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Chapter 92 - Real and Fake (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“How could it have nothing to do with you? If you do well, your position in the empire will improve afterwards as well. When that happens, even if you want to walk sideways, no one will stop you!”  Zhen Xiaoyan panicked; she wanted Ye Lang to understand what was necessary to become a master. Apart from having a powerful family backing, it was necessary to demonstrate a high level of individual strength as well.

Ye Lang however, had no interest towards these things. He lightheartedly replied: “Even if I want to walk sideways, there are still no people who dare to stop me. If you don’t believe me, just watch…”

As soon as he spoke, Ye Lang started pacing sideways back and forth…….
“Obviously no one will stop you if you do that, it was only a figure of speech, idiot!” Ye Lang’s cousin unhappily whacked Ye Lang. She then continued, “Xiaoyan’s suggestion is pretty good, you had better go and bring back some good results. Doing so will help your future prospects.”

“I… Won’t… Go!” Ye Lang enunciated every word clearly. His attitude was very stubborn!

“Why? Are you afraid it’s a lot of work? It’s actually very fun. Next year’s competition is held in the holy city of the Aila Empire. Normally, it’s not that easy to travel there.” Zhen Xiaoyan began coaxing Ye Lang this way, because she understood nothing else could entice Ye Lang.

“Holy city? You mean that place where the Central Church of God originated? The current headquarters of the church?” Ye Lang had a pretty clear understanding of the factual side of things.

“Yep, yep. Normally, apart from pilgrimages, there’s no way to enter it. Didn’t you once say that you want to go visit everywhere someday? Isn’t this a good opportunity?” Zhen Xiaoyan said.

“That’s true…” Ye Lang nodded, but then immediately added “But if the holy city is open during that time, then I can still go visit the city even if I’m not participating in the competition.”

“…” Zhen Xiaoyan fell silent, her heart full of gloom. Why didn’t you become confused this time? You really are never confused when you should be confused, never astute when you should be astute!

Yes, this was her way of thinking, her way of thinking when it came to Ye Lang…

“That’s not certain, when the time comes, you never know, there might be too many people. They could end up restricting entry.” Zhen Xiaoyan said. She knew her excuse was implausible, but she had to say something.

“They might restrict entry for other people, I’m the Thirteenth young master of the great Ye Family, how could they stop me from entering.” Ye Lang said disdainfully.

“Can you really not stop for a moment and consider your future? Will you really live the rest of your life like this, acting like a prodigal son? What if one day you completely fritter away all the family’s wealth?” Zhen Xiaoyan began to get slightly angry. She was angry that Ye Lang was so disappointing, only, she didn’t consider why she was so mad about this.

“If I completely spend the family’s wealth, then my goal can be considered to have been accomplished…” Ye Lang superficially remarked.

“You…. You…. You really are incorrigible!” Zhen Xiaoyan reached the end of her rope.

“You flatter me, you really do! You should go back inside, I still have business to attend to.” Ye Lang waved his hand and tried to shoo Zhen Xiaoyan back inside.

“Hmph!” Zhen Xiaoyan stomped her foot, twirled around, and just like this, marched back inside in a huff.

“Cousin, let’s go home and fix up your face.” Ye Lang completely ignored Zhen Xiaoyan’s anger and indifferently spoke to his cousin.

“Oh, Little Lang, you know that Xiaoyan is really doing this because she cares about you, so you shouldn’t treat her this way.” Ye Lang’s cousin ruefully commented.

“I know, but I really don’t like these kind of things, putting aside how much work they are, they also have many other harmful side-effects as well.” Ye Lang said as he walked back.

“Harmful side-effects? There shouldn’t be any harm?” Ye Lang’s cousin uncomprehendingly asked. Yet, Ye Lang’s next few words made it even harder for her to understand, and most confusing of all was still– what kind of person her cousin was.

“Think about my identity, position, family, and power. If you factor in a certain degree of additional strength from my equipment, I can definitely stir up trouble on the field of battle. However, is taking ahold of such power really such a good thing?” Ye Lang indifferently replied.

“…..” Ye Lang’s cousin contemplated for a while.

“Anyways, I’m not that kind of person. Just like you guys said, I’m a fool, I will often get confused, if I take a seat belonging to those people, what do you think will happen?” Ye Lang shook his head and smiled.

“… This… I guess you’re better off maintaining your current circumstances. No problem, even if you waste away the Ye family’s assets, your sister will take care of you.” After her silent contemplation, Ye Lang’s cousin changed her mind and immediately began supporting Ye Lang’s prodigal behavior.

“Remember those words, don’t regret it in the future!” Ye Lang also suddenly randomly became astute and grabbed hold of those words.

Ye Lang’s cousin whacked Ye Lang and said: “Che, do you dare doubt my words, even if I have to support you for 10 lifetimes, your sister will do it. But, at that time, you can’t be like you are now and recklessly spend money. At most,  you can only spend a thousand every month… no, ten thousand gold pieces!”

A thousand felt a bit too small to Ye Lang’s cousin, so she raised it up to ten thousand!

This did not mean Ye Lang’s cousin didn’t understand the value of a thousand gold pieces. To normal people, they might not make that much money even after a decade of work. She clearly knew about this fact, yet she still felt it was too small and would hurt Ye Lang.

