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Published at 19th of September 2020 08:16:08 PM
Chapter 688
Ye Lang's Swordsmanship (3)

“Who the hell are they, does anyone know?!”

Sir Ximen’s face grew darker. At this point, Ximen clan’s secret team had already arrived as reinforcements. And yet it was futile.

This time, the Ximen clan only deployed their secret members, not the surface ones. That was why outsiders thought there were only Wei and Liu clan members here, not Ximen.

If Ximen clan came bearing their name, then everything they’d done would be useless!

However, they didn’t know that there were already people watching. That was why deploying their secret squad wasn’t just useless, it exposed the clan’s secrets.

“We don’t know! There isn’t any information about these people, it’s as if they appeared out of thin air… Or perhaps we actually know them, we just don’t recognise these people…” said one person, frowning. But what he said was meaningless.

“Can you tell me something more useful?! They’re both so powerful, especially the kid, he’s terrifying! A person like that should be very famous!” said Sir Ximen.

“Yes, he should be famous but we can’t find anyone that fits… There’s one that kinda fits but it seems unlikely. He should not be here,” said the person, frowning.

“Who?” Sir Ximen and the rest shifted their attention here.

“About a month ago, an impressive swordsman appeared in Ai La’s capital. He defeated a thousand people alone and won an event there. He was only about twenty years old and used the same sword. His swordsmanship was said to be peculiar too,” said the man. As he watched Ye Lang, he thought the description fit.

“Then it should be him! It’s the same guy, how could you say it’s not? What’s his name?” said Sir Ximen coldly. There were so many similarities, it shouldn’t be just a coincidence.

“His family name is Ye, I heard he’s close with Fei from the Young family, and I heard his name is Ye Lang, like…” The person did not dare continue his sentence.

“Ye Lang?! It shouldn’t be, that’s Princess Anqi’s son… If that’s true, we’re done for!” Sir Ximen and the rest were astonished. Even if they had powerful families, they were still not qualified to provoke someone like Ye Lang.

Ye Lang already had a powerful family background, plus he was a neutral party who was powerful on his own. No one was willing to provoke him.

“It shouldn’t be, because that Ye Lang once performed in the streets and even slept out there… Princess Anqi’s son, Ye Lang, is a weird prodigal son, he wouldn’t do that,” frowned the man.

“Wouldn’t? What if it’s the same person?” said Sir Ximen solemnly.

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“It shouldn’t be, we did not receive news that Ye Lang is here. Plus, if the one at Ai La was Ye Lang, there are many things that don’t make sense too. Why would Ye Lang be at Ai La? He isn’t related to the Ai La Empire at all!” The man shook his head.

“Who knows what he was doing there? Doesn’t everyone talk about how he’s a clueless guy, that he’s done all sorts of clueless things? Perhaps this is one of those!” said Sir Ximen.

“If that’s the case, then have you heard of Ye Lang being a swordsman? That Ai La guy had never-before-seen tactics. Even a Tian Heavenly fighter might not win that guy.” This was the most important question that made everyone confirm that this Ye Lang wasn’t the same guy.

“You make sense. He’s just an alchemist, I haven’t heard about his swordsmanship being this impressive! So this means that even if this is Ye Lang, he’s not the Ye family’s Ye Lang.” Sir Ximen relaxed.

“Definitely not! Such swordsmanship! Ye family’s Ye Lang would never! Everyone knows that the Ye family’s boy is an idiot with no attributes. It’s impossible for him to achieve so much in the martial arts and magic.” The man shook his head.

This meant that there was still a chance to turn things around. At least they could control losses.

However, they missed their chance!

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It was hard to blame them for not believing that this was Ye Lang. His swordsmanship was an obvious ‘flaw’, the ‘flaw’ that confirmed he wasn’t him.

“What about that cold-blooded girl? Who is she? She’s scary too, much more powerful than us. She should be famous too.”

“About that… We don’t have any information…” replied the man.

How could any organisation have information on Coldblood Five? Even Coldblood Group did not have all the information, outsiders wouldn’t know anything.

“The two on the side look so normal, it’d be even more impossible to know who they are!” Sir Ximen looked at Liu Feiyan and the little princess and gave up.

They didn’t know that Liu Feiyan and the little princess’ background were even more public, information would’ve been easily obtainable. Now they’ve got the wrong Ye Lang and a mysterious person.

“Boss, I am suddenly inspired! I want to write a song now, do you have an instrument?” said Liu Feiyan suddenly.

Everyone was stunned too. A girl who hadn’t fought in her life didn’t seem afraid at all, she had been calm all the way. And the fact that she had an inspiration in a time like that was unbelievable.

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“I do!” said Ye Lang and passed a guqin to her when he was available.

After accepting the guqin, she put it on the table and played a gentle song. The gentle music made the bloody scene turn awkward.

Liu Feiyan’s music had a pure melody, washing everyone’s souls brand-new. A pure melody shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be inspired by a scene like this. Perhaps extreme circumstances like that birthed odd results.

As she played, changes in the scene occurred…

“What do they take us for? This is an insult!” Sir Ximen and the rest had a very ugly look on their faces because Ye Lang and his bunch had disrespected them.

“Attack! All of you, tear them to pieces!”

Another crowd charged…

“Little Five! This isn’t going to work. Let’s just kill the boss first,” said Ye Lang impatiently.

“Mm! Soon…” Coldblood Five was just dragging out the fight. With her skills, she could have killed Sir Ximen and the rest very quickly.
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