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"Interesting! Ye Feng may share some common features with Chen Xilai…" Du Chong, ranking 17th on Qingyun List, gazed at Ye Feng with expectations.


"Did you say 'One Sword Xilai' - Chen Xilai?" Fang Tian, ranking 15th on Qingyun List, was surprised. He didn't imagine his friend Du Chong would make such a high evaluation of Ye Feng. Nearly all people knew that except Phoenix Lin Xi, Chen Xilai, the top on Qingyun List, was the most talented disciple in Luoyun Sect!


Among outer disciples, Mu Chen stood up on the lift; his eyes were fixed on Ye Feng, filling up with resentment. Ye Feng replaced him to enjoy this honorable moment that should have belonged to him! He was angry about losing the inheritance competition and bringing shame on Kendo Inheritance.


"Hongling, does your elder cousin get back?" Mu Chen laughed grimly.


"I received a letter from my family few days ago. It said my elder cousin is at home now." Hongling's face was cold; she also hated Ye Feng to the bone.


"That's good…"Mu Chen peered at Ye Feng with a malevolent smile.


"Weng Wuyou! In terms of your two persons, are you whimsical to raise the devil?" Elder Ning jeered. Yuxu Inheritance was powerful, so what? It just had two persons! Particularly Yuxu Inheritance was incomplete! How could it compete with his Kendo Inheritance? They should know Founder was also polite to Kendo Inheritance!


"I don't want to talk with you. Ye Feng, go and slap him severely until he apologizes." Weng Wuyou found a green stone and hunkered on it with composure.


"No problem. Teacher!" Ye Feng replied and walked to Elder Ning, grinning with dissatisfaction.


"Ye Feng…If you touch me, I'm ensured you will think death is a relief in the future!" Elder Ning's expression was greatly changed. If he was slapped by an outer disciple, he would prefer to die!




Sonorous sound echoed. Ye Feng had no hesitation to raise his arms and slap Elder Ning.


"Make an apology or not?" Ye Feng rebuked Elder Ning in a cold voice and continued to slap him. Quickly, Elder Ning's face was swollen as a pig, with blood emerging on the corners of his mouth.


"I will kill you!" Elder Ning went crazy. If he was not limited by Weng Wuyou's power, if he could move, he would jump up and kill Ye Feng relentlessly.


All spectators were stupefied; they were astonished by Ye Feng's audacity. He slapped an Elder! This was an astounding affair! Nobody could think that thing would happen before!


"You still lack the awareness of apologizing. It seems I need to work harder." Ye Feng was calm, but in fact, his hands were sparkling, the power of the initial Saint Physique breaking out. Ye Feng straight whacked Elder Ning's face with his big hand.




Elder Ning squirted blood with a tooth. Obviously, this slap was very mighty!


"I must kill you!" Elder Ning roared. The fury nearly rushed out from his eyes.

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