“Cousin…” Ye Lang looked at his cousin with moist eyes.

“What, are you moved?” Ye Lang’s cousin laughed.

“Uh huh, cousin, I love you….” Ye Lang dipped his head and spoke.

“Pah, brat, you can’t say those words carelessly. Save them for the person you love!” Ye Lang’s cousin scolded him, but she was smiling. Her face under the veil also seemed a little red.

Unexpectedly, this brat had ended up making advances on her….

“Cousin, love takes many forms, this is love towards one’s relatives, if you don’t want it, I won’t give it to you. I will only give it to my neurotic sister.”

“It’s not that! It’s the opposite. In the future, remember to love me like you love your neurotic sister.”



“Achoo…” Ye Lan Yu rubbed her nose, a bit suspicious. “Did I catch a cold?”

Night time was quiet as always. Within this quiet night, the Ye family residence was silent as well. Yes, as a whole, it could be considered quiet.

Regarding the Ye Family, as long as there wasn’t someone causing a ruckus, it would practically always be quiet. Of course, this isn’t taking into consideration special circumstances.


“Where’s Ye Lang?” The head of the Ye Family asked everyone as they were eating dinner.

Currently, dozens of people sitting around 7 or 8 large tables were eating in the Ye Family’s great hall. This was also something that occurred every day. The Ye Family had always maintained this tradition and ate together as a family.

The Ye Family was large in scope and scale, there were dozens of people in the family altogether!

Yet even though there were dozens of people present, the Ye Family’s head could instantly notice that Ye Lang was missing. Even though Ye Lang was often missing, this didn’t mean that the head wouldn’t ask about it.

At the same time, Ye Lan Yu was also not present. However, the head didn’t ask because he knew that Ye Lan Yu was definitely with her brother.

“He’s helping his cousin. Apparently, he’s going to restore his cousin’s appearance, something about rubbing skin. Hmph, that brat, he never helps me!” Long An Qi said with a hint of resentment.

“Oh, did his cousin say she was leaving tomorrow?” The Ye Family head conveniently asked after receiving an answer.

“Indeed. These last two days, that rascal has been using that as an excuse to skip school.” Ye Chengtian replied with a smile. It seemed he was already used to Ye Lang skipping school and didn’t oppose it.

“Oh well, let’s continue eating!” The Ye Family members said.


Within Ye Lang’s Beneath the Gentle Waves, three people had closed the doors and were busy doing some things in the room, taking off…

Hey hey, don’t misunderstand, those 3 are siblings, and moreover, they definitely won’t do things that violate proper relationships. They were only taking off Ye Lang’s cousin’s veil.

After taking off the veil and parting her bangs, a long ghastly scar could be seen on Ye Lang’s cousin’s forehead, causing Ye Lang to feel a pang in his heart, and Ye Lan Yu to feel pity.

After some more time had passed, Ye Lang took out an item similar to a ballpoint pen and fiddled around with the scar for a while with it.

At that time, Ye Lan Yu and Ye Lang’s cousin could see the ballpoint pen let out a beam of light. Furthermore, when this beam of light hit the ground, it was able to scorch the stone floor.

And listening to Ye Lang’s explanation, it seemed he wanted to use this “Ballpoint pen” to help heal his cousin…

“Brother are you sure this is okay? If you accidently mess up cousin’s face, you’re doomed.” Ye Lan Yu asked from the side suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, I was making adjustments just then, it should be properly configured now!” Ye Lang paid no heed to her words.

“Oh… Isn’t this wrong? Didn’t you say you were going to rub the skin? Why are you taking out this kind of thing?” Ye Lan Yu remembered what Ye Lang had said before about grinding skin, which should be done by using a tool to rub back and forth to grind away the scar.

“This is rubbing skin, you can rub away the skin with things other than those type of things. This kind of light stimulation should be better, not only can it remove the scar, it can also whiten the skin and cause it to become exquisitely white…” Ye Lang carelessly answered without realizing these words were greatly enticing to the 2 girls present.

“Really? Then can you work on my whole face as well, and my body…” Ye Lang’s cousin immediately said.

“And mine. Cousin, your skin is already good enough, mine Is a bit poor. Brother, shine some light on your sister as well!” Ye Lan Yu opened her mouth to fight over this opportunity.

“Little Yu, can your skin really be called poor? You’re speaking like you’re blind with your eyes open. If your skin is considered poor, then there doesn’t exist anyone who can be considered to have fair skin. Your skin is sparkling and translucent with light shining through it, as if it’s made of ice. I can only wonder if everybody of the ice attribute is like that.” Ye Lang’s cousin immediately fought back, but what she said was the truth as well. Ye Lan Yu’s skin was outstandingly good, practically no one could outdo her.

“No, in the past it wasn’t like this. It became better over time. Thinking about it, it might have been because of this brother of mine. He often tests weird things on me.” Ye Lan Yu looked at Ye Lang. She couldn’t be certain of her guess, but it was about 80% likely.

“Really?” Ye Lang maintained a look of innocence. He wasn’t pretending, but rather he had used so many things that he himself could not ascertain if this effect was because of him.

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