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Chapter 689
Buy And Sell (1)

They were dragging out the fight for one reason. In this scenario, the Coldblood Group didn’t show their faces but instead, Princess Longji was leading her troops.

Princess Longji was currently outside Wanhua Building, surrounding the place with her mercenary group. However, she did not enter and stayed far away.

She feared that Ye Lang might mistakenly hurt her and her people!

Liu Feiyan’s music made Princess Longji think that Ye Lang was about to go crazy like how he killed a hundred thousand soldiers before. Since they didn’t know what was going on, just in case, they were waiting for the music to stop.

Due to this misunderstanding, Ye Lang and Coldblood Five, who didn’t actually have to kill the bosses, now had to proceed. Princess Longji could have rushed in and captured them now.

Of course, Ye Lang had to protect Liu Feiyan and the little princess. Coldblood Five was in charge of this. Smeared in blood, she approached Sir Ximen and the rest.

“What is she doing?” When they saw Coldblood Five and her bloody shoe prints approaching, Sir Ximen and the rest felt their heart clench. At this moment, they had to admit they were afraid of her.

“I think she’s going to kill us! Guards, stop her!”

After confirming Coldblood Five’s objective, there was a thick barrier of people around Sir Ximen and the rest. At this moment, many changed their opinions about the fight.

They should have left this problematic fight, leaving this fight for their subordinates. Why did they stay and risk their lives?

They thought staying here meant they were a safe distance away from the fight. This sense of safety was only because the enemy hadn’t come over here yet. When they approached, the distance didn’t matter.

When they realised this, they could not stop Coldblood Five. It was a large crowd but no one could stop her- rather, the more crowded it was, the better it was for her.

Just as these people surrounded Sir Ximen, they also surrounded Coldblood Five. However, as they crowded around, they realised they lost her position. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air.

While they panicked, Coldblood Five appeared by Sir Ximen and Xin Ying’s side, one dagger in each hand. The blades were at their necks.

At this moment, they didn't even feel Coldblood Five’s presence. They just felt coldness around their necks. It was only when they heard Coldblood Five’s icy voice when they realised.

“Don’t move, miss, tell us what conditions you have. Do not harm our young master.”

At this moment, the man who had been in contact with Sir Ximen spoke up frantically. Looks like Sir Ximen was a high-ranked member of the clan.

“Conditions? I want you all to die, how about that?” said Coldblood Five mildly.

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Everyone was silent. They did not know how to respond. They had been afraid of such unreasonable demands.

If anything happened to Sir Ximen, it spelt trouble for them. They would not be able to explain themselves. But they also didn’t want to all die for him.

It was best not to speak now.

“Little Five, don’t be so unreasonable! You’re always killing and stuff, you’re not the God of Death, you know! Come, bring them here!” said Ye Lang.

Initially, these people weren’t going to let Coldblood Five bring two people over to Ye Lang. However, they were too afraid so they silently opened a path for her.

Ye Lang was actually helping them!

“God of Death…”

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Such an apt name…

After seeing her moves and the bodies on the floor, they thought it was a suitable name. She was the God of Death.

Under watchful eyes, she brought Sir Ximen and Xin Ying to Ye Lang…

“Have a seat, let’s have a nice chat!” said Ye Lang with a smile, gesturing for them to sit.

“Chat? Fine.” Sir Ximen was stunned for a moment, wondering what they could talk about. However, after a thought, he sat down.

They could chat! At least there was a chance to beg for mercy or even ambush them.

Sir Ximen and Xin Ying gave each other a look. They sat down, ready for action.

“Sir Ximen, I think this fight is meaningless if we continue. You both should just tell your people to leave, and sell this place to me,” said Ye Lang.


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Ye Lang’s words made them speechless. Both requests- to retreat and to sell this place- were impossible!

When no one spoke, Liu Feiyan said, “What?! Boss, you want to buy this place? What are you trying to do? You’re already caring for us, now you’ve got to care for other people…”

Liu Feiyan sounded like she was flirting. They had the impression that Ye Lang was an unfaithful guy, caring for many girls.

“What? I mean if I buy this place, I can eat as much Osmanthus Jelly as I want! If I bring their chef over to our teahouse, it would be perfect,” said Ye Lang honestly.

At this moment, his motive for buying over the Wanhua Building was apparent. It was all just for the jelly.

“You’re going to buy this place because of their Osmanthus Jelly?” huffed Liu Feiyan.

“Yeah, I’m smart, aren’t I?” Ye Lang looked delighted with himself. She was about to punch him.

What the hell? If you wanted their Osmanthus Jelly, you should’ve just poached and hired their chef! We didn’t need to do all this!

At this moment, Liu Feiyan was about to scold him but Coldblood Five nodded. “That’s a great idea! We want Wanhua Building!”

“Hmmph, you think you’ll get this place just because you want it?” said Sir Ximen. At the same time, with a swift motion, he pulled out a sword from his space ring. Coldblood Five had not confiscated their space items. Xin Ying also pulled out a dagger from her space pouch.

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