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Chapter  39  Zhao Furen


"It seems that you do not want to cooperate?"


Youth with short hair looked at Ye Feng, he was kind of impatience.


"Well, throw him down from here."


The young man with a short hair was indifferent and waved his hand. Some young people behind him looked ferociously at Ye Feng.


The imposing of these young people was unusual, and the cultivation of them should also be on the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation.


And the short hair youth was stronger than these young people, his cultivation of the realm should be above the 5th Layer.


Ye Feng raised his eyebrow. The people who could send so many disciples of 5th QI condensation realm here to deal with him. It seemed that the status of the person should be very unusual.


"You must blame you for sinning against someone who shouldn't offend!"


A young man smiled wickedly, his fists lingered with glory, and strucked Ye Feng by a punch.


"Really? Then I should to see whom I have offended!"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold, and the physical strength of the first-order Saint Physique exploded then kicked out directly on the young man's fist.


A crisp voice of bones broken sounded, the young man's face was pale and there was cold sweat broke out on his face. His hand bones were totally broken by Ye Feng.




Ye Feng shot again. He kicked directly on the young man's head. At that time, the young man flew out of the air, his mouth spurted with blood, and then he fell  down from the trial path.


With a loud bang, the faces of other young people had changed a lot.


They did not expect Ye Feng would be so strong, only by two kicks, he solved a cultivator with a 5th Qi condensation realm!


They looked at each other, and no one dared to shoot Ye Feng and backed up unconsciously.


"No wonder that she let us come here together. I thought she was a bit exaggerated, but now it seems that everything she said is true."


There was the killing flashed in the eyes of a young man.


They were told by the people who sent them here that although Ye Feng was only a factotum disciple, his strength was absolutely unspeakable. He had killed two disciples with Magic Tools that on the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation.


At that time, he thought that the person who had entrusted them was exaggerated.How could a factotum disciple do?


But now,After saw that Ye Feng had dealed with a cultivator with 5th Layer QI condesation just by two kicks, he suddenly understood that the person did not exaggerate,Ye Feng was definitely not a general factotum disciple!


"Can you tell me now, who is the one sent you here?"


Ye Feng's eyes lighted up and he shouted in a cold voice.


"If you think you can deal with us in this way, then you are too naive!"


The short hair youth laughed and his face showed a disdain.


He admitted that Ye Feng was strong, but he was definitely not weak, and he also had four 5th QI condensation realm cultivators on the side. It was not a big deal for him to subdue Ye Feng.


"If you don't..." Ye Feng paused, his eyes suddenly gazed, and he sneered, "I'll open your mouth!"


His body moved like a wind, and a punch hit out which directly flew a young man.


"Go ahead!"


The short hair youth yelled.Be provoked by a factotum disciple, it really made him angry in his heart.


The three youths moved, and their whole body was shining brightly. The cultivation of the 5th QI condensation realm was released without reservation.


Ye Feng was so strong that they dared not carelessly.




Ye Feng's eyes were bright, his body was as strong as the real dragon, the fierce Dragon Style punched,and the three young people was beat out.


He was now a cultivator who has reached 7th Layer QI condensation realm,so it was very easy for him to deal with them.


"So strong?!"


The short hair youth was stunned and felt unreal.


The three cultivators who were 5th Layer QI condensation realm, even could not resist the one punch of Ye Feng,which made him horrified.


Around him, there were factotum disciples passed by. When they saw this scene, they were scared with their mouths opened widely.


"What did I see?! It was Senior Brother Wang Xun, Li Bai, and Xu Chong. They had already on the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation,but they had been blown by Ye Feng's punch!"


This factotum disciple looked unbelievable.


He recognized the three young people who had been blown away by Ye Feng,they all were outer disciples of Luoyun Sect with tyrannical strength.


"Senior Brother Zhao is here too!"


The disciple was shocked again.


He recognized the identity of a short hair youth. This short hair young man called Zhao Furen. In less than a year, he cultivated the realm into a 6th Layer QI condensation,which was terrible, and he was also the outer disciple in the top 50!


"You are really strong, but today you must get down of here!"


Short hair youth said.


Ye Feng  was very dangerous to him, he had to attack. If he went back like this, that person would definitely not let him go. What's more he was no longer to stay in Luoyun Sect anymore.


"Tell me who sent you here, I can let you go and today nothing have happened." Ye Feng said.




Zhao Furen gnawed his teeth, and with a slamming sound, his palm glowed with the light shoot out, and the area was illuminated a few degrees.


He used the Fire Method, and the raging fire liked a monster swallowed away toward Ye Feng.


"This is a Earth Skill, Fire Method, and I did not expect that Zhao Furen has mastered such a supernatural power!"


Next to him, the disciple was hiding in the back, the power of the Fire Method was terrible. Even if he was far away, he could still feel the horror of the flame!


At the same time, his heart was shocked.


The methods that ordinary disciples can practice were all levels of Ordinary, and Zhao Furen actually cultivated the method at the level of Earth!


Which meant that the Sect valued Zhao Furen very much and was interested in growing Zhao.


"Then I will open your to mouth!"


Ye Feng snored coldly, facing the terrible Fire Method, he did not have any panic, the palms pushed out horizontally, with an amazing wave of divine power swing out,the burning fiery fire directly was extinguished.


At the same time, his eyes lit up and vigorous posture jumped into the air and came to the front of Zhao Furen. His fists were like to beat a drum which kept hitting on Zhao's body.




Zhao Furen's mouth spouted a large mouthful of blood, the whole body was like a broken kite, flying tens of meters away.


Several of his ribs were broke and his face was full of pain, he was seriously injured.


"How could it be! What level have you reached now?


Zhao Furen looked shocked and his mouth was full of blood, which looked very confounded.


"7th !"


Ye Feng smiled coldly and came to Zhao in a ghostly manner, staring straight at him.




There was despair in Zhao's eyes rising,he was only on the realm of 6th Layer QI condesation. In the face of the Ye Feng, he had no chance of winning!


At the same time, his mind was shocked.


Although he was not very familiar with Ye Feng, he also knew that Ye Feng was only a waste of 1st Lay QI condensation realm more than a month ago.


In more than a month, he had promoted six realms!


This speed of cultivation was unique in the whole history of Luoyun Sect!


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