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Chapter  38  Youth with short hair (2)



On the trial path, Ye Feng walked easily and did not feel any pressure.


And next to him, some of the disciples breathed deeply. Their cultivation was low and they did not reach the 3rd Layer condensation realm. They came here and just wanted to try their luck.


The more they moved forward, the greater the pressure was, and the number of disciples were also significantly reduced.


Ye Feng kept a calm face.After a long distance a,he still did not feel the pressure at all.


"This... Ye Feng, what's the level of his cultivation now?"


A panting disciple looked at Ye Feng with an envious face. He was already in the limit here and couldn't even make any further, but Ye Feng still walked easily.


"I don't know... but I know clearly that Xiao Yun, a disciple of the 5th QI condensation realm was killed by him."

Another disciple said.




The face of disciple who had just asked changed a lot full of shock.


Ye Feng was calm and leisurely, his footsteps were as steady as mountain, and he walks forward step by step, not rushing or slowing down.


"We almost get to the top."


Ye Feng looked up. From the top of the mountain to the entrance, it was only a few hundred meters away.


He looked around for a while, and now there were only a dozen disciples who still stood here.


This elimination rate was too high. There were more than 500 disciples at first. However, now there were more than a dozen left in the end, and these people were also not necessarily able to hold out until the last.


At this moment, Ye Feng's eyebrows suddenly raised, and he felt a strong pressure coming from all directions, such as there was a mountain on your head.


"It seems that we have reached the pivotal place so that the pressure has increased."


Ye Feng's face was not nervous at all .


He did not use divine power,instead he exploded the physical strength of the first-order Saint Physique to resist the pressure in all directions, and the stepped toward the top of the mountain.


With a loud bang, a disciple in front of him could not stand the pressure and rolled down from the top.


"Are you okay? Don't force yourself."


Ye Feng calmly held the disciple, so that he could stop rolling down.


"Thank you."


The face of disciple was pale and it was his limit to get here. The pressure in front was too great for him to move forward.




Ye Feng smiled friendly, and then continued to move forward.


At this moment, a jeering voice sounded behind him.


"humnph! You'd better to protect yourself first!"


Ye Feng looked back and saw a few young people looking at him with a big smile.


"who are you?"


Ye Feng frowned, these young people looked very unusual and unlike ordinary disciples.


"It's important,the important one is that someone does not want you to live on."


A young man with short hair came out with vigor,he was very proud of himself, and looked at Ye Feng with a provocative attitude.


Ye Feng was alert, he was thinking about whom these young people served for.


Wang He?


Zi Qing?


Bai Jie?


He thought about all the people he had grudged for, and felt that these people were likely to attack him.


"Do you want to go down by yourself, or prefer us to do you a favor?"


The young man looked at Ye Feng with a sly look, he did not put Ye Feng in his eyes.


"Who sent you here?"


Ye Feng's face was slightly dark, and his eyes were cold and looked at the short hair youth.

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