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Published at 20th of June 2020 09:20:55 PM
Chapter 576
Cleaning The Battlefield (3)
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“You lot will die first, of course!” announced Ye Lang mildly, strolling towards Li Yue and then passed her a bowl of soup . Gently, he said, “Li Yue, drink this and get some rest . I’ll deal with them . ” 

“Mm!” Li Yue struggled to even make a sound, then gulped down the bowl of soup in one breath .

Li Yue already knew what it was, this wasn’t her first time drinking this . Every time, Ye Lang would give her the same bowl of soup .  

And every time she drank it, she’d feel the warmth spreading within her, across her limbs, her strength regained, then…

She’d fall asleep! 

At this point after every battle, she would be exhausted and needed rest . Ye Lang would take over after she drank the soup and she completely trusted his protection .

“You all can go to hell! But I am not an unreasonable man . If you do not want to die, you can help me do something . Help me clean the battlefield and collect all the metal from the weapons for me,” he said with a smile, though the smile wasn’t friendly . It sent chills .  

“Are you joking? Who are you, why should I listen to you?”

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“Yeah, the Sorceress is finished, what do you have to threaten us with? You’re the one who has to listen to us now, don’t make a mistake!”

They suddenly realised that Li Yue had already collapsed . There was only Ye Lang left, the kid they were not afraid of .  

“Brothers, let’s kill this bastard!” One hundred soldiers charged at Ye Lang .  

“I’m warning you, you’re playing with your lives here!” Ye Lang held out his hand to stop them . They paid no attention .  

“More like YOU’RE playing with your life…” huffed another coldly .  

“Yeah, you’re… playing… with…” However, when the rest started to agree, there was a change . What happened proved that the young man could, play with their lives if they wanted .  

Just like before, sharp spikes rose from the ground, trapping the hundred people inside . They could not move if they wanted to live .

There was already proof that any movement would result in death! 

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Some people were running to quickly so when the spikes started to surround them, they could not stop the momentum and impaled themselves . Blood splattered everywhere .  

Fuck, this kid was even more terrifying than the Sorceress . If he could do this, it meant that even if their dead brothers were revived, he could kill them all once again .  

However, they still thought Li Yue was more powerful in terms of personal skills because Li Yue was a warrior while Ye Lang was a ‘magician’ .  

Magicians had the advantage in fighting against a large crowd compared to a warrior, this was common knowledge! 

“Now, would you prefer to die or help me?” Ye Lang said with a smile . The spikes inched closer as he spoke .  

This was an undisguised threat! 

But what can we do? He just needs to lift one finger and I’ll die! It’s like squashing an ant .  

“I, I’ll help you!”

“Me too…” 

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Almost everyone answered the same . There were a few who did not speak, so Ye Lang killed one of them immediately . Then everyone yielded .  

“Alright then, hurry up! I don’t have much time!” Ye Lang waved and the spikes sank back into the ground . The soldiers felt a huge weight lift, immediately rushing to pick up the weapons strewn across the battlefield .  

Ye Lang was busy too . He erected a few earthen walls to block their view then began his healing process for Li Yue . He first cleaned her using the purification formation, then took off her clothes to treat her wounds, then helped her change into a new set…

Ye Lang was already used to this, he did not feel any different treating a girl .  

At this point, it was still normal to a modern human, because many people have lesser clothes on than Li Yue right now .  

With Ye Lang’s cluelessness, this was nothing to him though he’d forgotten that the people on the mainland were more conservative than modern humans . If they knew of this, his reputation would be ruined .  

But this was still an extraordinary situation because he was a doctor . Doctors had to do their jobs! It was still fine .  

When Ye Lang raised the walls, these people had other ideas . They started to escape when Ye Lang could not see them .  

They failed yet again . Not sure how Ye Lang did it, but he could see everyone outside . Anyone who wanted to run would see sharp spikes rising around him as a warning .  

These people became a lot more honest now, humbly picking up the weapons and then placing them in a pile next to his wall .  

Time slowly passed, the soldiers finally completed their task . Perhaps they’d left out some things but Ye Lang did not mind . He was just here to collect stuff .  

What Ye Lang did not know was that his ‘casual’ collecting habit was the reason why the Tanlang Group’s weaponry depleted quickly, ultimately leading to their demise .  

Usually, both sides at war would have people coming to clean the battlefield to recover their losses . Usually, the winners would collect their spoils .  

Ye Lang was the same . Not only did he kill many of their men, but he’d also taken most of their weapons too . They could not equip their new recruits properly after this incident .  

“Alright, you all can go now! I hope you will bring this news to your military group, please stop taking unnecessary actions . While I don’t know if you’ll win, I am sure you’ll suffer heavy losses once again . If you win, I mean you’ll just win both of us . If you really think that’s worth it, then you can continue doing this . ”

When Ye Lang finished, he carried Li Yue and they both sat on the lion .  

“Lion, let’s go! I think Li Yue already told you which way we’re going . ”

“Roar!” With a roar, the fire-red lion sprinted into the sunset . Well, they weren’t travelling straight west, but northwest .  

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