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Ye Feng maintained his calmness and lifted one leg to kick Elder Ning's face head-on.


"What you said can't threaten me. If you want to solve the issue, the only thing you can do now is to apologize." Ye Feng gave a glanced to Elder Ning and said in an indifferent voice.


"You…"Elder Ning showed his teeth. Several big front teeth in his mouth disappeared; his face was full of blood. How embarrassed he was!


Who could predict a Kendo Inheritance's Elder would fall into such a tight corner before?


All surrounding outer disciples felt their hearts beating faster; they were shocked by Ye Feng's cruelness.


"I give you the last chance to make an apology. If you give up, I will not ask you any more; I will fetch your remaining front teeth down!" Ye Feng cast a cool glimpse at Elder Ning. He seemed to be not afraid of the high status of Elder Ning at all.


Elder Ning opened his mouth and wanted to curse Ye Feng, but when he thought Ye Feng was yielded to neither the carrot nor the club he swallowed his words. It was equal to close his path if he infuriated Ye Feng. Elder Ning looked around and stared at other Elders for help; he expected they can do a favor.


However, those Elders blinked their eyes and avoided Elder Ning's sight. It was not because they didn't want to help him, but because Weng Wuyou was so mighty that even if all of them gave a hand, he couldn't be defeated by them!


"I'm…sorry!" In the end, Elder Ning lowered his head and made an apology.


"What? Louder, I didn't hear what you said just now." Ye Feng opened his mouth.


"I'm sorry! I, Ning Que, apologize to Ye Feng. I was impolite before!" Elder Ning cried out with wronged tears shimmering in his eyes.


"That's right. Don't throw your weight around later. You should know there are always many people stronger than you."Weng Wuyou slowly indicated that, cast a glance at Elder Ning and turned to Ye Feng, "Here we go. We should get back to Yuxu Inheritance's place."


Ye Feng nodded his head and came to Qu Linyin, "Hey, my maid. You don't need to take care of me these days. Please stay with Yurou and look after her!"


Yurou had suffered serious injuries. Although she maintained her life through the medicinal pills offered by Elder Fu, she was still weak and needed someone to take care of her.


"Okay. I must look after Yurou well!" Qu Linyin promised sternly. She would attach much importance to Yurou's health despite Ye Feng didn't remind her, because Yurou was her closest friend.


"Fine. I can put my mind at ease." Ye Feng nodded his head, said goodbye to Qu Linyin and walked behind Elder Weng.


"You care about yourself then!" Weng Wuyou's cool voice resounded. He waved his hand, a ray of light glittering. Immediately, the power suppressed Elder Ning vanished, and he fell down to the ground.


"Let's go." Weng Wuyou waved his hand again, a rainbow bridge turning up. He led Ye Feng to step on the bridge and leave here.


"In the future, Luoyun Sect will not be quiet…" Elder Fu's eyes lighted up; gazing at Weng Wuyou and Ye Feng, he whispered.


"This year's inheritance competition is fuck wonderful!" All people stared at Weng Wuyou and Ye Feng who were far away. All of them knew Ye Feng would rise sharply and become an admired cultivator!


In fact, they were not only astounded by Ye Feng, but also by Weng Wuyou. It was said that Yuxu Inheritance was incomplete so nobody could be successful by cultivating it. However, just now, Weng Wuyou greatly changed their minds! Who did say Yuxu Inheritance is declining? Weng Wuyou was extremely powerful; it was very difficult for Elders of other Inheritances to catch up with him. Weng Wuyou could be regarded as one of the top cultivators in Luoyun Sect!


Additionally, Weng Wuyou paid many attentions to and protected his disciple very well. Ye Feng met with a mishap, he instantly appeared and stuck up for Ye Feng. No matter how respected the opponent was, he insisted Ye Feng should receive an apology!


At this moment, all people couldn't help but to be envious of Ye Feng. If they confront the same affair, their Elders would not shield them; instead, their Elders would force them to apologize to Elder Ning! That's the difference! Nearly all people let out a sigh and regretted not to choose Yuxu Inheritance.

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