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Chapter  48  The Downfallen Inheritance


"Once the gateway to this inheritance, it could be described as extremely prosperous, thousands of people waiting to enter this inheritance, it was brilliant to the extreme. "


Young man sighed deeply with a regretful face.


Spoke of this inheritance, he was very proud of it. It was the most prosperous moment of the Luoyun Sect. All the world came to learn it, which was definitely the truth.


But now, this inheritance was broke off and incomplete,at the same time, the fame of the Luoyun Sect was falling down, and no longer could be squeezed into the top sects.


"I would like to chose this inheritance to cultivate."


Ye Feng whispered, and his eyes were shining with a very firm looking.


"What?! You have to think clearly about that,Junior brother. This inheritance is already broken and it is difficult to achieve something."


The teenager was shocked. He though Ye Feng was a really cultivation guy, and was not a normal disciple. So that he couldn't bear him to go on the wrong road.


"Glory is a thing of the past, Ye Feng, you should not be tempted."


Yurou's eyebrows were frowned, and said to Ye Feng.


"it's of no consequence, I absolutely believe that this inheritance has a relationship with me.Maybe I can get a complete inheritance one day."


Ye Feng chuckled, and he chose this inheritance to be naturally not arrogant, but to have his plans.


He owned the strongest system, and as long as the experience was enough, he could definitely restore this broken inheritance.


"Junior Brother..." The young man spoke again, trying to persuade him again, but before he had finished the words, he was directly interrupted by Ye Feng.


"Excuse me, how can i officially become a disciple of this inheritance?"


The boy 's face was full of the pity,he really didn't want Ye Feng to make a wrong choice, but Ye Feng's attitude was too hard so that he had to honestly said: Junior Brother, you need enter the light door under the statue of the elders and it will send you to the mountain of inheritance, then it means that you have officially become a disciple of this inheritance."


"Just by this?"


Ye Feng's face was amazed. In his imagination, to be a disciple of such an extraordinary inheritance should be very troublesome.


"Actually,it is not easy. This light door has the function of investigating the physical fitness of the disciples. Only those who conform to the inheritance can enter the mountain smoothly."


"Then I will try it first." Ye Feng's face was calm and then he went straight to the light door.


Without any hesitation, and there was no impeding at all,Ye Feng successfully passed the light door.


"It seems that this junior brother does have a relationship with this inheritance. In the past, in hundreds of thousands of disciples, only a few dozen qualified disciples could enter it."


The young man sighed with a pity look, he felt sorry for Ye Feng, such a good cultivator, finally ruined his own future by himself.


You must knew that in the Luoyun Sect, once the inheritance was selected, it could not be changed.


Other disciples were not the same as the expressions of the young man. They were very happy that Ye Feng had chosen this inheritance.


When Ye Feng was a waste, they could always bully him.


Now, the rise of Ye Feng had left them far behind, they were deeply jealous.


So when Ye Feng chose a wrong road, they were very happy.


"What a pity."


It's a pity on the pretty face of Yurou.


She was very optimistic about Ye Feng, and she liked the personality of Ye Feng. She also believed that Ye Feng would definitely not be a mediocre person in the future and would have great achievements.


But she never thought that Ye Feng actually broke the his road of cultivation and chose a useless inheritance.


"Well, all you guys please began to choose to inherit."


The young man opened his mouth while he converted the pity into a smile.


Yurou did not hesitate and stepped into the kendo inheritance.


Her sister,one of the inner disciple of Luoyun Sect, had warned her early that she must chose the kendo inheritance. Otherwise, she would not achieve great successes in the future by other inheritance.


What's more, her sister also told her clearly that although there were six inheritances in Luoyun Sect, in fact, in addition to the kendo inheritance, the other five major inheritances belonged to the existence of chicken ribs, and there was no strong inheritance among them.


With a bang, there was no stopped, Yurou directly passed through the portal of the kendo inheritance.


Later, other disciples did not hesitate and also chose the kendo inheritance, but unfortunately, not everyone was in line with the conditions of the kendo inheritance, only a few people passed through the gateway of that.


And the remaining disciples also unfortunately gave up the kendo inheritance and turned to the portal of other inheritance.


In Luoyun Sect, on a desolate and remote mountain, Ye Feng stood in the spot with amazement.


"Holy crap?!"


It was really too declining here, there was not any scene of one place of inheritance should be.


There was no anyone in the surroundings, and the whole ground were all with yellow leaves while the weeds were overgrown, and the old trees were bare and bleak.


"Isn't that even the elders here?!"


Ye Feng was shocked, there was no trace of human activity at all.


If there was really don't even have an elder, then he really had made a wrong choice.


Even with the strongest system, it was impossible to restore this inheritance!


Just then, in a dilapidated palace on the hill, suddenly a thin, wrinkled old man came out.


" elder?!"


Ye Feng's eyes was opened brightly, his face was excited toward the old man.


The old man only looked at Ye Feng with a calm look, and then walked back to the dilapidated palace and closed the gate of the palace.


Ye Feng was speechless.


"Forget it, I have the strongest system, and the cultivation method too. For the time being, I will cultivate here with peace of mind!"


Ye Feng was comforting himself. There were just him and the old man here. He could cultivate without any disturb,which was also a good thing for him.


If he was really enter the other inheritance of many people, even if he hided well, one day he would expose the secrets of him.


"Go first to get the resources!"


Ye Feng's eyes were lit up, the reason that why he wanted to be a outer disciple was the  resources of cultivation.


These spiritual resources could not only be used to cultivate, but also could convert into experience values, which was very important for him now.


He did not hesitate and walk down the mountain toward the Spiritual Tower.


Spiritual Tower was a very famous place in the Luoyun Sect where a large number of spiritual cores and magic tools were stored, which was also the soul of the Luoyun Sect.


When Ye Feng was still working as a disciple, these disciples often talked about the Spiritual Tower, hoping that one day they could enter it to pick a favorite Magic Tool.


Therefore, Ye Feng was very familiar with Spiritual Tower, and he did not need anyone else to lead, he could find the Spiritual Tower by himself.


Spiritual Tower was independent on a mountain, surrounded by clouds and mists, and it looked very extraordinary.


Soon, he came to the mountain where the Spiritual Tower was located.


But when he was about to go up the mountain, he was suddenly stopped by a disciple.


"Stop, where are you from? Dare to creep in the outer gate of the mountain,and also want to break into the Spiritual Tower?!"


A cold yelling sounded, and the disciple looked at Ye Feng with anger.

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