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Chapter  67  Ye Feng vs Wang He


"This year's outer disciples get more and more horror...!"


Many inner disciples exclaimed.


Besides Mu Chen, Chen Zhong, Mo Fanlai, this time Ye Feng and Xiao Teng performed even more amazingly.


" The test begins!"


The middle-aged man screamed and opened the curtain of the fourth round of the test!


"The battle is ruthless, the fists and feet are blind, life and death are destined! This time I can finally report on Senior Brother'd mission of the inner disciples!"


Wang Hu was not well-intentioned. He wanted to kill Ye Feng in this test!


With a bang,he was glowing and suddenly rushed toward the leaf wind Ye Feng  like the arrow of the bow.


It seemed that he was disdainful to Ye Feng on the surface, he was kind of afraid of him in his heart.


Therefore, at the beginning of the test, he took the lead in attacking.


"Yeah, the battle is ruthless, the fists and feet are blind, life and death are desitined!"


Ye Feng had no fear, repeating the words that Wang He just said with chilling light in his eyes.


He bent over and bowed, and gathered his all strength. When Wang He suddenly rushed to him, he  exploded all his strength exploded and directly punched Wang He with a fierce fist!




The deafening sound rang. Ye Feng and Wang He all retreated several meters at the same time.




Wang He cursed.Ye Feng was actually well-matched in strength and capability with him, which made him really unacceptable!


You must know that he was the tenth person during the outer disciples with 9th Layer Qi condensation realm.


And Ye Feng's cultivation, although he did not know it very clearly, but it was certain that he was absolutely not stronger than him!


At the same time, there was also a sense of horror raised in his heart.


He knew very well about Ye Feng. Less than two months ago, Ye Feng was still a factotum disciple.


Now, Ye Feng had improved a lot!


"Wu JI  stick!"


Wang He frowned. He would never allow himself to lose in the hands of Ye Feng!So he took out his Magic Tool.


"Do you want to use your weapons?"


Ye Feng smiled lightly, then shook his head gently and said: "Fine, I will use my hands.You are not worth to me to use weapons."




Wang He was furious and Ye Feng's attitude really affected his self-esteem .

With a bang, he moved, holding a black stick, and swept to Ye Feng!


This stick was very powerful, bringing a hurricane that shocked the sky.


"This is not presumptuous, but self-confidence!"


Ye Feng's face was calm. Facing Wang He's fierce stick, he did not have any fear. He lighted up his double fists and directly hit the stick.




Mars splashed and the metal trembled. Ye Feng's fists looked like steel, and hit the stick to rang.


"What a poweful physical strength!"


In the stands, the Fu Elder was dignified. He could sense that Ye Feng did not use divine power, but was fighting with his own physical strength!


What really shocked him was Ye Feng's physical strength had reached such a powerful realm.


Around, whether the outer disciple or an inner disciple, or even the three masters of the Qing Yun Ranking, they were all surprised !


Their cultivation was probably higher than Ye Feng, but about physical strength, they were even not as much as one ten thousandth of Ye Feng!




In the face of the amazing physical strength of Ye Feng, Wang He was not shocked, but looked disdainful.


In his heart, the cultivator should be debonair with fairyism temperament and could overturned the river wand sea just by turning his hand lightly.


Like Ye Feng who were like the beast would not make any big progress in their cultivation in the future!


"Stick sweeps!"


Wang He's eyes were gazed while the stick in his hands shone the brilliance . Suddenly,hundreds of thousands of the sticks appeared and  attacked to Ye Feng together.


The sky was filled with the dark clouds and  was infected by the  gloomy and scary imposing of the attack.


"Down to the hell!"


With the cold voice, Wang He looked like Ye Feng like watching the dead person.


This was a kind of immortal skill that he had only recently learned which even the people with the same level couldn't bear.


"In the future, it will be better to change the rules. Some people dare to use the Top grade Magic Tool!"


 Looking at Wang He, Fu Elder said with chilling voice.


At first glance, he had recognized the Wu Ji stick in the hands of Wang He was a powerful top grade Magic Tool!


 The top grade Magic Tool was too powerful that could improve the user fighting power to double times!


In this way,during the inheritance test, using the top grade Magic Tool  meant unfair to others!


"Unfortunately, Ye Feng maybe stop here."


The two elders sighed.They were very optimistic about Ye Feng and believed that Ye Feng could get a good result in this big ratio.


But now it changed!


Wang He's own strength was already very high, and now with a top grade Magic Tool in his hand, Ye Feng had no chance of winning!


On the test site, there were thousands of sticks.Ye Feng stood under the shadow of sticks in a difficult situation.


"Fire Cloud!"


Ye Feng's eyes were shining, and in the face of the thousands of sticks that were about to fall, he had no hesitation and released the upgraded Fire Cloud.




The fireballs appeared and gathered together like a sea of ​​fire, directly burning the thousands of sticks!


"This... is the Fire Cloud?!"


An elder was shocked.


Fire cloud was just an immortal skill in Earth level that should not have such a power!


"Ye Feng is not simple!"


Said by Fu Elder. The power of Fire Cloud that Ye Feng had displayed could definitely compete with some top grade immortal skill in the Earth  level!


"How can this be?!"


Wang He yelled with a astonished face.


It was a powerful strength and directly burned his stick and also attacked him fiercely.




Wang He yelled and ran his divine power. There was a blue light came out of him to resist the attack of the Fire Cloud.




The blue light collided with the fireball and made a loud noisy.


However, the power of the fireball was so terrible that the blue light couldn't even stop it for a moment and then directly was burned by the fireball.


Wang He's face changed greatly. He did not hesitate to speed up to avoid the attack.


With a bang, he flew straight out!


Ye Feng had guessed that Wang He 's intention. Before Wang He moved, his attack had already arrived and hit Wang He hit  ruthlessly!




Wang He's face was pale, and a large mouthful of blood was sprayed in his mouth, giving the ground a red color.

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