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Published at 18th of June 2020 06:45:04 PM
Chapter 575: 575
Cleaning The Battlefield (2)

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Ye Lang was basically training an unstoppable general for her . Ye Lang was sure Li Yue would return to Soaring Sky sooner or later and finally work under Zhao Yarou .

Ye Lang wouldn’t usually do such a thing but he felt like he owed it to her to give her the best . At the same time, he didn’t think a powerful Zhao Yarou would be a threat to him-- not because he felt like Zhao Yarou couldn’t kill him, he just felt like it was unlikely for them to meet again .

This time was an unexpected event, such a thing wasn’t going to happen again . Ye Lang wasn’t going to return to Soaring Sky again so she would not have the chance to trap him again .

Treat it as a compensation… Wait, what compensation? I don’t owe her anything! This is weird .

Ye Lang shook his head, shaking out his messy thoughts as he continued adding ingredients into the pot . The soup seemed to have changed, it didn’t look like the soup he usually drank .

At this moment, not many had their attention on Ye Lang, most of them were focused on Li Yue . If they paid attention, they would notice that Ye Lang was actually the one that was going to be more difficult to deal with .

Some people tried to catch him unawares but when they approached, they would be hit by a fist made of earth hurtling at them from the ground . Yeap, an earthen fist from the ground .

This would tell them that Ye Lang, a harmless-looking person, was no easy target either . At the same time, his magical (alchemy) abilities must be very impressive to be able to control the earth element without him making any physical movements .

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These people were still not sure that Ye Lang was using alchemy because this attack could be a magic attack too .

Thank goodness for their confusion, so Ye Lang’s identity was not exposed . No one would relate a magician to Ye Lang’s name, when he was a well-known alchemist .


There were suddenly many cries of anger . Ye Lang did not have to look to know that Li Yue had already successfully killed the general . Right now, Li Yue was a person who could infiltrate the enemy’s ranks to kill the general directly . Ye Lang had already anticipated this .

All he wanted to know was how injured she was and if she’d improved!

“Not bad, you’ve improved a lot today . ” Ye Lang nodded, “Looks like we’ll have to prepare to clean up the mess…”

Ye Lang removed the pot from the fire and poured its contents into a bowl . He passed Li Yue the bowl to see her covered in blood . It was unclear if it was her blood or her enemy’s blood .

“I’m fine, I’ll rest when I’ve killed everyone!” she muttered with no expression on her face . It was the same in her eyes-- there was no emotion .

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As long as the Grey Wolf battalion did not retreat, she would continue fighting even if she was already injured . The longer she fought, the more exhausting it would be for her .

Should they continue?

The Grey Wolf battalion saw her kill the general, it was as if she had killed a god . At this point, the fear in them at reached a breaking point but they did not retreat . The rage and passion in them had not faded, plus they could tell Li Yue was getting weaker .

Hell yeah, they should continue!

“My brothers, the Sorceress doesn’t look like she’ll last long . We must avenge the general, avenge our dead brothers!”

In a moment, the army was roaring with passion once again because they had a glimmer of hope . They were also a very powerful group now-- the most desperate army was the most powerful .

Slash, slash…

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Li Yue slashed and sliced through every person, then dodged the attacks coming at her from every angle . She was now relying on her instincts to move, her capabilities had reached a new level . This battle helped her learn a lot, her inner capabilities after this would greatly increase .

When he saw this, Ye Lang started to smile . He understood that Li Yue’s capabilities were going to skyrocket once again . He hoped it would .

But before that, Li Yue still had to suffer for it .


Li Yue felt a long weapon slicing across her back, forming a long cut . When she felt it, she immediately killed the people in front and thrust her sword behind her, stabbing the person who injured her to death .

This thrust did not require her to turn her head . It was as if she had eyes at the back of her head and her sword seemed invisible . No one saw it move, the person behind her could not dodge in time .

Incidents like this only increased as time passed . However, the number of injuries she suffered increased too . She was slowly losing blood and strength… but she did not frown, only focusing on killing the enemies in front .

Everyone could tell that she wasn’t going to last long . Every slash could be her last . It looked like she was going to collapse immediately .

The soldiers grew more and more excited . There was hope for success! They had to fight harder and the Sorceress would be defeated!

But this went on for a while . And then a while more .

When someone realised something was wrong, at that point there was only around a hundred of them left!

Li Yue was still standing, like she was never going to fall . At this moment, they felt a deep fear in their bones .

“A monster, she’s a monster!” someone screamed hysterically, sprinting towards a city far away .

The remaining people started to run too . They thought there was no meaning if they stayed anyway . Of course, there was a portion of them who were still there to kill her .

These people were the ones who wanted to take the risk, the ones who were not satisfied . What if the moment they ran away was the moment Li Yue collapsed? Then their efforts would’ve been wasted .

“Sorceress, today, death will either come upon you, or us!” they roared as if to inject confidence into themselves as if this would scare Li Yue .

At this moment, they heard a voice . It was a very calm voice, yet it was enough to send them to hell because they remembered there was another person they’d forgotten .

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