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Jiang Shui's expression greatly changed when she heard of Yuanyi School. She was clear she had an engagement with the son of Yuanyi School's Leader. They came to Luoyun Sect must for her marriage!


"When will they arrive?" Jiang Shui inquired hoarsely. She had never met the son of Yuanyi School's Leader, so she was unwilling to marry with him.


"They will come to Luoyun Sect soon. This time, not only me, but also many seniors who are going out for study will get back." Li Yishui's eyes were cold for he disliked Yuanyi School.


Previously, Yuanyi School had brought a lot of talented youths to Luoyun Sect. All had behaved arrogantly and despised the disciples of Luoyun Sect. Therefore, a combat between Luoyun Sect's young disciples and Yuanyi School's had occurred. However, all disciples from Luoyun Sect had been beaten. Li Yishui had also joined the combat and failed. He got back this time for taking revenge for the past insult, and desired to triumph over the talented disciples of Yuanyi School.


"There is no good thing if they arrive in Luoyun Sect…" Jiuyan was startled for this news; she also disliked Yuanyi School.


In fact, no one in Luoyun Sect liked Yuanyi School. Their disciples were so imperious! Last time when they had visited Luoyun Sect, they had obviously shown their disregard for Luoyun Sect.


Suddenly, noises came in from the outermost place of the banquet. Ye Feng turned up.


"He comes here so late! How can he put on airs?" Plenty of disciples complained for they had waited for him for a relatively long time. They even thought Ye Feng was eaten up with pride.


"Sorry. I'm cultivating and ignoring the time." Ye Feng got close to Jiang Shui and made an apology.


"Don't say that, we're friends." Jiang Shui stood up and gazed at Ye Feng with smile.


"Are you Ye Feng?" Jiuyan stared at Ye Feng from head to foot, and didn't find anything special, except his pretty appearance.


"I've long been looking forward to meeting you. Please sit down, Junior Ye." Li Yishui displayed his kindness to Ye Feng. Although he had heard of the resentment between Kendo Inheritance and Ye Feng, he didn't think that was Ye Feng's fault. In his opinion, all terrible results had been caused by the disciples of Kendo Inheritance.


"Senior brother and sister overpraise me!" Ye Feng let out a friendly smile, behaved humbly and sat down.


"Nobody can be on a par with Junior Ye. Even though this banquet is held for you, you still appear at the last moment." Bai Jie peered at Ye Feng with antipathy.


"Senior Sister Bai, you are wrong. Ye Feng is extraordinary now. As the chief disciple of Yuxu Inheritance, Junior Ye should put on air!" An ironic sound echoed. This was another talented disciple of Kendo Inheritance, also selected in the Qingyun List.


All people here could get the sarcastic meaning of the words, for there was just a disciple in Yuxu Inheritance!


Ye Feng raised his eyebrow. He could feel the hostility from Bai Jie and the disciple of Kendo Inheritance, but he neglected them and turned to Jiang Shui, "This banquet is too grand…"


So many disciples came here, and most were mighty inner senior brothers and sisters.


"Not grand at all!" Jiang Shui winked her eyes and showed her cute, bright canine teeth with corners of her mouth upward.

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