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Chapter 52 – Delicate and pretty young lady (3) Translated by imakeussmile

“Ah, you all agree to it already? I was still preparing for my next few lines too… Forget it. It’s better like this, there is no need to say anything else anymore.” The delicate and pretty young lady appeared to be somewhat disappointed. Originally, she thought that there would still be a short while of verbal sparring, and she had also specially prepared a lot of arguments to persuade those people to make them agree.

But in the end, she have however discovered that those people easily agreed, making those preparations of hers to go to waste!

“Alright, I will take my leave first!” The delicate and pretty young lady waved her hands and walked away with graceful footsteps.

“Stand right there!!”

Would everyone just let this pretty and delicate young lady leave like this? Very clearly, this was not possible. Even if they were willing, two young ladies that were present were definitely not willing.

Those two young ladies are precisely Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi, who were both waiting for Ye Lang to appear!!

“You should be young lady Ye Lan Yu right? You can forget about finding the thirteenth prince’s whereabouts from me, because even I myself also do not know where he is!” The pretty and delicate young lady smiled lightly as she spoke. And the expression with which she looked at Ye Lan Yu seemed to be a bit strange.

The delicate and pretty young lady continued talking: “However, you don’t have to worry. He told me to pass a message if I were to see you or Princess Qi, that at the final competition, three days later, he will definitely show up!”

“The way you smile is very strange, are you deceiving me?” Ye Lan Yu questioned the delicate and pretty young lady. When she saw the strange smile on her face, she felt that the girl seemed to be hiding something.

“The reason I smiled is because by the thirteenth prince’s words, he originally thought that they would not agree with his request very quickly, so thus, he sold the two of you away……” In the pretty and delicate young lady’s expression, there was a bit of cunningness, as if she was undergoing some kind of plot.

“Sold us away? What do you mean?” Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi asked confusedly.

“He said ‘If they felt that Zhen Xiao Yan did not have enough qualifications to enter the final competition, I would let my big sis go up on stage to dance, I believe that there should be many people who would want to see that……And if this was still not enough, then let Princess Qi go up on stage to sing……”

“Damn! Why didn’t you say that earlier!!” A group of people was regretting why they agreed so quickly, and were all thinking that they should have insisted on not agreeing. All of them seriously wanted to watch Ye Lan Yu dance and Princess Qi sing, that scene would really be……

And at this time, Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi had already turned black, and they both bellowed in unison: “ Ye Lang, little bastard! See if I don’t pull out your skin when you come back!!”

Why did they both have this kind of reaction? The reason is very simple. Many years ago, when Ye Lan Yu danced for the first time, that imposing manner seriously shocked the heavens and made ghosts cry, was what Ye Lan Yu herself thought. As for her dance, it can be judged by using the dialog of that time.

“Big sis, were you having a cramp just now?” Ye Lang asked with concern.

“……! I was dancing!!!” Ye Lan Yu said somewhat speechlessly.

“Ah, so you were dancing just now. But, why were your movements so stiff, and your expression so dull, just like a block of wood!” Ye Lang asked foolishly. He finally understood that it was dancing.

“Are you courting death?” Black lines appeared on Ye Lan Yu’s forehead.

“…… Actually, your dance is pretty good, but I am stupid and not able to tell. You look at everyone else, they are all very supportive and are all laughing. Just that, I don’t know why they are holding their stomach for. Could it be that the food today was spoiled!” Ye Lang said very honestly, and those words of his shifted some of the rage onto other people.

“Little bastard, no one will take you as a mute even if you don’t speak! Xiao Yu, your dance is very good, mom supports you. But it is best for you to not dance in front of other people in the future……” Long An Qi held onto her stomach and was already almost lying on the floor.

As for Princess Qi’s singing, similar to Ye Lan Yu’s dancing, they were different tunes played with equal skill. Although Princess Qi’s voice was very pleasant and enchanting to hear, but the moment she starts singing, she would immediately go out of tune, and even two tiger would not be able to pull it back.
[Yeah, don’t ask me about these metaphors. Singing tigers maybe? >_>]

Because of this, the both of them would never mention singing or dancing, and whoever mentioned it, they would be very short with them, much less talking about going on stage and perform. It can be easily imagined just how high the anger of the two of them was towards Ye Lang!

However, in many peoples’ hearts, they wanted to watch and listen to their unconventional talent as it would also have another kind of taste. Since after all, the two of them were one of the few absolute beauties of the world!

However, they would never give anyone a chance to watch or listen to their unconventional talent at all. Of course, Ye Lang was not included in those people!

“Hee hee, remember to properly give him a lesson okay. Best if you two were to help me give him a few bites too!” The pretty and delicate young lady smiled wittily, feeling somewhat joyful for having succeeded with her plot. Then afterwards, she disappeared into the crowd, which was filled with anger, anticipation and excitement.

Due to the place being somewhat chaotic at that time, and there also being many people, the delicate and pretty young lady’s trace also disappeared subsequently. Thus, from the start to finish, no one knew who that pretty and delicate young lady was.

However, there was also a portion of people who suspected that this delicate and pretty young lady was a certain person, but they however immediately shook their heads and denied it, because the image between this delicate and pretty young lady and the person that they suspected differed too far from one another. That person which they suspected was widely known as pretty and flirtatious, this contrast was just too big!

The reason for their suspicion was because the voice of the delicate and pretty young lady was just too similar. But then again, it also felt dissimilar, because the voice of this girl had a wittiness and closeness feel to it. And comparing to the voice of that seductive and haughty person, it was completely different!

“Why did I feel that it was her, this is just too strange. Could it be that I am thinking too much? Alright, at night, I will go there……”

At this time, Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi were also regretting. Regretting that they should not have just gotten angry at that time, and should have made the delicate and pretty young lady stay behind so that they could ask her clearly about Ye Lang’s whereabouts. Even if they did not find the whereabout of Ye Lang after asking, at the least, they could also know how he was previously.

According to that delicate and pretty young lady’s tone, before all this, she was still together with him!

Now, they had no other choice, and could only wait for three days, then see how things go. At that time, they must surely break his bones and pull off his skin!!

At this moment, at a certain place……

“Achoo……Who is thinking about me? Come come, fatty, make the final sprint! Three days later, it will be the time to decide your fate, and those 20 days of suffering of yours will finally have some worth!” Ye Lang sneezed and then continued reading his book as he sat on a rocking chair, while at the same time, speaking calmly.

“Hmph, easy for you to say! Those 20 days, it was like I was not a human anymore. And from the beginning to the end, you have just been watching the show at the side!”

“Other than watching the show, what else can I do? This kind of thing, I am not able to help you at all!” Ye Lang replied naturally.

“At least, you should give me some support, let me feel that you are working hard with me……”

“Oh, then, go fatty! I support you! You will succeed for sure!!” Ye Lang said very seriously. Furthermore, he took out a sign and wrote a few encouraging words on it and placed it at the side, then afterwards, continued shaking his rocking chair and reading the book……

“…… Why don’t you just go and die!!”

“I have died already, if not, how am I able to see you……”

“Hmph, you’re saying that I look like a ghost right now?”

“I didn’t say that, you said that yourself!”

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