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Chapter 546
I'm Here To See You (2)

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Just as they hoped, Ye Lang did not notice the people around him . He told Li Yue, “I did make one . I wanted to get that suit but there were too many guards, I couldn’t retrieve it . ”

“What?? You mean from your yard?” Li Yue quickly related this to his former house’s yard, there were many defensive measures placed there .

“Yeah, it’s there . It’s almost done too but because we left in a hurry, I did not bring it with me . Now my lab’s sealed off by you all, there’s so much of my stuff in there, such a pity!” Ye Lang nodded, sounding resentful .

“Your lab? You mean, under your house, there’s a lab?” cried Li Tianjun . He knew Ye Lang’s yard was under scrutiny . There were many alchemists sent to crack its defences to break in for they knew he would leave something behind .

However, they did not know that Ye Lang had a full lab underneath the house . No one had seen any signs of one, even Ye Chengtian and the rest did not know of it .

Not just Ye Chengtian, even Ye Lanyu didn’t know . He’d built his lab without anyone knowing .

“Ah, what did I say? I didn’t say anything . What lab? I don’t know . Don’t even think of taking my lab!” Ye Lang seemed to realise he’d leaked a secret but what could he do now?

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“ . . . ” Everyone was now sure that there was an alchemy lab under his yard .

If they informed Zhao Yarou, she would be very surprised . The royal alchemists would all be very excited .

Ye Lang’s alchemy laboratory was priceless, it was an immeasurable fortune!

Even if they could not catch him today, this piece of information alone would be enough to calm her rage . Didn’t she want his alchemy knowledge badly?

“You idiot,” exclaimed Li Yue, exasperated though her tone did not sound like she hated Ye Lang .

“Then if you can make the Tianji armour on your own, why would you want mine?” said Li Yue .

“I can’t tell you that . You just have to lend it to me . ” Ye Lang did not tell them why he needed it . If he did, everyone would know how he came and where he would be going next .

Although it would not affect the tiger tribe- for Zhao Yarou would not damage ties with the tiger tribe for this, it would tell Zhao Yarou where he would be heading to, plus she would be aware of Athena and the rest .

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Athena’s team had coincidentally arrived with Ye Lang, Zhao Yarou was already very suspicious of this . However, she did not think much of it since she was the one who invited this team over, plus she couldn’t think of how Ye Lang would be related to the tiger tribe .

“If I say no, what will you do?” said Li Yue with a grin jokingly, as if doing it on purpose to annoy Ye Lang .

“If that is the case, then I’m so sorry, I can only… take it from you,” said Ye Lang, looking embarrassed .

“ . . . ” Li Yue fell silent, she didn’t know Ye Lang would be THIS honest . Plus, why was he looking so shy about it too?

“You’re really an idiot, you dare say you’ll rob it from me when you’re here like this? Look around you!” Li Yue’s eyes swept across the hidden men nearby, as if to remind Ye Lang .

Hey hey! Miss Li Yue, why are you talking like that, are you helping him? Although we know what you want, please don’t make our jobs more difficult!

These hidden guards were secretly praying, plus more and more people started to appear to surround Ye Lang . It was the perfect formation for an ambush .

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“Eh, where did you all come from?” Ye Lang looked around, looking very surprised . It was obvious he hadn’t noticed them .

That was why everyone was sure that Ye Lang looked very casual and chill when he walked in not because he knew what was going on- but because he was completely oblivious of everything .

No one knew what to say about this thirteenth prince . This was the time everyone was looking for him, he didn’t even try to hide .

“They’d been here since before you came . The empress was right, you literally will not give up before getting what you want . I thought you would never come back for me, I can’t believe you came,” sighed Li Yue . She didn’t know Zhao Yarou would be right .

Were the two of them very close when they were younger? That’s not right, no one had seen them spending time together, they shouldn’t be THAT close .

“If I don’t visit you, how would I get the Tianji armour?” he asked blankly .

“Don’t you know how to scout around to get a feel of the situation, then make appropriate arrangements first? You walking in here like that is like walking into the lion’s mouth, you’re walking yourself into a trap!” huffed Li Yue, exasperated .

Hey, hey! Miss Li Yue, what do you mean by this! Shouldn’t you want him to come alone, why would you want him to do anything that would only make it more difficult for us?

The people around them were speechless, Li Yue sounded like she was complaining because Ye Lang was making it easy for them to catch him . If Ye Lang had really done what she said, it would’ve been a whole headache .

And if he succeeded, what would they do?

“It’s fine, people will know about this sooner or later anyway . I didn’t even want to go through so much trouble, I shouldn’t have tried to pursue you…” shrugged Ye Lang . He felt like pursuing Li Yue had backfired, it was a waste of his efforts . He should’ve done it his way instead .

“What are you talking about? ‘You shouldn’t have tried to pursue me’?!” cried Li Yue in a rage . Many people were puzzled, didn’t you say you hated him?

If that’s the case, then Ye Lang not trying to pursue you would mean he wouldn’t be lying to you . Wouldn’t that be a good thing for you?

Even Li Yue did not know why she reacted that way . However, when he said it, there was a sudden ball of fire in her heart that blinded her in a rage .

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