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A+ A- Chapter 100: Division of the Three Pristine Ones

Soon enough, the gathering Creatures at the foot of Mount Kunlun all thronged inside of the Formation to accept the examinations of dispositions in hopes that they might be admitted to the Tribe of Enlightenment as inner disciples of the Primeval Saint. There they could learn the Teachings of the Jade Pure One and become immortals, free and unfettered. Most important of all, being a disciple of a Sage meant that they would be well protected.

However, the Illusion Formation arranged by the Sage was so powerful that most of those who broke into the formation were trapped inside unwittingly. Only 13 Cultivators got out, who depended on their extraordinary talent and tenacious will, and came a long way to the Primeval Saint after an arduous journey over hills and through rivers.

They were Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi, Ju Liusun, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Goddess of Mercy, Taoist cultivation, Spiritual Treasure, Void, Taiyi, Jade Tripod, Chi Jingzi, and Yellow Dragon. Origin was very happy to see all of them except Dipamkara, the sight of whom stunned him instead.

Dipamkara was transformed from the Primordial Sacred Coffin when the earth was created, and there was a Spiritual Lamp alight all year round at the end of it. Therefore, the cultivator that transformed out of the Primordial Coffin was called Dipamkara Taoist.

Dipamkara's cultivation was already in the Late Stage of Da Luo Golden Immortal, and he had also listened to the Teachings in Zixiao Palace with Origin before, though his cultivation was still in the Early Stage at that time. Never before had Origin thought that he would come, and now he felt a little awkward.

Origin referred to a calculation and affirmed that their master-disciple relationship was predestined. However, though Origin was now a Sage, he did accompany Dipamkara in listening to the Teachings of Zixiao Palace before, so he could naturally address him as Fellow Taoist. Now that Dipamkara was his disciple, he felt lost in a

thoughtful arrangement.

Origin had no choice but to say, "Fellow Taoist Dipamkara, you have already obtained the cultivation of Da Luo Golden Immortal and we both learned the Teachings in Zixiao Palace. Why should you kindly condescend to be a disciple of mine?" Since Dipamkara had made up his mind and came, politeness needed to be shown on Origin's part.

Dipamkara bowed in reverence and said, "I'm no more than a Da Luo Golden Immortal. Never would I dare to call you Fellow Taoist. If you would kindly accept me as your disciple, I would put in my heart and soul." The others, however, were all stunned at his powerful connections.

Hearing that, Origin did not insist on persuading him to quit. Instead, he said, "To your wishes, a listed disciple of mine you will be. And I authorize you to be a Deputy Sect Leader of the Tribe of Enlightenment, in charge of the outer disciples, and they would address you respectfully as Master."

Origin then looked at the other twelve. Jade Tripod and Red Elf were transformed from Primordial Crystal Stone, while Yellow Dragon was a member of the Dragon Tribe. Origin never liked the Demon tribe, yet since Yellow Dragon had survived the Formation, he simply accepted that. The rest of them were all members of the Human Tribe, which surprised Origin. These twelve later became the famous Twelve Golden Immortals of the Tribe of Enlightenment.

Apart from them, 10 or so outer disciples were accepted, among whom, the Old Immortal of the South was quite famous. With Dipamkara, Deputy Sect Leader of the Tribe of Enlightenment, taking charge of these outer disciples, Origin was quite reassured.

Compared with Origin, Tongtian did not make such a fuss as that. He just arranged a Formation to test the dispositions of all the comers. And he would pick some highly cultivated ones as his disciples among those who secured the formation, while others were registered as listed disciples of the Tribe

Tribe of Severity.

In a very short time, Tongtian accepted nearly 1,000 disciples, many of whom became widely heard of later, including Abundant Treasures Buddha, Sacred Lady Jin Ling, Sacred Lady Wu Dang, Sacred Lady Gui Ling, Zhao Gongming, Ladies of the Three Stars, and so on. Most of those were members of the Demon Tribe.

After recruitling disciples, Origin and Tongtian started imparting teachings in harmony. However, as time went by, initial peace gave way to mess and chaos. Mount Kunlun, big as it still was, was no longer a blessed place like it used to be. Conflicts broke out now and then.

Origin scolded, "How mindless you are to accept so many disciples. Never should you accept those soul demons, for most of them are mere Fowls and Beasts. We must follow the Way of Heaven, besides, cultivation and destiny should be seriously considered when choosing disciples. Why not keep a few superiors and send the others back? The people remaining would inherit the Taoism lineage."

