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Just as everybody gave up, the situation suddenly changed unexpectedly. Zhen Xiaoyan, who had already left, suddenly turned around and walked towards where Ye Lang was sitting.

She arrived in front of Ye Lang’s table and saw him eating with his head lowered. It was very clear that she had already discovered Ye Lang’s existence, however,  no one knew how she had done so.

“Ye Lang, what are you eating?” Originally, Zhen Xiaoyan was a bit angry. Angry that Ye Lang evidently knew she was here, yet he didn’t say anything. If she hadn’t discovered him, she wouldn’t have realized he was closeby at all.

When she saw Ye Lang was eating, she forgot about her anger and started paying attention to what he was eating instead.

“I’m eating your tofu.” Ye Lang obediently replied.


At this time, the whole restaurant fell silent to the point you could hear a pin drop!

This Thirteenth young master truly had the guts to say anything, eating Zhen Xiaoyan’s tofu, like this he might as well directly…..

“My tofu? What are you talking about, if you keep on telling lies I’ll rip your mouth off!” Zhen Xiaoyan did not find those words weird, but then she saw everybody else’s weird expressions and immediately reacted by yelling at Ye Lang.

Ye Lang shook his head and spoke: “I didn’t lie, this is your tofu and the taste is pretty good. I eat your cooking every day so I’m very familiar with it.” [If your brain is like tofu and haven’t realized what it means: Eating someone’s tofu means taking advantage of someone in a lewd sense.]

“Shut your mouth, no talking!!”

“Ha ha…. Idiot, you really are an idiot, but you’re so stupid, it’s cute!” Ye Lang’s cousin laughed without caring about her image upon watching their interaction.

“I can’t shut my mouth, if I shut my mouth, how would I eat? Waiter, bring the next dish!” Ye Lang directly refused.

“…” Zhen Xiaoyan fell into a daze, then she immediately grabbed the sole dish on the table, preventing Ye Lang from being able to reach his food.

“Fatty, hurry up and give it to me, I haven’t finished eating yet!” Ye Lang reached out his hands and tried to grab it.

“No, this isn’t for you to eat!” Zhen Xiaoyan refused.

“Why?” Ye Lang asked, baffled.

“This doesn’t taste good!” Zhen Xiaoyan continued.

“Your tofu tastes very good…..” Ye Lang honestly said, and what greeted him was that plate of tofu. After hearing those words, Zhen Xiaoyan threw the tofu within her hands. [A continuation of the previous]

“I dare you to say that again!!”

“Yes yes…. I won’t’ say I’m eating tofu…” An alchemy formation appeared in Ye Lang’s hands and caught the plate of tofu without letting even a drop spill.

“You aren’t allowed to eat!!!” Zhen Xiaoyan lunged forward and wrestled the tofu away.

“What are you doing fatty, what’s wrong with you today?” Ye Lang remarked with great interest after biting empty air.

“I said this isn’t for you to eat, yours is here.” Zhen Xiaoyan placed the plate of tofu to the side and pulled out colorful dishes one by one from her spatial pocket. Moreover, each dish exceeded the previous dish of tofu in terms of appearance, taste and smell.

“Uhhhh, this…..” Ye Lang’s cousin was stunned and used her chopsticks to sample a bit.

“This is delicious, this truly is food to die for!” Ye Lang’s cousin immediately began praising the food, and this time, she had no reservations!

“Ye Lang, who is this young lady??” Only now did Zhen Xiaoyan notice Ye Lang’s cousin.

“My cousin.” Ye Lang simply replied without any elaboration.

“How should I address her?” Zhen Xiaoyan asked Ye Lang.

“You can call her cousin.” Ye Lang carelessly replied.

Who knows why, but Zhen Xiaoyan suddenly blushed a little and said: “Nice to meet you cousin, thank you for your praise, please eat whatever you like.”

“Hehe, good good, you must be Zhen Xiaoyan, I’ve heard of your story before, right now you are extremely beautiful, Ye Lang truly has some skills!” From the very start Ye Lang’s cousin naturally had paid attention to Zhen Xiaoyan’s appearance and figure. For women, this was basic instinct.

“Indeed, Ye Lang is amazing, he always causes people to be surprised!” Zhen Xiaoyan agreed with a hint of reverence towards Ye Lang.

“You’re pretty amazing too, remember to take care of my stupid little brother in the future.” Ye Lang’s cousin said with a faint smile full of ambiguity.

“I don’t think I can take care of him, I only know how to cook.” Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head, she truly was unable to take care of Ye Lang because he was truly too difficult to take care of.

“Being able to take care of just one aspect is good as well, keep looking for others to help.” Ye Lang’s cousin smiled.

“…” Zhen Xiaoyan remained silent for a while. During all of this, Ye Lang remained completely silent, as if they were not discussing him.

“Alright, let me ask you one thing, was that plate of tofu just now not prepared by you? Why is there such a large difference.” Ye Lang’s cousin asked.

“That dish was made by me, but it was made using the leftovers from these dishes. I randomly stir fried it and didn’t intend for Ye Lang to eat it.” Zhen Xiaoyan’s answer made the surrounding spectators blush with shame.

