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The banquet site occupied roomy space. In front of participants was a wooden desk, on which fresh fruits and tasty wines were laid.


Jiang Shui cleared her throat and walked to the center of the site, catching all people's eyes. "I invite all you guys here for two things. First, my friend Ye Feng won the inheritance competition among outer disciples, so I'm very happy. Second, I heard there is hatred between Ye Feng and Kendo inheritance, and I want to defuse their enmity here."


Quite a few disciples' eyes flashed. They didn't predict Ye Feng had such a close relationship with Jiang Shui. She hosted a grand banquet for him just because of his win in the inheritance competition among outer disciples.


"As long as Ye Feng apologizes to our Kendo Inheritance, we can consider forgiving him." A girl in blue opened her mouth coldly. Her beautiful face was frozen and her sight at Ye Feng was indifferent. It seemed that she extremely hated Ye Feng.


"This is Senior Sister Chujiu…"


"Ye Feng humiliated her grandpa in the public. It's impossible for her to let Ye Feng off."


"Elder Ning actually suffered insults from Ye Feng. He was slapped by Ye Feng several times! As the granddaughter of Elder Ning, Senior Sister Chujiu must revenge against Ye Feng."


"I think Kendo Inheritance never considers reconciliation with Ye Feng. Something must happen…" Some disciples of other Inheritances sneered. They hoped the conflict between Ye Feng and Kendo Inheritance became fiercer and fiercer, so they might benefit from it.


"You have hurt the prestige of Kendo Inheritance several times. An apology is not excessive, right?" The other disciple of Kendo Inheritance repeated. He was powerfully built with his loose black hair hanging down his shoulder and his eyes sparkling, like a beast.


"This is Senior Wang Zhen!" Many disciples around the man were surprised.


Wang Zhen was a violent and bad-tempered man. Once, he had disputed with an Elder and then carried out a fighting. He had been failed in the end; however, the Elder had also suffered serious injuries. From then on, his name had been spread in Luoyun Sect.


"It's better to fight against a fierce beast than be opponent of Wang Zhen!" A disciple remarked in a quivering voice. He had ever seen the combat between Wang Zhen and the Elder, which still made him scared. Wang Zhen was like a madman when he fought. He would spare no effort to hurt his opponent with wild and violent attacks.


"You'd better seize the opportunity and be polite in the future. Today we give Junior Sister a favor, and allow you to make an apology to solve our problem, otherwise…Hum! " A haughty sound again rose from crowds.


Plenty of disciples stretched out their necks to see the owner of the voice.


"It's Senior Shi Feng!"


A large number of disciples let out a scream in surprise. The disciples of Kendo Inheritance who had said just now were all strong inner senior brothers and sisters on the Qingyun List.


"Although Junior Sister holds the banquet out of kindness, it seems that Kendo Inheritance doesn't intend to be reconciled with Ye Feng."


"Yeah. I think something must happen in the banquet." Disciples of other Inheritances got into discussion.

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