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Chapter 77 - Ye Lang's Weapon (3)

"No. This time you must give them another test on your own." The emperor returned to the throne and told Ye Lang.

"You're asking me to give them a test? Okay." Ye Lang looked at the emperor, and replied, "What else?"

"That's all. Go back and think about what questions are appropriate. All are up to you." The emperor said with a smile.

"Only for this, why do you ask me here? You could've just asked someone to tell me about this!" Ye Lang whispered.

"Idiot, the test that you give will impact the power transfer of the empire…" Princess Qi said impatiently. She knew Ye Lang was confused.

The emperor let Ye Lang give a test to choose his successor, which was very important for the whole empire.  That's why he was so cautious that he gave him this task in person.

It was believed that when Ye Lang considered what kind of test would be given to each of them, all these princes, princesses as well as many ministers would try to build a good relationship with him in order to get an easy test for themselves or those they supported.

Thus, Ye Lang became the focus in this power struggle, for he had the right to make such a big decision!

Because of this, when the emperor made this decision, almost everyone was shocked. It was unexpected that the emperor would give Ye Lang such a right. Did it mean that the emperor intentionally let Princess Qi inherit the throne?

Now, Princess Qi was Ye Lang's fiancee, and Ye Lang gained this right, so it was clear that Princess Qi could take this advantage.

As for Princess Qi, in everyone's eyes, she didn't stand out in terms of appearance and wisdom. She definitely was not the most suitable candidate. If she became the successor, she would get into a lot of disputes.

However, with the support of the Ye family and Ye Lang's outstanding ability, it was possible that she could become the successor.

Therefore, at this moment, Princess Qi and Ye Lang suddenly became the opponents in everyone's eyes. No one had ever considered them their opponents before.

But this idea lingered on their mind for a while. Then everyone immediately gave up the idea!

Only because of Ye Lang -

"I don't need to go back to think about it. I can show them a few questions, and let them write down their answers." Ye Lang said and intended to give them a test on the spot.

And in such a short period of time, he could not figure out any particularly difficult questions so he just asked some questions that the average people could not answer.

"There is a rule. That is, you have to think about how to answer my questions alone. Try to answer as many questions as possible. You can find someone to help you answer the questions, but you can't communicate! If you understand, get ready for it. Half an hour later, all come here!"

Ye Lang finished, and then took out the writing brush, the ink, the paper, and the ink stone to write down the questions…

"Sister, what do you think?" Ye Lang asked Ye Lan Yu next to her.

"…I can answer none of them…" Ye Lan Yu flushed said.

"I know. Because you are too stupid to answer the questions! I asked you about my handwriting. Does my style resemble that of a calligrapher?" Ye Lang smiled and said.

"Damn, you dare to say I am stupid. Anyway, your handwriting is good. When did you practice it?"  Ye Lan Yu patted him, leaned on his shoulders, and asked.

"Hey, I practiced it, but there were few chances for me to write the characters." Ye Lang said with a smile.

He learned the calligraphy from the Book of Martial Arts. In fact, calligraphy could be combined with martial arts. When he combined his martial arts with calligraphy, the style of his handwriting could resemble that of a master when he comprehended the martial arts.

However, Ye Lang rarely showed off his calligraphy, because he was not interested in it. In addition, he had few chances to write characters.

Ye Lang seldom wrote characters, so his calligraphy works became precious and cherished by many!

Especially this time when he wrote these questions. If this calligraphy work was preserved, it would have become unique and valuable. That was not only because his calligraphy was precious, but also because his questions changed the fate of an empire…

"Well, since everyone is here, let's look at the questions!" Ye Lang ordered the guards to hang the paper on which he had written down all the questions in the hall.

Everyone fixed their eyes on the characters there. They looked nervous and confused immediately, not only for his good calligraphy, but for his questions.

Soon, many present fixed their eyes on Ye Lang, watching him drinking tea and talking with Ye Lan Yu over there.  Most of them were even staring at him with anger in their eyes.

Because many of them found that they didn't know how to answer many questions after reading them.

However, when they saw Princess Qi answer none of the questions with a confused look on her face, they felt relieved and less worried.

At least, Ye Lang didn't make it difficult for them while making it easy for Princess Qi to answer the questions.

"Ye Lang…why are these questions so strange? Are there any answers to them?" The emperor asked him at this moment.

"Brat, take it seriously. Go home to think about it!" Ye Chengtian said.  On behalf of the Ye family, he was naturally present on such an occasion.

"Don't worry. There are answers to all of my questions, but most people can not answer these questions." Ye Lang smiled and replied.

"Are we so average that we can answer none of them?" Princess Qi gave up finishing the test and said unhappily. Even though she was inferior to the others, but she shouldn't have been unable to answer none of them.

"Am I really so stupid?" Princess Qi lost confidence and muttered.

"It has nothing to do with your wisdom. Even the smartest people may not be able to answer them. This is not a test for wisdom." Ye Lang said and chuckled.

"What?" Princess Qi was puzzled. If the test was not for wisdom, what was it for?

"Don't think about it. Have some tea." Ye Lang told Princess Qi to take a seat, and she did so, she sat next to him, looked at those written questions, shook her head, and then began chatting with him!

The two sometimes chuckled.  Sometimes Princess Qi snappily patted Ye Lang, sometimes…

They were not concerned about other things because the competition had nothing to do with them. Their romantic relationship was enviable…

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