As it turns out, up until now, all the dishes sold by the restraint made by her had been dishes she had carelessly thrown together. She did it to avoid wasting materials as well as to dispose of her failed dishes. Furthermore, she definitely wouldn’t let Ye Lang eat those failed dishes.

She would only let Ye Lang eat the best food!

And because of this, when she saw Ye Lang eating that plate of tofu, she immediately stopped him and wouldn’t give it to him no matter what. She didn’t feel like Ye Lang could eat food like that.

Yet these dishes considered barely passable by her could make people drool, from another perspective, this could be considered proof of Zhen Xiaoyan’s culinary skills. She had already entered a realm others could not hope to touch.

“How can your reactions be so slow and not notice a difference this big? The food I normally feed you is like this!” Zhen Xiaoyan grumbled to Ye Lang, as if she was the one doing the eating.

Perhaps, if she was the one eating, she still wouldn’t care so much!

“I can tell the difference.” Ye Lang answered.

“?? You can tell, yet you still ate it?” Zhen Xiaoyan suspiciously asked.

“Why wouldn’t I eat it? It still tastes good and it’s still something you made, there is no difference.” Ye Lang stupidly replied.

Zhen Xiaoyan was stunned for a long time after hearing those words……

Correct, from the very beginning Ye Lang could tell the difference, the tofu was randomly cooked up by Zhen Xiaoyan, but he ate it all the same, without any complaint.

Originally, he never cared much about food to begin with. As long as it was edible, he could eat it. Even though Zhen Xiaoyan had somewhat trained his palate, but the food she carelessly prepared was still pretty good and fell within his acceptable range. He would naturally have no objection.

And, backtracking way back, even if Zhen Xiaoyan had completely failed while preparing the tofu and it tasted awful, he would eat it anyways. Even if he would directly insult Zhen Xiaoyan and call her unskilled, he would still finish everything she cooked.

This point, Zhen Xiaoyan knew as well. Every time she heard Ye Lang speaking like that, her heart would be moved a little. Yes, just a little. At least, that’s what she told herself!

And because she understood this point very well, the next thing she did was to sit down and finish eating the tofu. This way, Ye Lang would no longer want to eat the rest of the tofu.

Ye Lang looked at Zhen Xiaoyan and seemed to understand, but very quickly he went back to gorging himself and no longer paid attention to Zhen Xiaoyan. Moreover, Zhen Xiaoyan did the same and no longer paid attention to him and started eating as well, even starting competing with Ye Lang.

“Hey hey, I already started eating that dish, yet you’re eating it….” Ye Lang called out.

“Hmph, why wouldn’t I eat it, every time you’re so shameless, taking a bite here and a bite there, wanting to eat everything….” Zhen Xiaoyan retorted, this wasn’t the first time these circumstances had occurred, Ye Lang was truly too shameless.

“Then I will use my ultimate skill, I’m going to spit…..” Ye Lang evilly smiled. He recalled a person who had once spit into an entire table full of dishes and scared off everybody else from touching them.

Ye Lang was only bluffing with this move, because this was going too far. He could not take it.

“You dare!!” Zhen Xiaoyan erupted, “If you dare, I won’t cook for you anymore!!”

“Ha, you’ve already signed a contract with me, you have to cook for me for the rest of your life!” Ye Lang said disdainfully.

“Hmph! I will terminate the contract!”

“We’ll talk about it in your next life…”


After dining, Ye Lang and the 2 girls went out strolling, window shopping, and threw off everyone else…

After playing like this for an afternoon, Ye Lang sent Zhen Xiaoyan home and he himself began preparing to head home as well to rub away his cousin’s scar and restore her forehead’s beauty.

Yet, right as they were about to part, before Zhen Xiaoyan entered her front door, she suddenly remembered something…

“Ye Lang, have you prepared for the examination in a few days?”

“Examination? What examination?” looking at the circumstances, Ye Lang seemed like he knew nothing about the examination.

Zhen Xiaoyan unhappily said: “I knew it, could you pay more attention to what’s going on at the academy! Let me tell you, this time’s examination is to prepare for next year’s big competition.”


“‘What competition’ is what you want to say right? You… I don’t’ know how to explain to you. Next year is the big schools ranking competition that happens every 10 years.” Zhen Xiaoyan said.

She continued: “I’m guessing you definitely don’t know what’s important about this competition….”

Ye Lang nodded….

“Ai, let me explain it to you in simple terms, this competition determines the rankings of the schools, this point shouldn’t need more explanation. The truth is, currently, what most people pay attention to during the competition is how many talented youths appear during the competition. These youths will become the future great figures of the continent!”

“Out of the current and past first-rate masters of the continent, 80% of them revealed themselves during the competition! And because of this, the current competition also ranks individuals as well as schools. Also, the rankings are split into overall strength, martial arts, magic, alchemy. As long as one ranks high in one of those areas, they will become the center of everyone’s attention and become somebody countries fight over!”

“Oh, so it’s like this, but… what does this have to do with me?” Ye Lang asked uncomprehendingly.

That’s right, to Ye Lang, what did this have to do with him? Did he wish to become famous in everyone’s eyes? Did he wish to become an important figure in the future?

I believe everybody already knows what the answers to those questions should be!

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