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Chapter 51 – Delicate and pretty young lady (2) Translated by imakeussmile

“Just based on you…? I advise you that it is better for you to be a bit more careful about what you say. If not, and what you just said was heard by others, you will attract trouble to yourself.” Someone said somewhat disdainfully.

“? ?” At the start, that person was still not able to figure out the situation and went into a daze for a while before finally responding back, “What is wrong if it’s me, I am……” That person was about to announce his own identity, seemingly very formidable, just that, this was for some people only.

“Who you are is not important, unless you are someone who belongs to one of the imperial families of the 3 big empires, and also a person that has big authority. If not, you should just watch the competition quietly and not say these kinds of tremendously ignorant words!” Just as before, someone mocked him disdainfully.

“What kind of person is he?” At this time, that person could not help being a bit curious. He also knew that at this kind of place, randomly any person who came out could pressure him down to death.

“He is our Ye Family’s thirteenth prince!” A simple answer which did not need much explanation at all.

“……” That person became silent at this point. Although he had not heard about the things about Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, and also did not know who Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was, but just the Ye Family part alone was enough to silence him.

However, he was very baffled about one point. Which was that when those people talked about Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, there seemed to be a kind of closeness, which could not be explained. Shouldn’t those people hate this Ye thirteenth prince for threatening those talent girls?

This occasion being put into this kind of state, according to the normal course of events, no matter who the person was, they would all hate this Ye Lang, who caused this outcome. However, the reality was not like this. Just like how this person felt, the majority of the people all felt that this was just merely a joke, and they would not go and blame Ye Lang for anything.

And their closeness towards Ye Lang, I believe that many people present were all able to understand it. Although Ye Lang only knew how to be prodigal all day long, but in the process of his squandering, he had, however, also given help to quite a few people.

Adding on to that, the foolish character of his in the past. Although many people still felt that he is also not anywhere good right now, but it was this kind of character of his which made a lot of people feel that he was very amiable, and not like those kind of hedonistic sons of rich parents, who only knew how to oppress the people and attract loathing.

Also, because of this, his support level among the people was also considerably high. And compared to those people who specially cultivated their support level, his support level was don’t know how many times higher than those people.

To be a prodigal son, being able to be a prodigal son of Ye Lang’s standard, it could really be said to have surpassed all others of its kind before and since!

Originally, because Ye Lang was low-profile these past few years, most of the people seemed to have forgotten about him, but when he appears in front of people, that kind of feeling would once again come back. Although this feeling was not very deep, or accurately speaking, it was very very mild, and it was very easily neglected by others.

However, what was contradicting was that, sometimes, the milder this feeling was, the more unforgettable it was for other people.

Similar to many other competitions, the Incomparable Talent Girl Competition also had a pre-selection competition. This was not a competition where just anyone was able to participate in. Take Zhen Xiao Yan for example, with her conditions, she would be very straightforwardly eliminated in the pre-selection competition!

Today was the beginning of the pre-selection competition, where 10 girls would be selected to enter the final competition. And because there are a lot of girls in the pre-selection competition, how long the competition would continue would be determined by the amount of girls performing, and what kind of performance the girls were going to give.

The pre-selection competition this time continued for three full days. The performance of the girls let the people who were watching become dazed, and each and every girl all had their own support group. In the end, when the name list came out, some families were happy and some family were sad.

However, the girls which had been eliminated, were also very appreciated by the people, as long as they have true talent and goods!

And as for who those 10 people are, it was not the thing which everyone cared about. What everyone cared about was why Ye Lang and Zhen Xiao Yan still had not appeared?

Could it be that Ye Lang was just playing around with them, and was just merely scaring people only? Or was it that even he himself really had no ways to help Zhen Xiao Yan, and his extreme method had failed?

No, that was not the case!

At the final moment, just when everyone was feeling somewhat disappointed, a person appeared, causing everyone who was present to suddenly become excited!

The person who appeared was a very very beautiful youthful young lady. Light dressing, no makeup, lucid and elegant, free from the world’s vulgarity. Even if she was at this place, where there were girls all around, her radiance was not weakened in the least bit as she gave everyone a kind of delicate and pretty feeling. And as she ran to that location, she used her beautiful voice to shout a sentence –

“Wait! I……Zhen Xiao Yan……” Because the pretty and delicate young lady ran too fast, when she spoke, it sounded a bit as if she was gasping for air, and what she said was also not very clear.

She is Zhen Xiao Yan? That huge girl who was over 200 pounds?

“Zhen Xiao Yan? It can’t be right, she is Zhen Xiao Yan? This is also too ridiculous right?”

“It can’t be, this is definitely fake!!”

“Ye Lang, this brat, is actually this shameless to find someone else to substitute Zhen Xiao Yan, this is obviously bullying us isn’t it?”

At the scene, waves of shouts immediately erupted, expressing their protest towards the kind of actions of Ye Lang.

And very quickly, everyone understood that is was just a ‘false alarm’, because this delicate and pretty young girl softly protested coquettishly: “Who told you all that I am Zhen Xiao Yan, I am just here to pass a message!! Which point of me do you all feel that looks like Zhen Xiao Yan. Hmph, I am many times prettier than she is!!!”

“Oh, so it is just a misunderstanding. I say, how could Zhen Xiao Yan change into this kind of look, this would also be too unimaginable!” At the protest of the delicate and pretty young lady that she is many times prettier than Zhen Xiao Yan, everyone all approved deeply!

“Who’s message might this lady be helping to pass on, and what message is it?” The host of the competition asked that delicate and pretty young lady.

“The thirteenth prince told me to tell you all that he would show up at the competition with Zhen Xiao Yan. As for the pre-selection competition, they will not participate in it, and want you all to add Zhen Xiao Yan’s name into the list!” The pretty and delicate young lady said very calmly.

“I’m afraid this is not possible, this is not conform to the rules……” The host and the judges all felt that this was not possible. Just that, they felt that if they were to straightforwardly say that it is not possible, they would offend the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, and the consequences would be very serious.

“I knew that you all would say this. The thirteenth prince also said this, the name list would continue normally, and Zhen Xiao Yan would just be a special increase to the list only. He will not let you regret making this decision! If you all do not agree, he said that he will eliminate one person from the list and then add in Zhen Xiao Yan to the list afterwards!!”

A threat, this was a straight up threat!

Towards this, some people started to raise protest and wanted to disregard this kind of threat, shouting that they are not afraid of this kind of threat. However, the majority of the people chose to accept it as they did not want to take the risk, and also did not want to offend Ye Family.

After all, in any case, to them, there was actually not much difference between 10 and 11 people. And most importantly, they did not feel that Zhen Xiao Yan would be of any threat towards them.

Under the ‘harmonious’ discussion between the majority and minority, in the end, it was decided that there would be an additional spot in the final competition, allowing Zhen Xiao Yan to not need to go through the pre-selection competition, and just straightforwardly entering into the final competition.

This was also counted as unprecedented in the history. It is not that no one had not thought of this method before, but just that no one had this kind of power to use this kind of method. And as for those people who had the power to use this kind of method, they disdained doing this kind of thing, which they felt was ‘low grade’.

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