Hearing the scoldings, Origin was flamed with anger and became further incensed when he heard Tongtian call him by name disrespectfully. He retorted, "Keep your hands out of this. Being not so mean as you, I am willing to spread my teachings to all creatures in Untainted Land. You always throw your weight around. Is it because you really think that I am scared of you?"

Ever since the enrolling of disciples, whenever conflicts occurred between these two tribes, Honoured Lord of the Origin would blame it on the Tribe of Severity. With due regard to their fraternity, Tongtian had been compromising before. Until now, he never thought that Origin would say such things as that, which challenged his patience.

Tongtian's words also incensed Origin. They had been quarreling for a long while before Laozi interrupted. "It's nonsense quarreling, for you both have your own way of teaching, it doesn't matter that you just adopt different ways." From afar, they saw the approaching Laozi

approaching Laozi with Xuandu.

At the sight of the Human Tribesman who accompanied Laozi back to Mount Kunlun, Origin said, "Brother, this disciple of yours, I can see, is of extraordinary character. Yet our third brother, Tongtian, is so indiscriminate in choosing his disciples, making such chaos in Mount Kunlun."

Those words infuriated Tongtian. He exclaimed in anger, "Well, if that is what bothers you, I will find a place as soon as I can, far away from you. Mount Kunlun is nothing important to me." Tongtian walked back without a turn of his head and took no time in gathering all of his disciples. Together, they headed downhill.

Origin was now regretful for what he had said, but he did not insist on their staying due to face. However, at the thought of a lot quieter Mount Kunlun, Origin was again in a good mood. For all his life, Origin had considered Mount Kunlun his home, which he naturally hoped to be tidy and cozy.

As Tongtian left Mount Kunlun, Laozi sighed. "I'd better find another Ashram as well. A fine place though it is, Mount Kunlun could apparently accommodate the Luck of only one Sage and I'll leave it to you, brother." As soon as he said so, he took Xuan Du downhill directly.

Origin was rooted by surprise, for never had he thought that this squabbling could actually separate the three brothers. Yet, he would not stoop to apologize, however regretful he might have been. But thinking that Mount Kunlun would be entirely his own, he felt happy.

Laozi took Xuan Du back to Mount Shouyang, where he built the Eight Wonders Palace and taught Xuan Du every day. They lived quite a tranquil life there. Whenever Laozi had some leisure time, he would refine elixir in a furnace. When the word was spread that a Sage put up in Mount Shouyang, numerous people were attracted there in the hope to be accepted as his disciples, yet nobody ever got a chance to a chance to see him.

Tongtian, with all his disciples, came to the East Sea, where they found a fairy island, named Golden Turtle Island. They built up the Jadeite Palace there and arranged the Ashram later. Tongtian called himself Lord of the Numinous Treasure. All of those who wanted to learn his teachings were welcomed and some of them might have a chance to be chosen as his disciples. By and by, the palace was crowded with visitors.

That the Three Pristine Ones had separated apart made all creatures in Untainted Land astonished. Among them, some felt quite excited about it, including Jieyin and Zhunti from the west. As the west was poverty-stricken, they had only accepted several disciples since they started the tribe, and they only had Medicine Buddha, Maitreya, and a few others as their disciples.

They rejoiced at the separation of the Three Pristine Ones. Zhunti laughed and said, "Now that the Three Pristine Ones has separated, our chance has come for us to revitalize the west." Differing from the west, which became barren after the Self-explosion of Luohou, the east had long been affluent. Though Jieyin and Zhunti tried hard to improve its condition, it was still incomparable to the east, so that creatures were seldom willing to go and settle there.

Jieyin smiled and said, "The Western Sect would prosper at last. It's just a matter of time. But at present, the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes are so powerful, besides, fraternity still holds the Three Pristine Ones together mentally. If we fight against the east at this juncture, the three brothers would certainly resist together. To revitalize the Western Sect is by no means easy."

Hearing this, Zhunti knitted his brows and sighed. "We must take the long view and give it further thought." His eyes were sparkling while he spoke. Not sure what Zhunti was planning about, Jieyin kept silent. He had a disposition of quietness, just like the personality of an ascetic monk. Most affairs were in the charge of Zhunti, and Jieyin was the one who supported him behind.

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