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As purple light curled round Qiu Ying, she put her palms together and made a magic sign. A purple moon slowly rose from her body.


"Purple Moon Sign!"


"No wonder Senior Sister Qiu dares to challenge Ye Feng! How strong her skill is!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School got amazed for her uncommon skill.


"Purple Moon Sign is a Mysterious-Level skill! It has terrifying power! It can destroy sky and ground!"


"Really! I ever saw a senior use this skill. The purple moon smashed a mountain, causing the stones to tumble all over the ground!"




This purple moon seemed like a real moon, covered by purple haze. Its splendor scattered at every corner, extremely extraordinary.


"Fuck! Why do they have so many powerful skills?" Wu De swore. Though he ranked second on the Qingyun List, he didn't own a skill belonging to Mysterious Level.


"Can Junior Ye parry this skill?" All disciples of Luoyun Sect got anxious.


The purple moon featured utterly horrible energy fluctuation. Although Ye Feng had displayed his formidable strength, they still worried about him.


"Ye Feng, pay with your life!" Qiu Ying coldly peered at Ye Feng, releasing endless homicidal intent.


"Destroy you by just one finger." Ye Feng opened his mouth in composure; his expression didn't change.


The purple moon seemed real, but he didn't fear. He put out one finger and sped up the operation of Yuxu Skill. Pow! The purple moon cracked, its light spreading on the ground.


"Impossible!" Qiu Ying opened her eyes wide and stared at Ye Feng with an unbelievable expression.


On her abdomen appeared a same red hole, with blood flowing out. Up to now, she deeply recognized Ye Feng's mightiness. At the same cultivation level, he was unrivaled!


"People who initiatively humiliate others will suffer an insult one day!" Ye Feng cast an indifferent glance on Qiu Ying.


"Seniors and senior sister all lost to Ye Feng…Can we find a disciple to defeat him?"


"I don't predict they will suffer waterloo in this small, downfallen sect!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School couldn't help trembling due to scare. At this moment, they got frightened, completely different from reaching here at first.


"Junior Ye, you're so good!"


"Junior Ye, you're too handsome! I decide to marry you!" Quite a few female disciples of Luoyun Sect screamed.


"Who do you want to challenge me?" Standing on the arena, Ye Feng asked in a low voice. Glittering gloss covered his body and terrifying energy encircled him. He seemed undefeatable and brilliant!


Silence submerged all disciples of Yuanyi School; no one dared to reply.


"What a presumptuous guy!" A cold sound came in a sudden.


Qin Chuan sat on the liger and gave a frozen glance to Ye Feng.


"He is the son of Yuanyi School's Leader! He must be stronger than other disciples!"


"May he fight against Ye Feng?"


Disciples of Luoyun Sect got worried again. If Qin Chuan launched a challenge, Ye Feng would fall into danger.

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