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Chapter  68  Backboned Wang He



"Who is behind you ?"


 At the side of Wang He, Ye Feng asked gently in the ear of Wang He.


"I won't tell you!"


Staring at Ye Feng,Wang He's face was filled with reconciling.


It was never occured him that  he would lose so thoroughly without hurting Ye Feng a hair.




Ye Feng kicked out, and Wang He was flew out directly, and then fell heavily on the ground.


"You won't tell me?!"


Ye Feng appeared again at Wang He's side, looking at Wang He with cold eyes.


"Humph, as long as I admit defeat, you can't force me!"


Wang He gritted his teeth,and then he opened his mouth and was about to shout out the words of "admit defeat", but before he could speak out, he was directly kicked away by Ye Feng.


"Tell me,or you will never leave here today."


With the clothes fluttering,Ye Feng looked at Wang He coldly.


He didn't know Wang He at all, and Wang He had no reason to kill him. It must be someone else who behind him instructed Wang He to kill him.


"I ……!"


Wang He opened his blooding mouth  and wanted to admit defeat.


Otherwise, he would definitely be killed by Ye Feng!


With a bang, Ye Feng kicked him again, so that his could not finish his words.

" As long as you  tell me the name of the person who behind you, I will let you go."


Ye Feng looked at Wang He . 

"I won't tell you unless I die!"


Wang He said firmly with his bloody mouth.


"Well, as you wish!"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold, and he swung Wang He, and then throw him heavily on the ground.


After several times, the bones of Wang He were all broken, and Wang He's face turned pale by pain.


And then, Ye Feng broken Wang He's arms.


"The next is your leg."


Ye Feng said coldly.


For Wang He, he had no sympathy.


He always wanted to kill him. If he did not have the strongest system and did not have the power, he would not live until now, but was tortured to death by Wang He!


"Stop dreaming!"


Wang He gnashed his teeth while his forehead was filled with cold sweat, but he did not yield.




Ye Feng's eyes were cold and indifferent, and he directly broke Wang's legs.




Wang He screamed.The pain he had suffered was obviously beyond  his endurance.


In fact, it was not that he didn't want to tell Ye Feng, but was he didn't dare to!


Because he knew how terrible the person behind him was.If he really told Ye Feng, he would end up worse than this!


"It's useless to ask you."


Ye Feng raised his eyebrows, directly kicking Wang He out the site!


He was sure that there would be no result if he kept asking him. No matter what he had done to him,Wang He would not tell him anything.


" Being beaten by Ye Feng so heavily, Senior Brother Wang He still did not give up. He is really a model for us to learn!"


The whole audience burst into a wave of exclamations, they all moved by Wang He's spirit.


After hearing the shouts from the outer disciples around him, he got blind with anger with a mouthful blood was spurted out.Then he passed out directly!


It was not that he did not want to admit defeat, but he had no chance to admit defeat...!


"Wang He is great! Even I can't stand seeing him being beat many times and want to stop this test, but he still hasn't given up. What a backboned guy he is! He is really  a disciple of Luoyun Sect!"


Fu Elder was also moved by Wang He's performance, thinking that this was what a real man should do!


If Wang He was not fainting now, he would certainly shout out that it was not that he wanted to insist,but he had to!

Just after Ye Feng just ended the battle, on the other side, many people ended the battle as well.


"Xiao Teng is really strong, and the sixth ranked Senior brother has been defeated directly by him after a short time!"


All the outer disciples were  lamented.


Xiao Teng was really so strong that there is a tendency to win the first for him!


"Hey, if Xiao Teng fight with Mu Chen, who will win?"


A  outer disciple asked.


"Not sure, although Mu Chen was very strong, we hadn't seen Xiao Teng before so that no one knows about his real power!"


Another outer disciple's  said with a dignified face.


"And Ye Feng is also a dark horse with a strong imposing. What if he fight with Xiao Teng?"


The outer disciple asked again.


"Still not sure. Ye Feng had improved too fast recently. We had hears a lot of things about him which repeatedly refreshed people's understanding of him. If he really fight with Xiao Teng, it is really not sure that who will win !"


A lot of outer disciples were talking about Ye Feng and Xiao Teng.


Their amazing performance even weakened the dazzling aura of Mu Chen and others.


"Why is this nasty guy so strong!"


Qu Linyin frowned her eyebrows. She was waiting  defeating Ye Feng and accepting him as her  servant after a month .


But now it seemed that it was difficult to achieve .


"The fifth round begins!"


The middle-aged was excited and shouted .


"Ye Feng, I personally appreciate you very much, but I also hate you so much."


A boy dressed in white cloth said, looking at Ye Feng while shaking his head again and again.


Ye Feng frowned and wondered the reason why he  hate him because he did not know him at all.


"You have endless potential, but you have done  one thing wrong!"


The boy's face suddenly cooled down.Staring at Ye Feng,he said: "You dare to accept my darling,Qu Linyin as your maid! Today I will give your  insult  back to you!"


Ye Feng then suddenly got clear.


It turned out that this  boy was also the fanatic pursuit of Qu Linyin.


"What's your attitude? Do you know who I am?!"


The  boy got mad. Ye Feng's attitude was really too irritating as if he did not put him in the eye!


"Who are you? I really don't know about that."


"I am the sixth ranked outer disciple,Lu Qianyu!"


Lu Qianyu's face showed a arrogant look and said loudly.


"I still don't know."


"you wanna die?!"


Lu Qianyu got angry.As the sixth ranked outer disciple, everyone would know about him in the whole Luoyun Sect!


With a bang, he moved with a jade fan appeared in his hand, which was crystal clear and extraordinary!

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