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Chapter  45  The Agreement of A Month (1)





Dead silence!


All the disciples were staring at the angry old elder.


They were same with Wang He,didn't understand why Luo elder was so angry.


"Elder...i... i... didn't do anything?"


Wang He said cautiously, his hands were covering his cheeks, in case that Luo elder would slap him again.


"what are you doing!"


Luo elder's eyes were cold. He waved his hand and a huge amount of energy fluctuated,Wang He flew out again and fell heavily on the ground, this time he broke several ribs.


Wang He's face was painful, and he climbed hard from the ground and cursed in his heart.


What the hell?


This elder was like a madman. He got mad at him for no reason and almost killed him.


Especially,he had been asking what he is doing...


What did he do?


"Elder... please tell me, what's wrong with me?."


Wang He trembled and his body could not stand up any hurts anymore. He was already half-dead.


Luo elder's face was full of anger, and he walked toward Wang He step by step. The treffying power was released, which directly scared Wang He down to the ground.


"Just tell me what you were doing just now!"


Wang He's face was pale, what was he doing?


Catching the Ye Feng...


Was this the reason why Luo elder got so angry with him?


He gritted his teeth and said: "Ye Feng ignored the rules and used the heterodoxy to pass the assessment. I really can't allow it, so i want to get Ye Feng and send him to the Ministry of Justice !"




The crisp slap sounded again, and Wang He's face got another red slap printing again on the other side.


He was stunned directly.


Luo elder was too unreasonable, Why should he be beaten by him?


"do you know who he is?"


Luo elder pointed at Ye Feng, and shouted.


Who was he?


Wasn't he a waste disciple?


Who else could he be?


Wang He did not know why, he said: "He is a factotum disciple of the Sect."




The slap sounded again, and Wang He's cheeks were red and swollen, and he looked like a pig now.


"He is the savior of the daughter of the Sect Leader!"


Luo elder's looked at Wang He coldly and angered: "If it wasn't for me to come in time, he almost killed by you!"


The savior of the daughter of the Sect Leader?


Wang He was confused again.


At the same time, he regretted deeply his heart. If he knew that Ye Feng was the savior of Sect Leader's daughter, he would not obstruct the assessment of Ye Feng at all, instead he would definitely let Ye Feng pass the assessment very smoothly.


"Elders... It was my fault, Ye Feng did not make mistake, it was me who was looking for his trouble!"


Wang He's attitude changed very quickly. He knew that he couldn't take Ye Feng away any more, or he would really be killed directly by Luo elder.


"Elder,Wang He is really hateful. Ye Feng passed his assessment with his own strength. As a result, Wang He was secretly obstructing Ye Feng's assessment, and even at the end, he even brazenly shot on Ye Feng despise of the rules!"


Yurou told everything she saw without any concealment.


"You don't need do anything, go to the Ministry of Justice to get the punishment!"


Luo elder said in a chilling voice, Wang He was really bold,dared to judge the assessment of outer disciples as a child game.




Wang He's face changed greatly and he cried out to Luo elder.


He committed such a big mistake, if he was sent to the Ministry of Justice, he would have to suffer a lot.


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