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Qin Chuan, a son of Yuanyi School's Leader, was a representative of young strong cultivators of Yuanyi School in terms of his outstanding talent in cultivation.


Yuanyi School's Leader had three sons; each one boasted excellent talent. Qin Chuan's two elder brothers had entered into the Spiritual Road, and it was said that he would get in the Spiritual Road soon.


"Senior, revenge!"


"Ye Feng destroyed several senior brothers and sister, including Liu Fei. Senior, destroy him!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School glared at Ye Feng. Though he was really strong, they believed only Qin Chuan challenged him, he was doomed to fail.


"Luoyun Sect…" Qin Chuan sat on the liger and murmured.


Behind him, Founder of Luoyun Sect led people here.


"What happened?" Founder of Luoyun Sect asked in a low voice.


An Elder, who had witnessed the whole matter, came to Founder and told him about everthing.


Hearing the description, Founder gradually darkened his face. How dared Yuanyi School look down upon Luoyun Sect like that? Qin Chuan had even presented an audacious requirement!


"Founder Jiang, your disciples are too dauntless! How dare they attack disciples of Yuanyi School?" On the liger, Qin Chuan put a query to Founder of Luoyun Sect.


"I have known what happened. Your disciples initiatively provoked us! Disciples of Luoyun Sect didn't make any mistake." Founder replied in a cold voice.


"Founder!" An Elder of Kendo Inheritance frowned and reminded Founder of Luoyun Sect in a very low voice.


As one of the most powerful sects in the northern area of North Domain in East Land, Yuanyi School owned many mighty cultivators and enjoyed a high status. However, Luoyun Sect had declined already, impossible to compete with Yuanyi School. If Luoyun Sect insisted on fighting against Yuanyi School, it would court destruction.


"I really want to know how dare Luoyun Sect offend Yuanyi School?" Qin Chuan said coldly.


He fell into fury, for his previous requirement had been refused by Founder of Luoyun Sect directly and disciples of Yuanyi School had been destroyed by a disciple of Luoyun Sect.


All Elders around him changed their expressions. As the son of Yuanyi School's Leader, Qin Chuan enjoyed an extremely high status. They couldn't infuriate him!


"Qin Chuan, please don't be angry. Luoyun Sect always has a good relationship with Yuanyi School. It's impossible for us to fight against you!" An Elder of Kendo Inheritance explained with smile.


After saying that, he gave an aloof glance to Ye Feng and roared, "Ye Feng, come here and apologize to Qin Chuan! Accept punishments by Qin Chuan."


All disciples of Luoyun Sect around them got excited immediately.


Previously, disciples of Yuanyi School had despised them and humiliated them recklessly. In order to maintain the dignity of Luoyun Sect, a disciple had even paid his life!


Now, Ye Feng held the dignity of Luoyun Sect, but he would confront punishments. How could they receive this?


"No, Elder. Junior Ye did nothing wrong. It's their fault!"


"They are really detestable! They insulted us! Junior Ye did that for Luoyun Sect! He shouldn't be punished!"


All disciples of Luoyun Sect flushed and stood up for Ye Feng, to boycott against punishments on him.

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