when converting into small chiliocosm in the future. Then, the section of Mount Buzhou was the best choice.

After receiving Mount Buzhou from Minghe, Taoist of Heaven and Earth immediately laid it in his World of Heaven and Earth and connected it with the leyline to nourish it. Mount Buzhou was converted from the backbone of the Great Divinity Pan Gu. In spite of a broken section, it was by no means an ordinary thing. With the nourishment of the ley line, Mount Buzhou immediately recovered a bit of vitality and was converted into a pillar supporting the World of Heaven and Earth, thus making the World of Heaven and Earth further expanded.

With the World of Heaven and Earth growing stronger, Minghe felt that it would not take long before converting into small chiliocosm. What was lacking at the moment was the power of the cosmic stars. However, Minghe had thought of the countermeasure. That was the Cosmic Stars Banner of the Demon Tribe, which he needed to grab in any case.

With the sky being mended, everything in the Untainted Land was quiet again and the places destroyed by the Milky Way gradually regained vitality. All things were rejuvenated as the Earth came back to life. The site where Mount Buzhou had been located became a plain with many creatures living around.

Everything looked so harmonious. However, the more peaceful it looked, the more restless people felt, as if a storm were brewing. The Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe were respectively recuperating while preparing for war, giving all the people a strong sense of oppression.

With the deadline of 10,000 years drawing near, the two tribes knew that it would be the time to wage the final battle, which would be so fierce that it could not even be compared with the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. And which one was more powerful, between the Cosmic Stars Formation and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, would become manifest by then.

Compared to the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe, the Human Tribe's situation was much better. The Martial Arts of the Human Tribe suddenly rose to fame after the Cultivation Tribulation while Musen, the ancestor of Martial Arts, even became one of the top masters in Untainted Land. Moreover, the Veridical Martial Origin Formation also became a great deterrence to people in the Untainted Land, so no people or forces dared to cause any trouble to the Human Tribe. Even the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe might as well have left the Human Tribe to continue to develop.

With their rapid development, the Human Tribe went out from the Coast of the East Sea once again. Different than before, this time they went out with more strength. With the Coast of the East Sea being the center, they developed outwards like a fan, not blindly, but instead carefully every step of the way. They had built up their own armies.

In addition to the Immortals' Army and the the Army of Martial Arts on the Coast of the East Sea, all of the tribes in the Human Tribe needed to build their own armies to respond to danger while leaving the Coast of the East Sea. After all, it was impossible for the armies on the Holy Land to protect all the tribes. The Human Tribe had to depend on themselves before becoming stronger.

Suddenly, there came a "Dong, Dong!" from Heaven and Earth, remote and long-lasting, waking up the whole world. Evil Spirit surged like boiling water, declaring that the war was coming.

In the Heavenly Court, Donghuang Taiyi was striking the Bell of Chaos in his hand. Hearing the clear and melodious bell which spread over all the Heavenly Court, numerous Demon Tribe soldiers quickly gathered into an army of hundreds of billions. As winner took all, the battle would determine the future of the two tribes, therefore the Demon Tribe would spare no efforts.

Standing in TheDivine Wind Palace, Emperor Jun looked at the hundreds of billions of demon soldiers in the Trayastrimsa Heaven and shouted, "Sons of the Demon Tribe, today we'll fight with the Wu Tribe to the death. I hope all of you will spare no efforts to fight for dominating the whole Untainted Land. Let's wipe out the Wu Tribe completely."

"Wipe them out! Wipe them out! Wipe them out!" Hundreds of billions of demon soldiers shouted together, with their din resounding through the whole world. The whole Untainted Land was shocked by the extremely powerful Killing Intent of the Demon Tribe as well as their determination to wipe out the Wu Tribe. The war broken out.

Tens of billions of soldiers of the Wu Tribe gathered outside of the Hall of Pan Gu. Looking at the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jiang raised his fist to the sky and shouted, "Sons of the Wu Tribe, follow me to wipe out the Demon Tribe in the Heavenly Court. Then the world our God the Father created will belong to our Wu Tribe. Let's fight!"

Emperor Jiang shouted and rushed to the Heavenly Court, followed by other Ancestor of sorcerer as well asWu Tribe'stens of billions of soldiers. Their figures clouded the Heaven and Earth, showing the war was large in scale and fierce. Between the Heaven and Earth, the battlefield was everywhere.

When the two armies were fighting with each other, it seemed to rain with blood in Heaven and Earth. The bloody rain gathered into a river running somewhere unknown. However, it was only the beginning. Since soldiers fought with soldiers and generals with generals, there was also formation versus formation.

"Sons of the Demon Tribe, form the Cosmic Stars Formation!" With Emperor Jun's words, countless Cosmic Star Banners appeared all over the Sky and numerous soldiers flew to their own positions. Sacred Demons including Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Xihe, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and others also went into the formation in succession. All the stars seemed to be attracted and soon a large formation was formed, which showed that the Demon Tribe had done much work for their Cosmic Stars Formation.

Moreover, with more powerful Origin of Cosmic Stars it connected to this time, the formation was strengthened as well. It amazed all living beings of the Untainted Land. People never expected that the scene that they saw last time was not the whole picture of the formation.

Looking at the Cosmic Stars Formation of the Demon Tribe, Emperor Jiang wore a grave expression and shouted, "Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, arrange!" The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery stood at their own positions holding one Divine Beings Banner respectively. All of a sudden, all Evil Spirit between Heaven and Earth gathered at an amazing speed.

People all understood that not only the Demon Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation had strengthened, but also the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation had also become stronger, which could be seen from the speed and quantity when gathering Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth . A fierce battle was about to begin.

Stars and Evil Spirit collided with each other, leaving the whole world in a mess and numerous soldiers killed. Faced with such a loss, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery immediately decided to fight a quick battle. "Real Entity of Pangu, gather!"

Endless Evil Spirit gradually gathered at the center of the tactical formation and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery began converging into the Real Entity of Dharma Laksana and finally merging into one. From the mass of Evil Spirit, a tall and muscular man emerged. It was the Real Entity of Pangu. Although all living beings of the Untainted Land had seen it once, they felt shocked, even more shocked than last time.

"Axe..." Endless Evil Spirit gathered and formed a seemingly illusory black axe. It seemed that the axe was ready to feed itself with fresh blood and destroy everything. With more Evil Spirit between Heaven and Earth, the axe became more tangible.

Looking up at the Cosmic Stars Formation, the man waved the axe in his hands and shouted, "Creation of Heaven and Earth. Destroy the Stars. Cut!" Then a horrible axe split into the sky. What shocked them more was that the axe left ripples wherever it went. It was so horrible that it nearly split space.

Facing the attack, Emperor Jun gritted his teeth and shouted, "All stars fall and destroy everything. Fall!" All Cosmic Star Banners suddenly exploded and turned into numerous meteors, crashing into the axe and the formation. This was Emperor Jun's last resort against the Real Entity of Pangu.

"Boom!" A huge impact resounded throughout the world, like huge fireworks booming between Heaven and Earth as seen from afar. Unlike ordinary fireworks, this "fireworks" rendered everything into dust and ashes wherever it went, including countless soldiers that were nearby.

When the "fireworks" disappeared, everything became clear on the battlefield. Under the attack, both tribes suffered great damage. Hundreds of billions of demon soldiers died in the battle, and the Wu Tribe fared no better. Most importantly, the Demon Tribe lost their Cosmic Stars Formation, while the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation was broken. Since neither side gained the upper hand, they had to fight a terrible battle of life and death hand-to-hand.

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