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Chapter 547: 547
I'm Here To See You (3)

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“I think pursuing you was useless, I shouldn’t have done that . ” Ye Lang wasn’t thinking when he said this . Not that he cared about the rest of the people either, they weren’t a threat to him .

“Say that again and I’ll stab you with my sword!” roared Li Yue, holding her sword like she was ready to lunge at him .

“Stop, stop! I’m just saying! And it’s all in the past, it’s useless to talk about it now . ” Ye Lang was also very scared when he saw Li Yue unsheathing her sword . Not that he was afraid of her, he was afraid of having a sour relationship with her .

“Hmmph! At least you know that . And if you think this isn’t your responsibility, even if you run to the edge of the world, I’ll never let you get away with it!” huffed Li Yue .

“Responsible for what? I didn’t do anything to you, I just cheated your feelings, that’s all!” said Ye Lang blankly .

“ . . . ” The audience was silent . He’d said it in such a breezy tone, cheating a girl’s feelings is a very serious matter! And looks like you succeeded too, or Li Yue wouldn’t act this way .

“What the hell, what did you do to my daughter? What do you have to be responsible for?!” the more Li Tianjun listened to this conversation, the more he felt like something was wrong .

“I did not do anything to her! I have my values! I only cheated her feelings, I did not use her body, please do not ruin my name like that,” denied Ye Lang, shaking his head furiously .

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“Nothing? You carried me, you’ve seen my body!” Li Yue laughed .

“That’s because I had no choice! You were almost raped, and I had to save you that’s why I accidentally saw you! You think I wanted that? As for carrying you, that’s because you were poisoned,” said Ye Lang casually though his words shocked Li Tianjun to the core .

“I was poisoned, why did you not give me the antidote? You’re the thirteenth master, making an antidote for the poison is the easiest thing for you! You wanted to carry me, you were taking advantage of me!” exclaimed Li Yue, annoyed . The more she talked, the angrier she became . When his identity was exposed, this was the thing she’d immediately thought about .

With his capabilities, making an antidote for the poison was a very simple thing . Even Zhao Yarou would be able to formulate it, it was nothing to the alchemy genius!

She couldn’t believe he’d let her suffer in a weak condition for nothing, for so many days . It was obvious he did not give her the antidote on purpose so he could take advantage of the situation .

But, it still felt good to be taken care of like that…

Although Li Yue was angry, it was temporary . There were many happy things that happened after that . She had the luxury to be taken care of by Ye Lang, this was something no one else could enjoy .

Perhaps this was why, although she was angry he lied to her, she didn’t really need him to do anything . All he needed to do was say a few words and she’d let it pass .

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However, with his personality, he’d only say something to provoke her further . Making her happy with a few words would probably be impossible .

“Make an antidote? Then you’d know who I was! I’m not that stupid,” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ”

“What are you both talking about? Raped?” Li Tianjun’s tone brought with it heavy rage, he’d finally snapped out of his shock .

His own daughter was almost raped, any father would have the same reaction . First shock, then rage…

Thank goodness he wasn’t completely blinded by rage . If he wasn’t thinking properly, he’d directly rage at Ye Lang, thinking Ye Lang had done something .

However, just a moment of thought and you’d realise that this was unrelated to Ye Lang . It was obvious he was even the one who saved Li Yue .

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“At that time, her clothes were ripped by that Li Xiande…” Ye Lang said, he didn’t notice he’d said something he wasn’t supposed to say .

“Ye Lang!!” shouted Li Yue but it was too late . Ye Lang had uttered Li Xiande’s name .

“What?” said Ye Lang .

“You’re a huge idiot!” Li Yue really wanted to kick Ye Lang .

“Li Yue, what did Li Xiande do to you? Does this Li Xiande want to die? He thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he’s the First Swordsman’s son, I can’t believe he touched my daughter, I will never let him get away with this!” roared Li Tianjun . If Li Xiande were here, he would’ve stabbed him by now .

“Yep, he was definitely looking for death! That’s why, I killed him . ” Ye Lang kept dropping bombs .

What? He killed the First Swordsman’s son? This was the second son too! The First Swordsman had only two sons, this meant his bloodline would die with him!

They felt bad for the swordsman .


No one saw Li Yue appear next to Ye Lang . She smacked his head hard, she badly wanted to open up his skull to see if there was anything inside .

“Why did you hit me?!” said Ye Lang innocently .

“Do you really think your life is too easy? Do you want the First Swordsman to murder you?! Not only did you tell them about Li Xiande, you even admitted to killing him . Telling them about the incident was fine, you could’ve NOT admitted it and we’ll treat it like he went missing . And no one would know you killed him! Now look at you, you admitted it yourself!” Li Yue was angry but she was angry for Ye Lang .

Everyone found her reaction odd . Cough cough, I think we’re supposed to be here to catch him, why is everything getting weirder by the second? It feels like we’re just dropping by to listen to them reminisce about the past .

Everything was very peculiar, it felt very dramatic too!

Li Yue noticed the problem too . She decided she would stand her ground and watch them capture him, she would not help any side .

“Wait! I’ll deal with you all later!” Ye Lang did not let Li Yue walk away . He grabbed Li Yue’s hand . She did not struggle, only looked at him curiously .

Ye Lang continued . “Li Yue, I need to say something . I will never deny the fact that I killed Li Xiande because he deserved to die . I don’t mind the empire’s First Swordsman coming for me either . Previously, I didn’t want him to ruin my plan, that’s why I kept it a secret . Now there’s no need for that!”

Once he left Soaring Sky, would he still be afraid of the First Swordsman? He’d already dealt with this once, doing it a second time would be no different!

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