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Chapter 78 - Spine-chilling woman (1)

As time slowly passed by, there were some people who still had blank papers……

"Time's up, sign your name, on a blank paper as well. Watch them carefully!" Ye Lang said and alerted the guards in advance to prepare.

Quickly, the imperial guards had gathered everyone's papers, although some were unwilling, but there were so many people at the scene, it also didn't do any good to have any other movements.

Take 2:" Seventh brother and future sister-in-law, your papers are empty." Ye Lang had first glanced at the script of the future sister-in-law.

"I know that!! You didn't need to bluntly say it out!!" Seventh brother's teeth were aching due to Ye Lang, being the first to be pointed out, others probably wouldn't be happy either, they would more or less keep some grudge against Ye Lang.

"Why not say it out, even if you couldn't answer it, it doesn't represent that you have a problem." Ye Lang casually said it, afterwards he had made those with empty papers, those who didn't answer even one question correctly, stand in a group.

At this moment, that group of people's cheeks had a blush, however in their hearts they had wholeheartedly agreed that they would to teach Ye Lang a deep lesson, of course, this was only in thoughts.

"You guys, go to that corner, and the remaining……" Ye Lang had called upon those who had correctly answered 3 or less questions, and separated them into another corner.

"It's indeed worthy to be called imperial palace, great number of competent people, you guys are actually able to pass 5 questions." Ye Lang looked at the remaining people, this result was a little better than he thought.

"There's 5 people that correctly answered 10 or more questions, such talents……eh, this is? Zhao Ya Rou, you actually answered all the questions correctly? Who is this terrifying woman?" Ye Lang accidentally realized there were people who had crossed 10 questions, and the most accidental one was Zhao Ya Rou, who had actually answered everything correctly.

"Why is she terrifying? Ya Rou is our eighth sister, amongst my sisters, she is the most beautiful and clever. These amazingly hard questions, she was able to answer all of them." Said Princess Qi.

"Eighth sister? She's the eighth princess?" Ye Lang asked.

"Mhm, you should know her, you've even bullied her." Princess Qi nodded her head.

"??" Ye Lang was somwhat confused, when did he bully the eighth princess?

"It was when you were young……" Even if Princess Qi reminded him subtly, it was only during childhood, and it didn't matter whether he remembered it.

"Ye Lang, you've forgotten me?" The eighth princess, Zhao Ya Rou walked towards Ye Lang, using an extremely complicated gaze to look at Ye Lang.

Ye Lang looked at Zhao Ya Rou for a moment, afterwards he consciously hid briefly, and pulled Princess Qi's hand, quietly whispering, "In the future take caution of her, don't get too close to her, she's honestly too spine-chilling!"

"……" Zhao Ya Rou and Princess Qi were both stunned, they didn't think that Ye Lang would act like this.

"What's happened to you, it's only answering your questions correctly, what's so terrifying?" Princess Qi couldn't understand him and asked, "Don't tell me it's because she's smarter than you?"

"Little Qi, there are questions that aren't necessarily good to be able to answer correctly……these questions, if I didn't know the answers, I would likely be unable to answer even one question." Ye Lang lightly stressed while he way saying, and his voice could only be heard properly by Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi, others could only roughly hear it.

"??" Princess Qi and Ye Lan Yu really didn't understand, "Brother/Ye Lang, are you pretending to be stupid again?"

"I can't be bothered with you guys! Your majesty, I've did what I needed to, for the following matters, you can just manage it yourself, I'll be going off first!" Ye Lang whimsically just prepared to leave already.

As things were at this step, Ye Lang actually had nothing else to do, the results would be calculated by the Emperor himself, although he didn't quite understand Ye Lang's questions, but this was merely a test only, and it wasn't the sole deciding factor of who would be the successor.

However, at this present time, the Emperor suddenly asked a question out of the blue:

"Ye Lang, I want to ask you a question."

"?? What?"

"If I let you choose my successor, amongst these children, who would you pick?" The Emperor asked a question that shocked everyone, absolutely no one had thought that he would ask Ye Lang this type of question.

At this moment, everyone faced Ye Lang, desiring his reply, although this answer perhaps didn't have much use, but there were people who still took note of it.

"If you let me choose, I will choose one from amongst them." Ye Lang had betrayed everyone's expectations and had actually pointed to those who hadn't answered correctly even one question.

Was it bias?

"Don't think that I'm biased, this is what I opt for, but I also know that they maybe be better suited to be the monarch of a country." Ye Lang pointed again towards those who had answered roughly 10 questions correctly.

"??" This situation, everyone didn't understand, and the thing that made people even more confused was:

"As for her, she's the sole person that needs to be gotten rid off, she's absolutely not fit for this succession of the emperor's position!!" Ye Lang pointed at one person, the one who had answered all the questions correctly: Zhao Ya Rou!!

This had made everyone extremely baffled, he had exactly eliminated the person who had answered everything correctly, and yet felt that those who had answered 10 questions right would be more suitable, this made people not only suspect the odd criterion for Ye Lang's questions!

"Ye Lang!!" Zhao Ya Rou grit her teeth whilst looking at Ye Lang.

"Your majesty, she's scaring me, I suggest that you kill her in order to nip the problem in the bud!" Ye Lang pointed at Zhao Ya Rou and directly said his thoughts out.

Once again, the entire area became quiet. What kind of word were these? Telling a father to kill his own daughter. Moreover, completely lacking reasoning on the subject.

"Ye Lang, why are you playing dumping again. Eighth sister, don't mind him, he's just this type of idiot." Princess Qi promptly dragged Ye Lang.

"I only tell the truth. You'll understand it later." Ye Lang guilelessly said it, furthermore he didn't think he said anything wrong.

"Your questions, what kind of standard did they have?" The Emperor had finally asked the vital question.

What on earth were Ye Lang's questions?

"There was a family of three, consisting of two daughters and a mother. After the mother had passed away, the younger sister saw a noble that she didn't see before work, it was love at first sight for her, and after a month, the younger sister had killed her older sister, why was this so?"

"In the past, there was a beautiful princess that was cursed by a magician, and she was locked in a castle, resting in eternal slumber. It was rumored only a kiss with deep feelings would be able to awaken the princess. Afterwards, a dashing prince took the castle by storm, saving the princess. However, once he had kissed the princess to awaken her, he was killed by the princess. Why was this so?"

You should understand it now, his questions were all psychological questions. Those who had answered more quesitons correctly, their hearts would be more twisted!! As for Zhao Ya Rou, who had answered everything correctly, she was definitely the most twisted one amongst them!!

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