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Chapter  47  The Six Inheritance



Ye Feng returned to the assessment site, and all the disciples at this time were talking .


"Now Wang He had left, then our assessment still count or not?...?"


The disciples were worried. They had been waiting for this day after they entered the Sect, they waited for this day. But now,it had became like this!


Meanwhile, a rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky, and the elder of the assessment who first left was actually coming back.


"The previous assessment results are invalid and you will have a new assessment!"


The elder looked very unhappy.


As soon as he had just returned to the room to cultivation, he was forcibly called by the elder Luo, and rebuked heavily.


But he did not dare to resist...


Luo elder's words were correct, and he could not find any excuse for rebuttal.


"This damn Wang He, even get me into trouble, I trust him so much. After this incident, I must give him a lesson!"


Elder of assessment was really mad at Wang He.


Dared to stop disciple from passing the assessment ! It was really timid and damn !


Many of the disciples were no willing to do it, but no one dared to come forward to say something. They stood on the 100-meter line and began to prepare for the second lift.


Ye Feng was no exception. He didn't say much and walked quietly to the 100-meter line, and easily lifted the tripod into the sky, and maintained for an hour. He was the first one who passed the assessment smoothly.


Yurou seemed to be weak, but her own strength was very tyrannical, she was the second person to pass the assessment after Ye Feng.


Subsequently, several disciples also passed the assessment with excitement.


However, there were still some of the disciples who had not passed the assessment.Although their strength had reached the 3rd Qi condensation realm, there was still some weakness in the control of the power for them, even if they had another chance, they had not passed the assessment.


" the disciples who passed the assessment, come with me."


The elder looked impatient and said, he was very upset and did not encourage the losers. Instead, he directly colded his face and walked toward another area.


Ye Feng calmly followed up.


Yurou and others did not delay, also followed closely.


Soon, they came to the front of a large hall, and the hall was solemn and ancient, giving a feeling of extreme dignity.


"This is the Hall of choosing Master,  go with yourself."


The elders waved his hands,and then left the place directly with the rainbow.


"This... this elder is too irresponsible."


A  disciple said with a slight complaint.


"stop talking, let's go in."


A total of 18 disciples passed the assessment. They were excited and went directly to the Hall.


"Congratulations to all the disciples who passed the assessment and came to the hall of Choosing Mater. Let me give you a detailed explanation of each inheritance and its advantages in our Sect in order to facilitate the better choice of you."


A young boy with red lips and white teeth appeared. He was dressed in blue and was temperamental and elegant with a polite smile on his face .


"Thank you,Senior brother!"


Many of disciples were excited to salute the boy.


They came to the Sect through hard work, in order to become a disciple of the Sect to practice in the high level method and to embark on the path of cultivation.


"don't need to say that, it is my duty to guide you here, this is my duty."


The boy had always been smiling and very polite, gave them a very comfortable feeling.


Even the beautiful Yurou, could not help but look at the teenager several times.


"Our Sect was founded by the Masato Luoun. It has a history of 1,600 years. Until now,there were many major inheritances have created. Every inheritance has its own method. And each of them can be described as powerful and unparalleled."


The guy was very responsible and explained the history and inheritance of Luoyun Sect in great detail for the disciples.


"Junior brothers, this statue you saw is the statue of Masato Luoun who have found the Sect."


In the center of the main hall, the statue of the Masato Luoun was as vivid as life, as if he was still alive with the immortal body and compassionate face .


The teenager bowed respectfully to the statue of the Masato Luoun.


The disciples behind him also hurriedly bowed to it.


"The next few statues are the first generations of elders in our Sect, and each of them represents a kind of supreme inheritance and also the peak of the inheritance."


Below the statue of the Masato Luoun, six statues were discharged in turn, and each statue was engraved in a vivid in powerful way.


Below the six statues, there was a glorious portal.


"Senior brother, which of the six inheritances is more powerful?"


A disciple asked.


Since they needed to choose, of course they wanted to choose the strongest inheritance.


The teenager smiled and said: "For every kind of inheritance, if you cultivate it to the extreme ,you will have the unpredictable power, so there is no comparable."


"But there are always some difference." A hard-working disciple couldn't help but said.


"You are right." The young man nodded and smiled lightly: "But in the way of cultivation, who knows what gonna happened in the future? If you can cultivate any of the six major inheritances to the extreme, and the power is equally horrible, but how many people can make it finally?"


"Naturally, in the process of practicing these inheritances, these inheritances have a strong and weak point."


"At present, the first inheritance of our Sect is the kendo inheritance. The kendo inheritance is a supreme sword method. After the cultivation, you even can cut off the sun and moon, the power will be unparalleled."


The boy said while his eyes flew to a statue. This statue was the first generation elder of the kendo.


"At present, Besides the "heaven phoenix"Lin Xi ,the first master of the Sect is the 'Sword XIlai' from the kendo inheritance, Chen Xilai."


Many disciples  looked at the statue of the elder of Kendo with passion .


"You don't need to be anxious, after I explained the other inheritance, you can make plans again, so that you can choose a more suitable inheritance."


The teenager smiled and introduced the other four heritages to the disciples.


However, these disciples were lacking in interest in these four major inheritances, and they still had a high passion for kendo inheritance.


"There is still one that you have not introduced?"


Ye Feng slightly frowned and asked.


The teenager looked at Ye Feng, and his eyes were slightly surprised.


"This inheritance, we do not need to mention it,for three hundred years, no one chose this inheritance." The teenager shook his head.


"What kind of inheritance is this?" Ye Feng came to the interest and continued to ask.


"Once, this inheritance was absolutely the first inheritance of Sect, and it has a very history. But it is a pity that three hundred years ago, this inheritance was almost ended, and the inheritance left was lacking so that it could not be cultivated completely. "


The teenager said with a look of regret.

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